I wanted to bring you all on my skincare routine because I get a lot a lot a lot of questions about what I do for my face. So why is my skin tight I have oily skin I get a lot of oil in my t-zone but I'm all over. I'm acne prone and I'm super super sensitive. This is my morning routine as you can see I am about to get ready for the day.

 I got my smoothie and let's go cleanser is really important. When it comes to skin care because for me personally. I need something that's gonna clean like I need my face to be cold because my skin is oily. I've used this soap for probably like 10 plus years and it's the Clinique acne bar so but Clinique is an awesome brand. It's fragrance free their products are dermatologist tested and that's why I really love Clinique because you know that the products are quality guarantee quality.

So I love this you can use on your face and your body this is what the bar looks like and it's honestly just like a bar soap the bar soap itself is like antibacterial. So it's not anything that's gonna like poured bacteria in conjunction with the bar soap. I use my Clarisonic I swear by using a face brush I don't care what anybody says your skin is gonna get so much cleaner and you're actually getting into the skin like. We're just using your hands you're not really getting your face clean like you're not really getting in there and this one is the nia - it has two different speeds.

I like to use it on thehigh speed before I even get started I always make sure. I wash my hands and so that's what I'm gonna do right now very first step is having a wet face. I have myself on my Clarisonic and so I'm just gonna go in I start on my chin. When you're doing your hands you probably only wash your face for like 15 seconds but you're actually supposed to wash it for at least a minute and every time it beeps. I go to the next section of my face so the next section is my forehead as you can see and I really try to get into that hairline too looking crazy of it guts dude you gotta do circular motions and it just feels really good. Like there's a lot of other dupes for face brushes but just washing your face with a brush is just giving you just such a deep exfoliation and really helping to lighten like dark spots and get rid of blackheads and just really just get in there so I love using a face brush so once I do my face.

I like to just bring it down my neck like this so after rinsing my face this is what my skin looks like and as you can see I don't have perfect skin I have a little bit of some one two popping out for my next step. This is a daily micro Foley –nt from Dermalogica looking at the back. It's formulated without fragrances colors or paraben so I know that it's gonna be sensitive it also has salicylic acid and rice enzymes to help polish your skin but this is really good for keeping your skin looking bright. It's literally a powder it's a rice based powder mix it with a little bit of water and it turns into like this really cool paste and so I like to put this on my face and just massage it in but it's really really gentle to rub it all over and this product really helps my face not to look dull or anything and it helps to gently exfoliate.

Because you don't want to over exfoliate but I really do feel like the trick and the secret to getting rid of dark spot and to really help with acne is to exfoliate. It just rinse my face and so I'm just patting my face dry. This is a clean towel my skin just I don' know if you can even tell but it's just like really just glowy and just like super fresh so the next product is the one that really matters. I have struggled with acne ever since I was like 11 going into middle school. I've been under the care of a dermatologist for the past.

However many years and this is what I've been on for probably the past three years and so this product is called a nexton. It's a mixture of clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide which the ratio is 1.2 percent to 3.75 percent Clini Meissen is an antibiotic so if your acne is bacteria and antibiotic treats bacteria but mixed with the benzoyl peroxide it helps to keep it active. So when you use an antibiotic for a long time your skin can actually create like a tolerance to it. Where the product doesn't work anymore so when you use the benzoyl peroxide in conjunction with the clinton then that's when the product still stays working. If that makes any sense it actually scientifically works to help get rid of your acne if you have insurance or you can afford to go to dermatologists and you have any sort of skin problem.

 Then I would definitely recommend that you do that I like to use about a pump rub this between my fingers and just apply this all over my face for lotion I like to use my Savi a really super lightweight gentle moisturizer and get some on my hands and I literally just had it on sometimes. I use an eye cream but sometimes I don't because I just don't feel like it but today I didn't feel like it. So I'm gonna show you guys what I'm gonna use this one is from fresh and it's their rose hydrating eye gel cream. I'm just gonna take a clean q-tip and just dip in here and just just some time just sucks having long nails because it's like.

I'm about to poke myself in the eye ball this was my morning skincare routine and I'm gonna come back later and show you guys my nighttime routine and this is my night routine. I'm super tired right now and it's time for me to take off my makeup I like to use my Burt's Bees facial cleansing towelettes. I like this because it's many 8.5% natural and it's also for sensitive skin and I like to use this to just remove the makeup that's all over my skin lipstick lip gloss really just like the face makeup not really like going over the eyes because I have another product for that. It's looking like a lot of that redness from that pimple is down which is really really good news and also make sure to get down on my neck.

Because I also put foundation down there for my eye area. I like to use micellar cleansing water this one is from Garnier and then kind of stick it on my eye just let it sit on there for a second and then white I also like to just get my eyebrow but with the wiping. It's really gentle and I'm just kind of doing like a downward motion and then I kind of like wiggle it up to get all about scare off. I don't have too much makeup on today but if I had more makeup then it would be a little bit more challenging to take off all the makeup and I might have to use a few of these but today was kind of like natural cute so. So this is what my face is looking like and the only thing that changes with my night routine is the cream. So I'm gonna wash my face like how I normally do which my Clinique acne soap with my Clarisonic and then I'm gonna move on to the next step but this is also my nose but this is also a really good way to remove extra makeup.

This is what it looks like so I do have like a little bit of makeup on there but it's not too bad I felt like I did pretty good removing my makeup today. If I'm using a mask or an exfoliator it would be my next step but that's usually something that I do probably once every 3 to 4 days something like that so now that my skin is clean my skin is dry to the touch. I'm on retin-a this one is retin-a micro which is try and knowing and it's point zero six triton Owen retin-a all of it is kind of in the same umbrella category.

If you would say retina is a form of vitamin A and so basically what it's doing is it's going into your skin and it's telling your cells that they need to turn over quicker your skin isn't able to have a full life because it's constantly being told to rapidly turn over this specific product is one. That you can only get via dermatologists but there are versions that you can get over the counter like adapt bleed and you could also check out cure ology. So I like to just this product helps with acne dark marks blackheads hyperpigmentation.

If you apply too much then it actually causes your face to get really red and it can cause flakiness dryness and arms as my body are brown and my face is very very light and it's because I've been on retin-a for probably like a really long time on and off like eight years and it as a result doesn't allow your skin to really mature. So my face never keeps a tan you're really not even supposed to be in the Sun with this stuff because it's pretty hardcore but it's something that I really swear by and even though I have a few breakouts. I feel like my skin overall the texture is really nice. It's really smooth I don't have like any crazy bumps or anything after that it's time for lotion and again I'm going back in with my sanity just to bring in that moisture. You really got to moisturize with this product but like it's awesome.

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