TikTok vs Instagram Reels Growth Strategies


Instagram just copied tick-tock and brought out Instagram reels as a way to combat tick tock's meteoric rise and try and steal some of that attention and because of this I've had a ton of people asking me whether. They should be focusing on tick-tock or Instagram reels or you know a few wee tips you can give us to grow with Instagram reels.

 So today I'll be diving into that after posting a few reels on my account I will be able to give you a little bit of insight into what's helped me so far and also compare it to TikTok as whilst. I'm definitely not a tech talker I've posted a few times on there some of my videos have done okay yeah before we do get into that make sure you like the video and subscribe. If you're new I post two articles like this teaching you all about Instagram growth social media and making money online. So if you want to see that make sure you subscribe and leave a like as it does help us out in the algorithm.

 After posting a few reels on my Instagram account at it with josh I've noticed a few things firstly I've noticed that there is a massive amount of reach you get to your existing audience and whilst. We can't see analytics all of my Instagram reels have gone to at least 50 of my followers as opposed to my normal Instagram posts. Which gets about 25 of my followers uh lead to home impression however at the same time I've noticed that Instagram reels do not go quite as viral and like the explore page as TikTok does now Instagram is changing the feed. Which I did talk about in a recent video which should mean you get more viral potential and you could get even more viral reach on Instagram reels.

However currently tech talks viral reach is just insane and Instagram reels aren't quite putting up those numbers just yet but at the same time as Instagram reels are not quite as viral. It does mean that more of your existing audience sees your content, unlike tic tac. Where it's mostly people who don't follow you which allows you to build a strong connection with the people. Who do follow you because if you've got ten thousand followers and those ten thousand people see your content every single day? You're gonna build ten thousand people who really really love your content whereas on tech talk you might accrue a large follower base of people. Who has only seen one or two of your videos but don't consistently see you so you've got a big number of people.

Who follow you which is great and looks good for the ego but it might not be turning into loyal fans. Who are gonna listen to your music who are gonna watch your youtube videos who are gonna buy your book or whatever. It is that you're promoting so whilst you might not get the same viral reach the cool thing with Instagram reels is like I say you get in front of your audience a lot so it's going to be easier to build true fans whilst also still getting a decent viral exposure on them like. They're not dead like Instagram posts where it's harder to get the exposure you can still pretty easily get a bit of extra reach with Instagram reels but you also get to build that community now the other benefit of Instagram reels is that as mentioned in the first video.

I did about Instagram reels here followers games on Instagram are way more profitable and easier to monetize than followers on tick-tock and this comes down to so many reasons and I went over a bit more in-depth in that video but essentially you can monetize really really easily on Instagram stories. It's much easier for people to dm you you can have more content in your account and there's just way more ways to easily monetize on Instagram. This is why you see tick-tock creators build an audience on tick-tock and send it on to Instagram and youtube. When they want to make an income if you do that on Instagram reels you can do it without the big percentage of drop off as I noticed only about five percent of tick-tock followers convert to Instagram followers with the exception of like charlie DiMaggio Addison ray-like all these big people. I will say that one thing I have noticed with reels compared to tick-tock is it does favor the bigger accounts that have an established audience. Whereas on tech-talk like I see at least half of my feed is people with like no audience whereas with Instagram reels. I've noticed it's the most popular accounts.

 This isn't my explore page anyway and my normal feed obviously it's pretty normal but when it comes to exploring I've noticed most of the reach is getting favored towards bigger pages. Now another cool thing I've noticed that my Instagram reels get more exposure than my original posts. That I post in the feed on Instagram and yes they get about the same amount of likes I've noticed but when it comes to impressions it's considerably more on my Instagram reels versus real posts sorry. When I say real posts I mean feed posts bit of confusion there now if you do have a small audience on Instagram or even very little if not no audience on Instagram and you still want to grow and get rich with reels and you're not noticing. It as much on the explore page I would go ahead and apply the exact same hashtag strategy.

That I've shown in this video up here and I'll link my hashtag strategy tutorial down below and I'd apply that to your Instagram reels but use considerably fewer hashtags so maybe use the best five or six but apply the same strategy Instagram has been giving the massive spotlight to reels on hashtag pages. Now I'm not sure if this is the same for everyone but when I go to a hashtag on my phone the first piece of content the big piece of content is always an Instagram reel then. When it pops up when you click on it is literally just seamlessly scrolls through the reels as they finish or as you swipe up and it immerses you with the whole screen so it sort of like is taking over. If people click on reels they just keep seeing more reels so if you can make good reels put targeted hashtags on it and keep people engaged with that content.

It's going to get a good bit of reach through hashtags and then through your home feed which is going to help push you onto that explore page to reach more new people so whilst Instagram rules might seem better than tick-tock in a few instances slightly less growth but much easier to monetize and much easier to build a relationship with your audience. Some people might be led to believe like why would you even use tick tock. If Instagram rails are better and in my opinion Instagram reels are probably going to be better over the long run tech talk might still be better right now but why would someone want to use it well the main reason like I mentioned is it's much easier to go viral on tech talk without an audience whilst.

You can't retain the followers the same way you can on Instagram reels it's not that hard to get a video go viral on tick tock and get in front of a huge amount of people which you can then send back to your Instagram account and your youtube channel and future tech talk videos to help get some of that viral exposure to bring back to somewhere like Instagram or youtube. Where you can consolidate that audience pretty much what I've seen is the key to going viral which is pretty simple well simple like it's easy in essence in practice. It's a bit harder but if you can get a video that gets 100 watch time you'll smash it and now people might think like that's impossible to get 100 average on tick tock a lot of the time if it's a great video people watch it two or three times which like makes it 300 watches time. So that makes up for the people that only watch half or a small amount so if you can get a video that averages 100 watch time that'll go viral and if you're posting reels on Instagram it literally takes under 60 seconds to simply save that reel and go and upload it to tick-tock and you can easily get thousands of views on that for free at no real extra time commitment maybe another 40 to 60 seconds to download it from Instagram reels post it on tech talk and add-in like three hashtags.

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