Outfits to Look Taller and Slimmer, Petite Style Tips

How to look taller and slimmer using different outfits and some new ideas you guys said it back. When I first started these that you'd love to see it as a series so I've loved to be able to play with the different seasons and just kind of experimenting with new ideas.So let's get started and for reference, I'm 5 foot 1 which is around 155 centimeters so the first dress. That I'm going to wear is kind of like a higher dress it's something that already is gonna help me because it is above the knee.

I'd like to be able to get it tailored though and just bring it up like 1 or 2 inches to just kind of emphasize. That this is out of the box so it might be perfect for you but for me. I definitely need to bring like all of my clothes to the tailors one thing about this dress too is that I'm wearing it with a turtleneck underneath. That is very thin but it does add a little bit more height adding it with a turtleneck. So I'm going to be transforming this outfit to be more winter-appropriate and then a lot taller. So first I'm going to be adding some tights and because this is a monochrome look that always is going to help these sites don't have feet in the end. prone news

Which is sometimes nice depending on this type of shoe that you're going to be wearing or if you need a different type of sock. It's just kind of preference probably but I do like the fact that this is going to make this look absolutely a whole lot warmer too not only is this outfit going to be monochrome but it's all black as well. Which black is a very slimming color for shoes. I'm going to go with something that's very tall so these are my season boots. That I wear just all the time this season it's been excellent to be able to throw these on and they do add literal height. So there's no optical illusion here I'm just adding like three to four inches to my overall height in this video.

 I will also be doing an outfit without heels just for reference so stay tuned next I'm gonna add a belt and I played around with this idea I love to be able to cinch my natural waist with a belt but when this outfit has a miniskirt more or less. I'm going to be actually bringing this Belle up just scooting it up one or two inches above my natural waist and what that's going to do is it's going to take that skirt the skirt portion of my dress is going to make that a lot longer appearing just by moving the belt up. So it's just kind of an optical an illusion it's not my fitness point but I'm okay with that because it's gonna make me look a lot taller next because this outfit is very like classic and basic with the color scheme.

I'm just going to add a lot of jewelry to this so I've got about three necklaces that I want to add that also complement the color of the belt-like right on the front. It's like a gold belt and I've got my gold jewelry and it's just accentuating each other one of the necklaces is longer and any time. That you can add a V here it's going to really help you look longer especially if you have a shorter torso next I'm adding a beret and this is really just for fun it's not gonna make me look any different except the style is I think a lot more put together. When I'm adding this it almost has like the 60s or 70s type of vibe to it that I really love by the way I'm linking everything down in the description below.

So I'll you'll find different options for like similar more affordable all that stuff and the next coat. That I'm wearing with this is something that is out of stock but I've found a way to wear it all winter long so I'm not apologizing. I am going to link something similar though in the description for you guys the key here is to find a jacket that is long so one thing that I get asked a lot is is it okay to wear long jackets as a petite and the answer is yes the thing is that you don't want something to hit you mid-thigh mid-knee like. It's better to have something that is either like cropped or really really long those are your best bets for looking taller of course, not every single coat is going to match exactly what you want but these videos for looking taller are just kind of examples of how to best dress for you and your body style. So why a longer coat works are because you're not going to break up your body at all like you're going to keep one long line and it's just going to add that optical illusion of looking so the petit rules that this outfit hits.  I hate that there are even rules they're really just guidelines anyway but what they are is it's monochrome. I'm wearing tall heels in a matching color my belt is cinching my waist I'm wearing a really long coat to not break up my body and then my dress is hitting me above the knee. science

This outfit at first I was thinking that it wasn't going to go together well at all in fact. I'm really happy with the way that it looks right off the bat it reminds me of like a really chic circus. I think why I like it is because each one of these pieces is ones that I really love so at the top is a beautiful very feminine shirt that's from Suzanne and then the pants are from Elisabeth Suzanne. They're very lovely linen pants that are just light and breezy and beautiful and then the shoes are some new ones. That I have from ever Lane they are the Everland a glove in black and I just love the black color it looks like anything that a Disney princess would wear or Audrey Hepburn you know the usual but the way.

That I'm wearing this outfit right now would be great for lounging or whatever but it's not doing me any favors to look taller or slimmer. So let's transform it as much as I love these shoes for this outfit in particular. I'm going to swap them out with my flats that are pointed and they're nude. So if you ever want to look taller in flats. I've got a video about that but this was one of the key takeaways it has to be a nude shoe or something that matches your skin tone or your pants or your socks or whatever you're wearing and then also the shoe. when it's flat it needs to be pointed and then real quick just a couple of things.

 I always do is I tuck in my shirt and then I wear jewelry so both of these things are really important to making just every outfit look a lot classier more put together and definitely taller I like to wear high-waisted pants. So that it tucking in my shirt is never going to like come out or be a problem on the other hand if you're one of those people who has a shorter torso compared to your legs and you want to look more proportional. Then I would say to stick to a mid-rise pant I just have like a longer torso. So this is definitely where I like to live next I'm going to be adding my very longest coat. I own which is just a linen jacket. I really love it it just goes like almost all the way to the floor I really like this - because it's beige.

Which is not only a trending color but it's a personal favorite of mine and this whole outfit looks essentially monochrome because it's different shades of beige all the way to write because it's long and because it's monochrome this outfit is not going to break up my body at all and it's going to give the illusion of looking taller even though I'm wearing flats with this and then just for fun and because it's wintertime. I actually want to add a little hat it's nice to be able to have something in the same color scheme but I will say that this is not an outfit to wear. best news When it's freezing cold outside this is more for like if you live in a warmer climate or if you are just generally like warm natured or if you just really like linen. I like to wear linen all year long and for my climate and because I'm inside a lot of the day.

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