The 4 Secrets To Going Viral With Instagram Reels

Instagram reels are currently the greatest growth hack on the platform and if you're not using it you're missing out big time. Today I'm going to show you how to make the most of this blessing we've been given. That's going to allow you to grow your accounts faster generate more leads and make more money on Instagram before I do make sure you quickly subscribe to the channel. It takes you two seconds I post two videos like this every single week about growing on Instagram social media and making money online. You jump on and take action with Instagram reels for the absolute best result.

Now this is partial because Instagram reels are brand new and every single time that Instagram brings out a new feature. They give it a hefty boost in the algorithm for a few reasons mostly because they want creatives to adapt to using this style of content and that makes everyone familiar with it and the easiest way to get creators publishing a certain type of content is to reward them with views and likes. Which then hooks us into creating more of that and pushing that out there on the platform which also gets consumers of content used to see that style of content and that is ideally what Instagram want they want people using the features.

They put out this is what happened when they first brought out the video. Then when they brought out 60-second videos when they brought out Instagram tvs stories story polls questions stickers all of this stuff there but going back to reels. Today I'm going to be going over the four key pillars to going viral with your Instagram reels getting a ton of views. This is ideally going to lead to followers and income for your Instagram page and or business diving right in the first one is all about watch time. This is likely the most important factor in determining. How well your reels perform on Instagram and it's the exact same as on TikTok. If you post something that gets a really high watch percentage that is the easiest way for Instagram to determine that that is a great piece of content and therefore know that they can push that to more people and those people will enjoy it people can like stuff that they sort of like they can comment on things.

 That they think is cool but people are only gonna watch a video once twice three four times. If they actually think it's good quality. If they think it's bad then they're obviously just gonna scroll to the next video because there's an endless supply of content on Instagram and social media in general. So it makes it very easy for Instagram to establish what content is good and what content is average and then take that good content and distribute it to more people on the platform through the home feed through the explore feeds through the hashtag pages and so on now one of the keys to getting a high watch time is to capture people's attention early on in the video in that first one to two seconds whether it is a clickbait title from something.

That you're teaching or an action clip from some crazy sport that you're doing something that's gonna hook people into watching more is key once you've got someone to watch a few seconds of your Instagram reels. There is a high chance that they are going to stay and watch the rest of it just to sort of see what happens if someone can commit to watching. Those first few seconds likely they are intrigued enough to watch the rest however if the first couple seconds is just boring they're likely just to scroll to the next one like. I say there's an endless supply of content now the gods here of watch time. When it comes to tick-tock or Instagram reels is getting people to watch your video multiple times. Which can sometimes lead to a video getting over a hundred percent watch time because like I say people might watch it two or three or four times. This is often done through a short sharp kind of puzzling piece of content that people want a second look at whether it be a crazy achievement. That you've done maybe you're doing some insane fitness task or maybe you're cooking a recipe and people want to re-watch the recipe to take notes or maybe it's some you know just interesting thing. That you're teaching that people again want to take notes on and this simply just takes practice and time to get good at creating content that people want to watch and that engages with them and draws them into the video and displays emotion and does all of that great stuff.

Which honestly I'm not a great filmmaker so probably not the best person to learn from but create engaging content that is going to draw people in and if they watch it two or three or four times then that's gonna be a reality that can go massively viral okay next one moving on to number two once you've got a great video you need people to actually click onto that video. This is where a great thumbnail comes into play and that is the second part of going viral with Instagram reels and following on from the first one this is probably the second most important thing.

That is going to determine the results of your reels this thumbnail is going to convert people from randomly scrolling through the home feed or the explore page or looking at hashtags and turning them into actual viewers. Which can then turn into followers and customers even if you make an awesome video showing off some awesome scenery in your local area and you're gonna post that to reels if the thumbnail sucks and doesn't really get any attention and no one clicks on it then it's likely not gonna do well because if people aren't clicking on it Instagram are just gonna favor videos that people are clicking on instead now there are some cases that people can see your reel without seeing the thumbnail such as on the home feed.

 If they're scrolling at a certain pace or if they go into a hashtag feed and they've swiped through a few reels and then yours is fourth or fifth or sixth down the line and they've already clicked on the reels tab. There are situations where they're going to see your content without seeing the thumbnail and in that case it's not as important but there is also a good percentage of the time. Where they will see it especially if you're trying to get new viewers through the hashtag and explore where they're going to see the thumbnail first and if it's engaging enough to click on they're going to click on it and that's what you want and that is going to be the main driver of getting new followers with Instagram reels the key here is once again a little bit of pipe or clickbait but obviously make sure.

It's real and delivers whatever you're talking about for me personally as someone posting educational content based around Instagram growth Instagram marketing that sort of stuff there what I'm using for my thumbnail is simply a screenshot of the first couple of seconds. So i make this first couple seconds as engaging as possible on purpose to draw people and once they click on it but I can use that same thing for the thumbnail as that works really well for example a recent Instagram reel of mine which got about 12 000 views on my account. That's got about 7 000 followers nothing insane but still pretty decent is I basically made a rule saying.

 How I got half a million followers on Instagram referring to my theme page at millionaire.dream and the thumbnail of this was how I got half a million followers on Instagram with a photo of my account and obviously. If someone is trying to grow their Instagram and they want to learn that is going to be intriguing and interesting to them and is likely to generate some curiosity. They then click on that the video is engaging and boom that's a complete stranger that has now found my content enjoys it and can turn into a follower and potentially a lead for my business.

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