MAKING MYSELF LOOK BETTER my everyday makeup routine


Now there's always prep before the makeup application this is not always the same thing. Every time but today I'm noticing my complexion is dull. I'm going to lighten up my eye color and I'm going to soften the brows for an overall fresher look. So today we're doing a little bit of skincare a little bit of brow lightening. It's always different and since I've got

 some active breakouts I'm going to be using these cool little pimple patches. I really like these are like little they have some type of like medical ingredient. That will help reduce an active breakout so if you put these on overnight. They are working really really well but if you put them on for a few minutes. We'll see if they can really help calm my skin down a little bit. I am now going to move on to brow bleach this is something that not a lot of people use or like talking about.

I really think I'm like one of the only people on the planet who's using brow bleach but I really like it I love it for a dark brunette. I think that it really makes a change and softening her face or my face. I'm gonna mix the powder in the cream from the kit always follow the instructions. If you're gonna try this at home and then I apply this all over the brow and I let it sit for only a few minutes. I'm not trying to make my brows too blonde. I just want to lighten them a little bit kiss you look at attention okay all we do is a little spy piece my feet but with a little bit nervous. SPORTS I think I could go blind if this gets mad perfect color.

So what I've achieved here is taking the really deep dark black shade out of my brows which will soften the face and turn and make it look a little bit more feminine. If I may it kind of stops weighing down the eyelids and it'll make your face look brighter and fresher now. I'm gonna wash my face and then I'm going to move on to taking care of the skin one of the best things. I've ever purchased is the steamer it literally makes me feel so fancy and it exercises the pores it makes them open and close and tightens. Your skin and makes it look amazing taking a look at my skin.

This is always what I do before I choose a mask so I've got congested pores. Today I've got a little bit of acne going on. I'm gonna use this tea me detox mask this is a really good one. I've been using this a lot lately when I have problem areas on my skin this will just fix them you actually see a really big difference after you use this. I apply this generously to my face you can see it's already pulling out some of that gunk I love that this is all-natural. It's really really effective and while I let that dry I'm going to fill in my hairline which is like naturally kind of squiggly like it doesn't have a round shape and I don't love that.

So I just like to fill in my hairline and to make it look fuller makes me feel more confident and I kind of like to do this. Before I wash my face because it will help the color blend. If I overshoot it now the mask is dried. I washed it off and you can see I can see on camera as well as in-person my skin is like so glowy and smooth and it's definitely prepped and ready for makeup. I'm gonna stick my contacts into my eyeballs. Now I've never done this on camera I've never actually shown you the contacts.

They use but and I'm not about to but they are a dark brown. I will link them below I really love these for dark brown eyes. They make such a beautiful difference and they draw a lot of light into the eyes without looking fake one of my favorite tips. I ever heard about makeup was if you have a lot of hydration in the skin. you can add a lot of makeup so if you want to add a lot of powder a lot of creams a lot of foundation.

Then you need to make sure you're super hydrated I'm using a hydrating primer and an under-eye primer underneath the eyes to fill in fine lines this makes the under eyes look plumped and beautiful. I'm trying to find my winter shade for foundation cuz my skin is like getting paler and paler and paler but I just want it to be full coverage and match my skin tone in a relatively believable way yeah. That's always the goal. I'm gonna stamp this into the skin this is something. I learned from a makeup artist called dressier face and it will take away all of the imperfection of your skin. When you use the stamping method which is basically pressing the foundation into your skin.PRONE NEWS

 So I'm gonna do that all over the eyelid the neck and then move on to concealer I need a concealer with a similar undertone. I'm gonna go much lighter than my actual skin this is really key for brightening up the face and really getting a good glow up. I always try not to go overboard but concealer is my absolute favorite thing comment below what your favorite item of makeup is to apply one thing. I'd love to do with my concealer is to let it sit on my face. I do a gentle blend and then I fill in my brows with my little brow pencil just shade them in ever so gently. I don't love really dark brows. I just like to keep them looking natural and then after the concealers got tacky it becomes so much more beautiful on the skin.

I don't know why but I think it just maintains its coverage and it looks airbrushed and flawless on an everyday basis. I baked the under-eye I take a ton of that powder and I press it underneath my eyes and let it sit for a few minutes and then I dust it off. I also have begun putting this underneath the mouth all the way up to the cheeks. I think this looks pretty cool and it really does clean up the makeup look when you apply bronzer. I think I learned this like three years ago that if you put powder down before you put like a powder bronzer or a powder blush it will look airbrushed and it will really be like have its own canvas to blend over. So I always put the powder on the cheek and then I go in with a warm bronzer.

I love a blush with a little bit of orange this is really pretty because I have like a little bit of green in my skin having a medium olive's tint skin tose because this is so this is a pop-up app a skin tone. Yeah, I don't know it's just like it freshens up the look and makes your face look brighter. I'm gonna frost the cheeks with this eight-year-old highlighter.GAMING That I bought on my break when I was working at pink holla and I think the skin has come a long way now it's time to move on to eyes. I like a sexy kind of lived-in I something that looks like you didn't really try but it's like smoky in away. So I use a really cute taupe shade of eyeshadow if an eyeshadow can be cute brown eyeliner and brown contacts listen this is like the best combo ever I love this look and I apply this really muscley actually you can have brown eyes - it doesn't matter but like brown on lashline is so sexy in my opinion because it's subdued but dark enough to add that mystery.

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