Welcome back to my channel I'm kaiser .If you're new here and if you're not thank you. So much for coming back and watching another post  alright. Guys let's get straight into today's post. So today's post  is going to be my top five tips and tricks that can change your whole skincare routine and change your skin basically. So yeah I just wanted to share some tips that I've learned over the years and what has really helped my skincare game go from here to there .So I'm gonna just be sharing that with you I want to be able to help you guys .So in case you guys are making these types of mistakes you guys can do  right. Now and elevate your skin honey okay. So if you guys are interested in that continue watching all right guys. So my first trip I sunscreen now this subject makes a lot of sense especially. Because right now it's summer the sun is blazing hot.

 It's out in the open it is very visible. So let's talk about sunscreen and why no matter your skin tone. You need to be wearing sunscreen. Now first things first here's a lot of misconception when it comes to sunscreen about. If you should use it for your darker skin how much you should use when you should use it how often you should use it .So first things first everyone should be applying sunscreen. I know a lot of people that are my skin tone all darker anymore that's. Just basically black basically or has more melon into their skin assumes. Because you know from just how it was brought up that we don't need sunscreen. Because we're darker our skin tone will protect us from the sun. I hear you but it won't that's what I'm here to tell you. It won't okay it only protects you for. So much and that's very much is. So little I hope you know it can only protect you for .So little everyone needs sunscreen no matter. Your skin tone skin cancer is real black people can get skin cancer Asian.

 People can get skin cancer white people of course. Can get skin cancer so this is not something to be playing with. You need to be protecting your skin. The reason why sunscreen is also important is. Because people that have hyperpigmentation are especially found in people that are more darker. We tend to have a lot of hyperpigmentation issues sunscreen can actually help combat that issue actually. So what happens is a lot of people will be using chemicals. We'll be using certain creams that if you read the label. It will tell you to use sunscreen. But you guys ain't reading the label you.

 Guys just using the product also the amount of sunscreen .You should be using I'm going to insert a little clip. So you guys can see how much sunscreen should be using .You could either use an ounce that can cover you from your face. Your neck I think even your chest probably your whole body. But yeah so I'll put the right amount of measurements right here. If you don't have time to use your measurements. I learned a trick from makeup woes. Which means make up for women of color on twitter the two-finger rule. Just make sure you put a line of sunscreen there and that will help you protect your face.

 Your ears your neck and I think a bit of your chest as well. I'm going to put in a description of some sunscreens that really help people of more melanated skin and the reason. Why I'm doing that is because people that have a fair skin tone. It's really easy for you to pick up any type of sunscreen you won't get really any type of cast however people that are more melanated like me and like many other people out there and especially people are watching this post. We tend to have an issue with sunscreen leaving a white coast on our face to wrap up. The first point makes sure you purchase sunscreen no matter. Your skin tone no matter your age and no matter what and make sure you're using the right amount also. Make sure you are applying it every two hours. If able to because if you are wearing makeup. It is much harder to do so so probably try and search for alternatives like um there are powder sunscreens. There are spray-on sunscreens etc the only time.

 I don't apply sunscreen is to go to beds because you don't need to be applying sunscreen to sleep it's not necessary. This one's gone you know what I'm to say but even .If you're indoors please make sure you're wearing sunscreen. Just to be extra cautious just to protect your skin. Okay, the second tip I have for you guys is stopped washing your face in the shower it just no stops it right now stop doing that okay one the temperature of the shower or the bath. Whatever you're doing. Wherever you are when buffing your skin the temperature is normally no hot. Like i don't know anyone that uses cold water .Like me personally I don't know anyone I use cold water .I don't think I just use boiling hot water it's not really recommended but that's. Just what I do so I can't lie to you I'll be using blazing hot water. If you'd be doing that too give this article a thumbs up.

 So that's what I'd be doing. So there's no reason why you should be using blazing hot water to wash your face. It's just a big no come out the bar first turn up the tap you know either before after you brush your teeth using a bit of lukewarm water splash. It with a bit of cold water and you're good to go my next point is over-exfoliation a lot of people are over-exfoliating without even knowing. So first things first if you're using spin brushes stop that as I've already said please stop using your hands. You don't need it it over exfoliates the bristles. It's just  it's more damaging to your skin than it is helpful it doesn't need that type of intense type of activity every day. If you want to exfoliate there are some things I'll link in the description bar like the dermalogica daily exfoliant. I think is what it's called the macro exfoliant that's a really good exfoliator that you could use there are many different exfoliants that you can use that are much better for your skin. If you want to use a physical exfoliate another thing as well is people are now also using like chemical exfoliators.

 Like you know the glove tonics the has added all of that let me explain to you when I first found out about the ordinaries you know that red bull. I don't remember the name of it I'll put on the screen right here a lot of youtube videos. Were centered around using it every day and seeing results like crazy results. It is very damaging for your skin to be using such potent ingredients on your skin. Everyday chemical exfoliate that I really like to use is the Pixi glow tonic I love that. It's so easy on the skin but it really does exfoliation it does its job right but doesn't be using that every day. You don't want to be using an exfoliate every day exfoliating every day. Just makes your skin really thin and that's not good you don't want your skin to be thin. I would recommend a maximum of three days a week if you want to exfoliate. I use the glow tonic like maximum three times a week and then the rest of the day's hydration that's. It nothing else hydration okay because you know.

 Sometimes it's gonna do if it does feel a bit more congested and you want to be doing this and that so that's cool but you don't need to be exceeding more than three days. Just give a little bit for it okay it doesn't need to be exfoliated everyday facts going on to my fourth point. I would recommend everyone use tissue or paper towels to dry off your face the reason. Why I would say this is because using a face towel or face cloth carries a lot of bacteria a lot of people don't change. Every day they just use the same one you know thinking like it's all that deep. I  just like my face is clean so if I'm drying off my clean face there should be no problem. But no bacteria can live post up into that it just causes a lot of .You know cross-contamination can happen. You don't you just want to eliminate that especially .If you're going through you know acne. If you're going through like any type of skin issue you want to eliminate that problem what I did starting from like. I think a year and a half ago and haven't stopped ever since it has really benefited me.

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