YouTube Tips, Tricks and Hacks You LITERALLY need to try

 Guys, you are about to see 10 everyday YouTube tips tricks men fights. That'll blow your mind into outer space you may think you know your way around YouTube but there are some surprising things. That I bet you didn't know to hold it to your phones because these tips and tricks are about to get really good let's get into it all right. Did you know if you're watching a YouTube video and you double-tap twice on the right-hand side. It'll actually skip 30 seconds ahead and the same goes for the left-hand side if you double-tap and then keep on tapping. It'll actually multiply the seconds and jump ahead that far in the video.

 So this feature is already activated but if you want to change the timing just head on over to settings and then under settings click on general at the top there under general. If you scroll down a bit you'll see here double-tap to seek and then you can select how many seconds you want the video to jump forward by so now when I tap it only jumps ahead by 10 seconds guys. I cannot even tell you how useful this future is and when there's something in a video. I just want to get past a double-tap so just try it out. now guys and see how cool it is double-tap left to go back.

If you're on desktop though you can literally just press L and it'll skip forward a couple seconds. If you want to go back some seconds just click on J and then if you want to pause the video you can press K and if you want to keep it playing press K a day oh man these are so good. Oh now when I learned this one guy it changed my view tube viewing forever it is so cool and it's speedy playbacks. So if you're watching a video on youtube and you just wanted to be quicker speed things up. If you click on those three dots in the top right-hand corner and select playback speed you can actually make this video fast forward all slow down depending on what speed you choose.

So here I'm selecting times two and now the video is double the speed. You'll be amazed at how many videos. I use this on it is serious enough T and likewise. If you want to slow things down again just select the playback speed make it really slow and then you can make sure you don't miss anything. So try these different speed settings out and I guarantee you will end up using this way more than you ever thought. Now I bet you guys didn't know you can actually watch youtube videos with a VR headset. If you select those three dots in the top right-hand corner under the options you'll see the watch in VR and literally, YouTube will change the viewing to VR you pop.

This is your virtual reality headset and I promise you it's like watching YouTube in a cinema you can also control functions with your eyes oh my goodness and so epic now this is another really nifty trick and it's for those who like watching YouTube videos on their laptops. If you select a number like 5 it'll take you 30 percent into the video. If you select 4 it'll take you at the 40 percent mark so if you want to scroll forwards or backward just select a number and that number will jump to the percentage you have selected. This is so convenient and pretty nifty now if you want to spice up your comments in YouTube and stand out simply go to google and type in lingo jam once you're on the lingo jam website just type in the comment you would like to spice up and then what you're going to be able to do is select in your comment in a different font.

So over here you can see the various font options so go on and scroll through those until you find the font you want I like this one, you're going to select everything and then press copy.

 So it'll copy your epic font go on into YouTube and the video you want to comment on simply paste it in and your comments. I guarantee is going to stand out from everyone so go ahead guys try it out. Now comment on this video use a nifty little font like this and enjoy okay guys on to number 6 let's say you're watching one of my tips tricks and hacks videos and you want to share a specific part with a friend. So before the video where you want to share it and click the share button then you can select this option. That says to start at the time of which you cause the beer simply copy this link share it with your friends and then when they paste in the link in Google update.

 It'll open up and start playing at that exact time that you posted at how nifty is that did you know you can actually view YouTube in dark mode. So this is what it usually looks like but if you click on those three dots in the top right hand corner and selects the settings under there you will select generals and then see the option to toggle on or altered our theme. So if you're toggling on the BAM you've got dark theme toggle it back off toggle it back on and you do you boo but what's great about this option is not only does really help save battery life but it's also a lot softer on your eyes so your eyes do not strain as much. When this mode is on and I just love that there's this option now come on I know you guys sometimes you just want to hop on YouTube and search something weird but not have recommendations later on.

So if you click on the Home icon and then select your profile icon at the top right-hand corner an option will appear that says turn on income IDO and for those of you who don't know or maybe are not sure incognito basically means that YouTube will not hold your search history or recommend anything to you based off. What you've watched in the past so now if you go through your feed or click on the search icon there will be no recommendations whatsoever and it will remind you. That your search history is paused so I just searched a PewDiePie. I could check out some of his videos but then not get recommendations and later on when I'm back on my normal profile this is another great little trick and something. I use often if you're scrolling through your feed and you see oh my goodness in owl.

I am NOT a fan of owls and I do not want to see this video okay then all you need to do is simply click those three dots and then select the option and not interested YouTube will then remove this video and not recommend to similar videos like this to you and gain in future FYI. I'm actually a huge fan of owls but those cumple popping videos on to my favorite one and that is downloading a video so you can watch them.

 When you are not connected to Wi-Fi or have data since you click on these three dots you simply select the option download and what this will do is actually start downloading the videos. So that you can watch it when you don't have access to Wi-Fi or data. So if you're traveling on a plane or a train and you want to watch your favorite videos head on over to libraries and under the library you will see the option. That says downloads and in here you will of course find all the videos. That you previously downloaded so obviously make sure to do this. When you're on your Wi-Fi or something at home before you leave for your plane or your train and now the awesome thing you can do is like and subscribe or check out. my other most popular tips tricks and hacks videos are right over here you can check out Instagram or WhatsApp you'll definitely learn something new okay

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