5 Minute Glitter Eye Makeup Easiest Glitter Look Ever

Hey guys and welcome back to my youtube channel for today. I wanted to do a New Year's Eve inspired makeup look. Because I feel like I haven't really done like a New Year's Eve. Look yet and this is actually a really easy look. I think it's the easiest galleta look. I've ever made so Politis will give you awesome inspiration. So the first thing I'm always doing is using it. Some eyeshadow primer. I think this is a step that you don't want to skip. This will leave like a very nice blank space for all your eyeshadows and it will remove any like redness that you have on your eyelids. So this will just make like a very nice base for your eyeshadow.

 Now I'm going to use this Tarte cosmetics eyeshadow palette. I will put the name in the description bar of this palette. I use that light shade all over the eyelids and then I applied. Some eyeshadow guards because this will leave me with a very sharp edge. I feel like whenever I'm in a hurry. This is just really easy because it will pick up any eyeshadow fallout. So this will not ruin your like foundation or anything. So this is the palette I was just talking about. This is the one I will be using and I'm going to use this grayish color and I'm going to use that to blend. It all over my crease it's quite a dark shade. But I feel like the Tartar Cosmetics eyeshadows are so easy to blend also the smell of their eyeshadows is incredible. It always reminds me of chocolate.

It's really nice and the texture of the eyeshadows. It's just really nice and soft and blendable. So you can easily go in with a darker shade that you would normally do like as your first shade. So I blended this all over my crease and then I went in with this shade. Which is slightly darker and I'm going to focus a little bit more in my outer V area. This is not necessary ou can also skip this part and go in with the glitter. I will apply after this step but I feel like. Whenever I do I look. I like to create a limit of dimension at the outer end instead of going like in with only one shade. But this is a really quick look so you can like to make it. Your own way like what is easy for you. But I wanted to definitely create a little bit of darkness. So now I'm going in with this Tila liquid eyeshadow.

Which is so incredibly beautiful i swatched it on my arm and you can see how pigmented this is and also. It's so easy to apply on my eyelids I don't know. Why I've never used it before my youtube channel. I will definitely try to get my hands on a few more of their colors. Because they have a lot of colors. Which are so beautiful and I feel like. When I apply this glitter it looked like. I liked like what do I say like. I did like a lot of effort for this I look in fact. It's just so easy I just apply this on the eyelids. I try to pres a little bit less around my crease area. Because I don't want it to look really packed on at the outer edges of the eyelid. But at the middle part of m island I wanted to have as much product as possible and I just think it looks.

So sparkly beautiful just like you have put a lot of effort on this eye look .So definitely if you want to do like a really glamorous look really quick. You need these two liquid eye shadows in your life. Because they're so beautiful I also know that Huda beauty recently dropped a few of these similar products . I will be doing videos with them as well to see how they work. So now I remove the eye shadow guard. I'm now going back in with a dark shade. Which I used for my outer V as well and I'm going to press this right underneath . The eyelid using a sigma flat definer brush and then when I'm done with that I'm going to blend. This out I just wanted that darkness  little bit underneath. My lower lash line as well you can also use a lighter shade it totally depends on.

What you want t go for you can like to use a light color for your waterline or you can go in with a dark pencil. If you want to create a more smoky eye this is totally up to you you don't have to follow each step. I'm doing you can give your own ow twist to it. So now I'm going to start blending. This underneath the lower lash line and then I'm going in with the NYX Cosmetics matte liquid liner. I going to create a very simple line above the lash line this is also optional. If you are in a hurry you can go in with mascara and you're good to go. But I don't have like very long lashes .So I have to go in with fake eyelashes and whenever I go in with fake eyelashes.

I always like to use a little bit of eyeliner underneath. This way it will hide the lash band. So now I'm going in with a white pencil for the inner one line, I'm using the mac cosmetics fascinating. I pencil which is just a simple white pencil which also stays perfectly in place. Then I quickly applied some mascara. Because my own natural lashes are like more brown color. I want them to look good really black so my fake eyelashes that I will apply later on will like seamlessly fade into the fake eyelashes. This way it looks more natural. So for my lashes, I'll be using these super dramatic lashes. I feel like this will give your own makeup look to a different level. Whenever you feel like your eye look needs like. Something extra just goes in with very voluminous lashes and this will make it. Look next-level like you put a lot of effort like. It's super dramatic but this was real.

So easy and so quick to do and I really hope. This will give you awesome inspiration for the holidays. If you don't have this liquid eye shadows from Stila. I will put some videos in the description bar. Where I just used simple glitter hopefully that will give you all some inspiration as well also thank you.

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