10 Hair HACKS You've NEVER Seen Before!!

 Today I have a hack article for you. I would do a lot of those lately 10 hair hacks that you've never seen before and I promise that it's not one of those like hacks. Where you're just like oh my god-like. I want to reuse that these are actually helpful and convenient and actually work yeah guys let me stop talking and jump right to the article. So the first hack is how to make your own DIY spin pins. Which gives your hair a really extra stronghold so first Bend the bobby pin flat next bend and wrap the bobby pin around a pencil or pen until.

It's completely wrapped around and once that's done twist your hair into a bun then spin your pin into place the city spin pin will provide stronger hold and it does originally as a bobby pin and it will allow you to achieve easy updo styles and it will stay in all day the second hack. This is how to make a DIY tight grip hair clip using a rubber base adhesive like e6000 or Elmer's rubber glue you're basically going to apply glue vertically on the inside of each cloth of course wait till. It's completely dry before using the soft rubber bumps that will provide a tight grip hold. Which will help hold your hairdo tightly in place the third hack spray your bobby pins with hairspray for a stronger hold coating your bobby pins with hairspray will give them a better grip especially for those hard to hold hairstyles.

 It's just a really simple trick yet it makes such a difference next hack how to easily pin curl your hair with a fork all you have to do is grab the ends of your hair with a fork in hand turn the fork to wind up your hair. Then just keep winding it up all the way to the top of your roots slip in a hair pinto secure your pin curl and leave it on as long as you'd like after a blow-dry. I've always had a hard time pin curling my hair so this trick definitely makes the process much easier. When time is up release the pin and this will add more volume and body to your hair next hack a great alternative. If you don't have pins on you you could just use a plastic fork again the same steps wind your hair up with a fork all the way to your roots once you're at the top what you're going to do is twist the four 360 degrees.

Then slide the fork right into your hair it has a really secure grip kind of like self holds rollers. This is great for those times. When you don't have your hair accessories on you and you're away from your house, it's a great substitute and it really makes pretty heatless curls next hack are how to make tight curls again using a metal utensil use a utensil that has a cylinder neck first heat the neck of the utensil with a blow-dryer put your jar settings high and aim it closely to the utensil. So you can get it nice and hot wait a few seconds until you reach the desired temperature next, hold the spoon close to your roots and wrap your hair around the entire neck.

This is a simple way to achieve fast tight curls. When you don't have your heat styling tools on you and you want to get the same effect as a curling iron so wait a few seconds then release your hair and you'll have beautiful curls another curl hack using a fork. This time to make crimp curls first slide your hair into the middle of the fork then bring the fork up to your roots get a good grip of your hair and bring it outside then back in the middle same step on the other side outside back to the middle keep repeating these steps until your hair is completely wrapped. So this is what it looks like when the hair section is completely wrapped up securely pin it with a bobby pin.

So that your hair stays in place when you let go flat iron your hair for a few seconds then release. You should have really bouncy crimped curls. It's really cute and it actually looks quite a natural really simple way to achieve crimp curls without a double barrel curler next hack how to make DIY gemstone bobby pins using gems from old broken necklaces or earrings studs. That you no longer use instead of buying those expensive ones at the store because they can get really expensive first apply all-purpose glue to your jewelry of choice and then stick the end of the bobby pin to your jewelry make sure you glue it on the flat side not the bumpy side let it dry for two hours or so and then I'll be ready to use I love this idea because you can make so, many variations by using different jewelry, and it adds a nice elegant touch to your hairstyle.

This hack is a way to keep your ponytail perky all you need is a hair tie and two bobby pins. So style your hair into a ponytail or have a path down as you see here the pony is sagging. Which is my ultimate pet peeve so what you can do to fix. That is to pin your hair tie and slide it down repeat this on the other side too then divide your hair into two sections and pull the bobby pins will slide all the way down and fasten it's a really cool trick to make your hairstyle voluminous and perky and the last hack the apple cider vinegar rinse. This makes your hair so shiny and smooth just mix 8 ounces of water and two tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar after shampooing and rinsing your hair spray the mixture over your entire scalp allowing it to run through your hair and please be careful to avoid contact with your eye.

Because it will burn let the mixture sit in for one to two minutes then rinse and condition as usual once dry you'll notice a really shiny and smooth texture. If we'd like to check the description box I'm going to go into detail about the full benefits of the apple cider vinegar rinse today alright those were 10 hair hacks. That you never have seen before please let me know which one was your favorite as usual I always pass. That my favorite was the pink lip pick my favorite was how to pink curl your hair with the fork because I always used to pink comb my hair. When I used to straighten it I no longer straighten it anymore but when I used to I used to always pink row my hair after a blow-dry. I was doing my fingers but I would mess up so many times, so it's just kind of like kind of time-consuming. So if I ever end up straining my hair down the line. I will definitely use that hack so yeah guys that was it thank you so much for watching and on to the next time you.

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