My ARMPIT ROUTINE Hair Removal and Preventing Dark Underarms

 Hey everyone okay so here's a little sneak peek of what you guys are gonna see. Today I'm gonna be showing you how to remove armpit hair and how to make your armpits look beautiful stay tuned to the end to see the results and I hope you enjoy the tips along the way. I love you guys let's get started daily all.

I do to my armpits is use deodorant. It's really simple but it's very important to use a natural deodorant and if you haven't already made the switch. I encourage you to try them and don't think that they don't work because they really do there's like so many brands out there and what's really important is that your deodorant doesn't have aluminum in it aluminum is an active ingredient used to plug the sweat ducts. Which will literally stop your body from sweating and it's also proven to cause cancer.

It's kind of crazy that it's even allowed in deodorants. So look for ones that have no aluminum just like I remove my makeup every night to take care of the skin underneath the deodorant. I always make sure that I remove it with a washcloth and some warm water. This will just improve the tone of your skin and keep your armpits looking fresh okay. So I grow actual hair underneath my armpits. I don't know about you but I always like to wax it off now this is just not an option for me. Because if I shave I get little black dots and my armpits look very dark.

So I like to use a natural hard wax this is very very soft on sensitive skin and it's also really easy to use since it's hard it doesn't get all sticky and it's really easy to clean up as well you're gonna need some popsicle sticks a wax warmer and I like these little accessories these are little protective colors. That goes over the top of your wax warmer mine is like six years old or like five years old. I've been using it so much I got my money's worth out of this kit for sure and then I'm going to put my wax over the top of the wax collar. So that it catches any of the skills that I make and since hard wax hardens.

When it's cool you can just flick it off the floor if you spill it anywhere. So now I'm going to turn on my wax warmer and wait for my wax to heat up. It's so satisfying to watch so I thought I would include this time-lapse of it it takes maybe a little bit of time for the entire pot to melt but what I do is wait until the wax covers the entire pot. Then I turn it off and I let that hot wax on this side melt the middle of the wax. So that it's not all completely liquid so there's like a big hard ball of cold wax in the middle but as I wait and prep my armpit know that the wax will even out in temperature and will be ready to use.

Whenever you wax you have to make sure your skin is ready. So I'm gonna take a washcloth and remove the deodorant and sweat anything. That's on the armpit the basic oils that your skin has and just clean the area. So that it's ready to adhere to the wax you don't want your skin to adhere to what you want the hair is to be able to adhere so making sure that there's no oil is really important next up you can take cornstarch or a dusting powder-like. This one is natural baby powder and it's made of cornstarch with some essential oils. So really seriously just save yourself some money and use cornstarch. I put this on top of my armpit and then I'll just brush it around and the oils will start to absorb this powder within 30 seconds.

Now the sides of that wax have melted the middle so it's all evened out to this nice cool texture and temperature which is going to be nice on the skin. It should look something like pancake mixture or batter and that's how you know it's going to be a good temperature for your skin. Now you have to pay attention to the direction of hair growth everything above the line grows upwards for me and everything below that line grows downwards. When you're applying wax always make sure it's going in the direction of the hair growth and then when you rip it off you rip it in the opposite direction.

So let's just focus on applying it right now we're gonna take the wax and put it all the way down covering the width of the hair and trying to get everything all in one shot it doesn't always happen but that's okay. I'm not a perfect waxer and today's application actually wasn't perfect what I have to critique is that the edges of my wax are really thin. Which makes it really hard to rip off so I should have thickened up those edges and created what they call in waxing a lip. So that when you go to flick it off you have something to grab on to one of the best ways to reduce the pain of waxing is to pull the skin really tight.

So hold it tight with one hand and then start to flick up the edges and I'm doing the best. That I can again my wax is really really thinly applied and it should have been thicker. So it's kind of hard to rip off but I'll pull one time do half of the armpit and then I'm gonna take a deep breath because that was very painful but I can easily get it done in two rips. Which is really great I have a lot of hair and it's very thick so it's always painful for me so you'll see there are little dots of blood-forming. This is just at the end of the follicle since we removed all of it.

 It's going to have a little bit of bleeding depending on house sensitive your skin is this is the only area on my body I get a little bit of blood. When I was so I'll press on it and it will subside you can see that there's a little bit of hair left. So I'm gonna touch up with a little bit more wax and then rip it all off it seems like the number one benefits of waxing your armpits are like you just won't have to do it for over a month but my favorite part is that when you rip the hair off if you guys can see here there are little black dots on the end of each a little hair. That we ripped off and what that tells me is that my skin is now free of that darkness.

 So the skin is gonna look really fresh and even in a tone which is my favorite part of waxing. If I were to shave I would still literally have little dots of stubble and it would look like I didn't shave for like half of a day. I have a gray cast whenever I shave and I also run the risk of getting razor burn so you can see even just after I waxed my skin is red but it already looks really good and this armpit I did three and a half weeks ago. So one of them is an older wax and you can see that there's a difference in the way they look but they both look really fresh and good honestly hair removal is always optional like seriously. I love people who rock their armpit hair but look at this before-and-after it looks so fresh in the after this is the way I like to do it I hope you guys enjoyed it.

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