listen when I was younger I used to think that being sexy was like showing skin and every time I wanted to look hot. I would try to dress myself in a way that would like to show as much as possible this resulted in me wearing these really strange thin stretchy dresses. That was clearly not designed for a woman's body and no matter what the event rain or shine. I was in one of these there's always a guy who thought that was really great but I was super uncomfortable you guys.

 I was like literally so uncomfortable in my own skin in these dresses and that meant. I couldn't be myself I couldn't actually have fun which really sucks and I don't want to feel like that and I don't want you guys to feel like that either. So today I'm gonna show you the art of sexy we're gonna go over things like color texture and silhouette to add sexiness to any outfit no matter. actually changed a lot and I realized sexy isn't something you can like put on your body it's not a piece of clothing. It's a feeling inside of you it's a confidence and a reassurance.great news That you love yourself and that you love others and it just can't help but like overflow and make you attractive but if you have a negative vibe you can't perceive yourself as attractive and neither can anyone else.

So don't forget to smile I know we all have bad days but use dressing yourself and getting yourself ready as a form of self-care that should raise your vibration by the time you're done okay. When you actually, start shopping for pieces that are sexy without actually showing much skin takes some hints from lingerie we can learn a lot from the drapey silky softness the lace and stretch and all of the things that make lingerie really appealing to the eye texture is huge and with lingerie, we see a lot of that so finding tops and pieces that flow with your own natural rhythm will make you appear sexier. When you're moving about you can take a little camisole like this and throw a blazer over it with some jeans and all of a sudden your outfit is way hotter and don't be afraid to find a really unexpected color done in a sexy fabric.

 That's a really cool combination and it's great for daytime there is an element of lingerie. That you can actually wear outside in an outfit and it's very very attractive. I love this because it also keeps you warm you can wear stockings with a dress or a skirt. I love something that has a little design like stay UPS. They've got a line down the back which is going to enhance the leg and make the eye follow the line. Which is really really elongated and beautiful now the texture is just the beginning of dressing yourself sexy but once you start to look at the lingerie sets. You'll realize that those delicate intricacies can be found in some really simple items like a top or a skirt and once you add these pieces to an outfit. You'll find that you feel and look a lot sexier color has a powerful impact on the

So it's really smart to pay attention to it when you're picking your clothing pieces regardless of what the clothing actually looks like sometimes you can take something that would be otherwise really innocent like the color white this is a basic white shirt. That's really really simple but adding an element in the beauty department that is really sexually charged like a just-bitten red lip dabbing this onto the center of the lip is gonna make it look really sexy which is kind of a cool contrast to an otherwise a conservative outfit in fact. when it comes to red it's the most powerfully sexy color if you throw this on it will have you feeling so confident you can do it in a way that is neutral and subdued like this cute kitten heel but if you really want to command a lot of attention go for a larger piece of clothing and choose a fire-engine red like these cool red pants these aren't leather but they kind of have that slick look as though they are they're a waxed coated denim wax-coated denim comes in all colors but this is one of those fantastic ways to make the thighs and the bum look really great continuing on with color theory.

I've got another cool pair of wax-coated denim these ones are black and black is one of those colors that the minute. I put it on I feel like I look slimmer I feel more mysterious and sexy covering your body and all-black fitted clothing will make you feel both subdued and intense all at the same time but you've got a lot of options you don't always have to go for dark rich mysterious colors picking something. That is delicate and feminine is a really great choice. If you want to appear sexier. If you're dressing with a bare leg one of the greatest little things you can do is put on a nude shoe to elongate your legs. This is a great trick for girls.

Who are shorter and want to appear much taller. I don't usually show cleavage but sometimes they'll go for a deep plunging neckline and when I do I always remember to keep my undergarments mysterious. You never want to see straps or bras or underwear lines all of these things are really key for maintaining mist and also looking really put together thumbs up. If you guys want to see a video on how to dress underneath your clothes okay. So we've all worn leggings before in fact. I think that leggings are actually something we should all transition out of wearing entirely as we hit our 20s it's really easy to look frumpy in these and they're also too revealing but we can capture that same sexy silhouette. That you get from a legging with a tailored fitted slack it essentially looks like the same thing. sports news

but these ones will slim you with a nice fitted material that is both thick and giving you lots of coverage and they can be dressed up or down I brought up the legging thing because I think the silhouette is really key and people usually think fitted equals sexy. This isn't always the case play with oversized clothing and capture areas of the body that are feminine and sensual like the waistline for this look. I'm using a skirt that gives me a little muffin top which is actually perfect in this situation with an oversized sweater. It's a great way to really highlight the waistline and make it look even smaller than it actually is which gives you a very sexy silhouette. I could probably do an entire video on outerwear because it's really interesting to see the psychology of how it fits and how it affects your look but combining a soft feminine shade like this pink color with a silhouette.

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