This video is gonna rock your socks guaranteed hey everyone welcome back to my channel. I'm Alexandra and listen I like to analyze clothing that's one of my passions and today I.'m gonna be taking you through all the things I do and care about. When it comes to putting on a sweater now sweaters are amazing but they do require a little bit of effort. They can make you look really good and they can make you look really bad and today. I'm gonna take you through all the ins and outs of those things let's get into how.

 I wear a sweater and we're gonna start small listen pilling is not your friend and it's not my friend either I. I invest cold hard money into these waters of mine and they just end up looking so bad it's the friction of your body. When you wear these things they start falling up and look at this little thing this is one of my best friends and that's kind of sad.great news But all you have to do to make your sweaters look fresher turn this thing on and then slide it up the sweater and it is.

So satisfying it will literally shred not the sweater but just those little fuzzies that you don't want on your clothing this is called a deep pillar and you need one basically. Now my sweater is like super brand new looking which always makes your clothes more expensive. I like that you know I'm all about the optical illusion of the smoke in the mirrors. I like that kind of stuff especially with clothing I mean it can be kind of deceiving. When you see the ads and the sweaters are all arranged beautifully and they look so nice on the model in beautiful lighting. But then you put it on it's just like this big sweater what I like to do is do things like rolling up the sleeves and creating asymmetrical hems this creates a dark and a light aspect.

 Now what that does is create visual interest. Just like this you probably looked at this area of the photo, not the solid color human nature is always drawn to look at things that are interesting to the eye and anytime. You have light and dark it becomes interesting to the eye so take a look at the sweater. I showed you before since this sweater has nothing happening on the neckline. It's a crewneck that your eye is drawn to is the middle of the sweater. Because that's where all the shadows and highlights are happening you're actually going to make your body look a certain way. Just based on the way your clothing fits once you're aware of that there might be. Something you want to do too certain to arrange them differently I like to create an asymmetrical hem by. Just tucking it in the side and then also push the sleeves up to a three-quarter length and all of a sudden what was a really plain big sweater is telling a story and giving off kind of a vibe.

Now I don't know if it's just me but I have this weird hang-up that I think my shoulders are kind of wide. So I always try to avoid that in general can anyone else really so take a look at my finger this is where the shoulder ends this is where. They normally put a seam but on this sweater, you can see the hem is all the way down here. I think this drop shoulder style of the sweater has become so popular because. When you put it on it makes anybody. Who's wearing it looks a little bit smaller since. The sweater itself is practically hanging off of you. When it comes to sweaters that don't drop shoulder. You do have to avoid ones that do this there's a shoulder poking out and the seam is not even aligned with the edge of your arm. Which is gonna make it look like your arm is like bulging out of your clothing. It's not a great look this is why? I love an oversized sweater the only thing is this can look really frumpy. If you have the wrong material and neckline this sweater, in particular, is making me look. Like, a bird on a nest and just like perching out of myself.

 It doesn't really look that great but there are great combinations of both texture color and neckline that are gonna look awesome. Let's talk about texture not only do you want to take an inventory of what colors look good on you. But what textures as well especially when you take an overall inventory of your look. I look at Deveny and I think you beautiful hair like look at how voluminous and textured it is I want to contrast that. So I put her in a smooth soft sweater and it looks really beautiful I put her in. Something light and marshmallowy that shows off her collarbones the easiest way to bring your natural beauty center stage is to apply contrast to your look. live streaming

So contrast your hair texture with your sweater and that will make you look amazing. One thing with sweaters is that they're always. So cute and over sides especially at the beginning of fall but then a couple months in they just start to get like. I mean I've bought some weird sweaters before this one's really unusual it's got all this visual detail on the outer edges of the body which I think is actually compressing her body and making it look wider. Than it is now I'm not crazy about stripes themselves but just this the oversized unisex sweater trend is not super flattering especially.

 If you're wearing sweaters like this every single day. I like to go for things that are body conscious and more flattering here we have a fitted sweater with a really beautiful detail throwing the symmetry off like this actually makes the body look more petite. Because you're drawing the eye up and away with a one-shoulder sweater. I'm all about creative solutions to looking better but this is just like. Some housekeeping this is just a basic you're supposed to hand wash your sweaters. I'm just telling you because I can't make a video about sweaters and not mention the fact that you're probably supposed to lay them flat it's a real hassle. I rarely do it and my sweaters look terrible as a result so it doesn't be like me I'm gonna call this the gravity sweater this one. I saw at the store and I was like oh my god this is so bad. I gotta get it it's got an aggressively low neckline which is dragging the body down and then it finishes off with a paunch toute waistline.

 Which if it was down here might look okay. But since it's right in the part. Where my waist is supposed to cinch in it's making me look frumpy. Those are the key things. I notice about sweaters those are the things. I think you should know before you go and buy another one. It's really great to be conscious of the way your clothing is affecting your look and I hope that I've equipped. science You with some ideas as to what you might need to look for in a sweater to flatter yourself. I love you thank you so much for watching. I can't wait to see what you guys think of this .So leave me a comment and give this post a thumbs up. If you liked it and the thumbs down. If you didn't but bye.

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