Follow These 6 Fashion Rules Now,

Today I want to go over some of the fashion rules you should always live by first up is to always respect the dress code for the event. That you're going to so whether you're going to a wedding a bridal shower a baby shower an anniversary party. If a dress code has been shared with you then it really behooves you to follow that dress code to the letter. So especially nowadays with the internet and our access to Google, it's almost inexcusable to not put forth the effort and I think that if it is a very special event.

That, someone, took a lot of time and money to put together and they were conscientious enough to share a dress code. Then it's definitely out of respect that you should follow that if you're still unsure after you've delved a little deeper then don't hesitate to ask another attendee to ask them. What they're gonna be wearing and then when in doubt always overdress. Prone news It's better to be overdressed than underdressed in my experience and I think that by rising to the occasion of the event. That you're going to it really just helps it feel more cohesive the person planning the event put forth a lot of time and energy and if they were thoughtful enough to share a dress code.

Then it's really out of you to in your best interest to follow that dress code and really just meet their expectation and then show up with a smile and enjoy yourself. LF and contribute to a lovely gathering next up is to be strategic about what you bring into your closet and then edit your closet frequently. So if you've been here before this should come as no surprise but I am a huge advocate for streamlined closets. I think that by having fewer items that you truly love you get more use out of your overall wardrobe.

So I definitely recommend that you take continual stock of the items that you have and always be ruthless. So if you're gonna bring something in making sure that you think about how you can incorporate that into your wardrobe you don't want to bring something in that you have to buy new items to wear with. So I definitely recommend a being very strategic about what you introduce to your closet and then editing pieces that don't fit you or your lifestyle very frequently so be merciless has set aside some time. Maybe every couple of months or times a year whatever works for you and then stick to it and I promise you that you're gonna end up with a closet full of pieces that you love and can actually wear next up is to find a great tailor and then use them so one of the tricks.

That stylish people all over the world have been using for years and years and years is to have items tailored to them. So it's something that I definitely recommend you do as well once you find a great tailor they can really take an item and transform. How it lays on your body which ultimately changes how you feel about your clothes and how you feel in your clothes. So it's my number one tip I definitely recommend it and I think that the more familiar you are with the type of tailoring you like the better. You'll be able to shop because you'll be able to keep your eye out for things that can be tweaked things.

That can't be tweaked and then ultimately not sacrifice on either next up is to dress for the life that you want so oftentimes we hear this advice applied to our careers people will say things like the dress for the job. You want a dress for the promotion that you want but I think we should take that same advice and apply it to our lives as well. I think that you should dress the way you want to be treated and the way you want the world to see you and the lifestyle that you ultimately want for yourself so put your best foot forward every single day and I think people will treat you accordingly. So let's say for example you live in a place.

That's very casual everyone around you dresses very casually but deep down you really want to be dressed in button-downs and blazers and more structured pieces don't let that stop you dress how you want to dress and definitely embrace it wholeheartedly be who you truly are and I think that people will treat you accordingly and ultimately. I think you'll feel happier which is one of the cornerstones to creating a life that you truly love next up is quality over quantity so much like my point earlier. I think that it's very easy to get into the mentality that we need more and more and more and I think that's very untrue in many respects but especially when it comes to your closet.

I think that by having fewer pieces overall you end up wearing what you have more ultimately resulted in more outfits and more use out of your overall closet. So I definitely recommend when you can to invest in the highest quality item that you can afford don't go broke for fashion. I've touched on that in past articles. I'll link those here for you but definitely always opt for well-made pieces that fit you well that you can wear for years and I think that if you have a very good base of that in your you'll be amazed the number of alphas.

That you can create and how versatile that small wardrobe really is and last but not least is when in doubt opt for classic pieces over trendy pieces. So it's very easy to get caught up in trends from season to season especially right now we're in the thick of Fashion Week and all of the trends are so beautiful. That it's very easy to want to hop on to as many as possible but I find that if you are in pursuit of a closet that you can wear year-round and then will last you for years to come it really is a better bet to invest in quality classic items as opposed to trend earpieces.

 If you have a closet full of trendy items you'll be able to create very few looks out of those but if you have a closet full of classic pieces you can add very carefully selected trends on top of that and have a Wardrobe full of versatile options. That will take you year-round so definitely don't discard trends altogether but when you are going to add them into your wardrobe do so strategically and make sure that you adopt a trend that suits your overall lifestyle and personal style. Before you just kind of hop on the wagon because everyone else is doing it and that's everything those are some of the fashion rules.

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