Why You Aren't Ranking On Instagram Hashtags

 I've gained millions of followers on Instagram for myself and for clients over the past five to six years and in those years a huge amount of growth strategies have come and gone however hashtags are one of the few things. That has stayed consistent throughout the mall before the algorithm before engagement groups before even being able to share content to your story before you could even post videos hashtags have always worked and so today with that five to six years of experience.


I'm gonna show the five core things you need to be doing to rank your content on hashtags to grow your account with targeted followers organically and do it at a scalable rate. That's really really important with hashtags is size slash competition of the hashtags that you're using. best news If you're using big hashtags like hashtag motivation then it's going to be extremely hard for you to rank on those and show up in the top trending section to grow your audience considering. you're probably competing against people like myself who've got motivational pages with half a million followers and then you're going to be competing with people like drake.

Who has got like 20 or 30 or 40 million and people like Cristiano Ronaldo who might post a photo and use the hashtag motivation and has like 200 million followers or something insane and you're never gonna beat Ronaldo to the top of a hashtag. If you've got 30 followers what you need to do is find targeted hashtags inside of your niche where the average engagement for the top nine posts the trending posts on that hashtag is about the same. If not slightly less than your average engagement or maybe a little a bit more this way. It's reasonable to expect if you post a great piece of content that you can rank in those top nine and it's not like out of reach and you can show up there and grow your audience although don't just go out there for random hashtags that literally no one is using like my favorite motivational quote or something like that maybe a few people use.science

That I'm not too sure I haven't researched that one but if hardly anyone's looking at the hashtag following the hashtag or engaging with that style of content is unlikely that you're going to get any benefit from using that hashtag you're not going to show up or you might show upon the page but no one's looking at it you're not going to get pushed into the explore feed with it or into people's normal feeds. Where there are suggested posts you need to strike that right balance between big enough so that you're actually going to get some exposure from it but not too big. That the competition's so hard that you can't show up to it and finding that right balance is going to be different based on every account.

If you've got a thousand followers and getting a hundred likes per post. It's going to be a different size too if you're getting a thousand likes per post and you've got 20 000 followers or if you've got 100k or 40 followers it's going to be very different based on that now personally I use a tool called flick to do this and pretty much automates the whole process. I will leave my tutorial for how to do that below although you can also do this entirely manually as well literally just through searching and then your keyword on Instagram and scrolling down looking through some and finding some that have got enough engagement. That you can rank on and still get some results with although I will warn you that is extremely time-consuming. Which is why I use a tool now the second reason that you may not be. prone news

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