Things you Need to know before Strobing

Today we're going to be like chit-chatting about a new makeup trend called strobing. I've seen this like everywhere I've seen this photo of Kim Kardashian next to a do be skinned model and as sent as contouring is out strobing is it and like this is raised oh my god. I was just going to say raise the roof that was just embarrassing this is really raised like some controversy and a lot of questions about strobing because people are like you know what the hell is strobing um and how can I do it.

So I'm going to leave a link to a tutorial that I think is awesome nikkietutorials is like leblanc calm she did a really good tutorial showing you how to do it i'm going to be talking about some things that nobody really mentions and when it comes to strobing and these are the things. That will make or break your look the difference between you liking the way this looks and it looking really bad. So I want to go over some things with you guys I hope that you like this like chitchat style video let me know in the comments.

If you like this kind of article and let's get started okay so first I'm going to explain what is strobing basically it's highlighting it's nothing new but that being said strobing could be like highlighting to the extreme. So you're adding highlight shimmery highlight to your cheekbones down the bridge of your nose your Cupid's bow even the middle of the forehead and the chin sometimes people have gone as far to do like their entire cheek a surface it means extreme and intense highlight who might. This technique before people who want really dewy fresh angelic youthful looking skin. This is very inspired by Korean make they have really beautiful dewy super dewy skin like dewy to the point.

Where I'm looking at it going like that looks really oily but that's the style in Korea and they have really beautiful skin on top of that so when they have like a super shiny forehead. It really doesn't matter because their skin is like so beautiful and youthful no pores like nothing so they have really beautiful skin and it does look really awesome. I feel like strobing has definitely taken inspiration from Korea okay now beautiful like dewy angelic glowy skin like that sounds awesome but there are some side effects to wearing makeup like that this can make your face look a lot more oily. Than it is especially we have oily skin when you apply highlight to the t-zone even a lot of highlight on the cheekbones and in this area.

It can really make your skin look super oily and it also makes things look a little bit bigger. So if you're somebody who has used makeup in order to make your face look a little bit more slim aka contouring or just bronzing up the sides of your face to make everything look a little more slim and define strobing given. That strobing doesn't include any kind of contouring products or bronzer like you literally skip all of the darker creams powders anything like that and you just put on highlight and blush and that's it yes it is very angelic and glowy but it can actually make a wide face look a little bit wider as we know. When it comes to applying light to the face or clothing or anything in life light makes things look a little bit brighter and bigger so yeah so those are the side effects but like some people might look at that and feel like.

That's one matter I have normal or I have dry skin so looking Olay isn't a problem for me so there are some cons in my opinion can create a lot of texture on the skin. When you're using any kind of powder that are going to make the skin look metallic. Just the way that each little finely milled speck of glitter or shimmer sits on top of the skin. It goes into like the pores and on top of them and it really emphasizes and shines so you can see each pore. That's a big thing to watch out for if you're interested in strobing. I definitely recommend prepping the skin taking care of your skin is like number one most important thing.

I recommend doing a face mask I love this glam glow stuff it's a super mud clearing treatment and this one will get rid of any pimples and it really helps with texture for me I find that my skin looks really smooth and it tightens my pores so this is something that I would recommend doing if you're going to be into like strobing your face and creating the light with shimmer then definitely take care of your skin using like a pore refining mask another huge aspect like this this is not at a boob like nobody talks about this I think this happened a lot and I think it's really important  news to talk about this is facial hair and I'm not just talking like you know I need to get my eyebrows done or I have to like wax my upper lip I'm talking like facial hair that you don't think is there but it really is like peach fuzz for example you see this on in real life see it on the red carpet in photos just everywhere it's really not good especially in the sunlight natural light really brings out like the invisible beard on people um and you might not think that you have any peach fuzz on your face but when you apply foundation powders especially especially shimmer powders they can cling to the hairs and make them so obvious it's just it's really really unflattering just remove it even if you think that you don't have any using a tool like this one this is my absolute favorite it's like a really cheap little coiled like I don't I don't know how explain it you basically go like this on your face and you roll it and it picks up all the hairs like that was just taking like little hairs out of my face I love to use this before you apply makeup you might not think it's going to make a big difference you go to apply your makeup  the next day and it looks so stunning angelic smooth it looks like you're glowing because you literally are there's no hairs to be like mattifying your face so this just makes your face look baby smooth really like glowy and stunning and I love this tool I actually found it on Amazon I bought it in a Korean beauty supply so you can kind of check if you have one near you but I found these for a dollar sixty or something like that on Amazon so I'm going to link that below I think there's like free shipping too so you got to get like four of these like really good and they definitely make a huge difference in any kind of makeup that you want to wear last thing I want to mention when it comes to strobing your skin is using a primer I think this is really important to smooth out the skin so that whenever you're laying down that metallic or shimmer highlight on the cheekbone you have like really smooth canvas I'm almost like impossibly smooth I like this primer it's from Make Up For Ever it's a step one skin equalizer and this is a smoothing primer so this smooths the crap on your face it looks awesome and it feels really really silky these are definitely a necessity also I highly recommend this or any kind of smoothing primer that you like these tips don't really just go for strobing but I just thought they were really important to bring up when it comes to this makeup trend since this is really popular right now I think that for we all start to look really porous and like oily I feel like these are some steps that you can consider when you're going to stroke your face because I would hate to see this trend

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