Hey everyone welcomes to my second edition of how to get fake nails at home and save a lot of money this edition saves a lot of time as well. I thought I would do a new and improved version of how to do these nails at home. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and let's get started first. I'm going to maintain the nail and give it kind of a manicured look by removing the hangnails from the outer edges of my skin. I'm doing this but I don't recommend doing it. If you've never done it before it's totally not necessary and it's one of those things.

 Once you start doing it you kind of have to keep going make sure all of the nails polish off of your nails and then pour. Some hot water into a bowl and soak your hands until the cuticles soften this is going to make it. So much easier to push them back and it's going to give you a neater longer nail effect. Once you push your cuticles back now your nails are prepped and they're ready for the next step. You're gonna need some glue and some full-size press-on nails. I got these off of Amazon I was actually really happy with the ones any time. You ordered nail tips or full-size press-one you're always gonna find different sizes in the bag and I love these ones because the actual shape of the press-ones is beautiful already. But you'll see that in a second I put all of the sizes.

 I'm going to be using it to the side. So they're ready to apply and like. I said these ones that are full size. So they go all the way from the top of your nail and they extend your nail to make. It super long and beautiful now you can go through the sizes and pick. Which nail fits your best. I personally like a smaller fit this one looks a little thick and chunky. So I'm gonna go a couple of sizes down my personal preference is. I don't mind if the sides of my nails are kind of showing. I prefer a dainty err and slimmer look. So I'm gonna go with a nail that's slightly smaller than mine next take some of the glue and put. It on top of your nail you're gonna find with experience how much glue is appropriate to use. If you put too much it's gonna pull up around your cuticles and look really bad.

 If you put too little it's not going to hold the nail properly. So use a little bit and apply a little bit more if necessary but these do drive very quickly so when you're holding them down keep that in mind. I really love the shape of these nails and it's a shame that. I'm gonna have to cut them but they're just too long for my preference. So I'm gonna take a regular pair of scissors and cut them down a little bit leaving a little bit of extra length= keeping in mind that. I will be filing them down. So don't make them too short otherwise you're gonna lose your entire nail that's a little bit dramatic next up. We're gonna shape the nails no. I like o take a file and file vertically along the nail this is a really good movie. If you want to slim down the nail.

I feel like a lot of the times we angle the file too harsh towards the tip and that's going to give. You more of a thick middle of your nail and a really narrow end. Which isn't really what I'm going for. I encouraged the nail to keep its natural shape by filing slightly inwards on the tip. But maintaining that slim effect giving me kind of a coffin style nail it did take a break from doing my nails for a long time. But I'm back to wearing nail polish that's toxic-free this is my favorite brand and I love this gray color. This is really pretty this dries really really quickly. So even if you're not into like you know saving your soul with non-toxic nail polish try this brand because you can kind of see it dry on camera like. It dries really really quick. If you mess up don't use nail polish remover just take your file and buff the polish away. It's way easier then finish up with two coats of that nail polish. This is gonna give it that gel salon. Like finish polish over plastic just looks so good post.

I know that sounds really weird but this looks awesome on fake nails. I'm also going to add a top coat and let it dry and move on to my left hand. When it comes to painting the left hand what I like to do is lay my hand flat and pull the Polish from the top of the nail. All the way down well moving my hand away from the Polish after my nails have dried. I'm gonna add some oil and that is a completed look. So with all of the costs considered. I mean I got that bag of nails for under $10 and there are several sets of nails in there. so I couldn't wear those maybe ten times. Over this cost me about two dollars and fifty cents considering the cost per wear of the nail polish. I used and the tips this is a very inexpensive manicure and it looks stunning.

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