A HUGE Plus Size Boohoo Haul Mixed Thoughts

Drink your water or squash is fine. Hello, guys girls my non-binary pals how are you. How are you on this fine day? It's beautiful and sunny outside. It's 10 degrees but the sun is there. I've been shopping as you can see. I have been shopping and today. I have a boohoo haul for you today. I don't want to faff around too much. I'm going to get straight on into it. I will plug myself now go follow me there. Because you should be following me there. Okay, so I'm gonna get right into it. I'm just gonna open everything now and i will film the try on separately.

 So I will be back with you momentarily okay hello guys. I'm back I'm dressed I'll give you a moment to appreciate I'm .Im boiling soI need a drink wow okay good haul. I'm going to take you through what I've got let me get my phone for my notes and. We will go through it together okay so the first one. I wore and I've taken the tags off on this already even though it doesn't quite fit. But I love it it's something that I will probably tuck int jeans anyway um oh this is going to take a lot to unfold what. I'll do is I'll insert a clip in separately okay this. So this is the plus wrap short sleeve bodysuit and. I'll insert a clip and I will link everything below um. But this came in a size 22 and it was nine pounds and you'll see that it. It does fit me like great but for me and bodysuits. We have a problem, okay they never go up at the bottom. Which is fine I always tuck it into something um. But yeah I guess it would be nice to have one maybe soon that would actually fit um.

 I'm really happy with that it is a bit booby but you know I've got a lot of room you've got these nice flowy sleeves on it you know let the armpit hair breathe ladies. Okay, don't come for me for that okay it's personal choice respect it darling. So I'm gonna adjust you here because this is a bit crazy. Okay, that's better okay the next piece I got I it's the plus basic long sleeve v-neck bodysuit and it was again a size 22. But it was quite tight on m and actually. It's quite a plunge as well so that's a very poppy very movie and again. It doesn't go up at the bottom lik here. I am right does not go up at all um. But historically it's not like a problem with boohoo it's just something bodysuits tend to not fit me which is weird um so there's that I yeah. If I mentioned it's black I got it in size 22. It's black obviously and it was 11 pounds 25. So yeah I'm gonna keep that as well because again. I'm just gonna tuck it into something as you do with bodysuits. I yeah I like that one you can style it with a skirt like later on, you'll see that. I've got a black skirt in the hall and that would go well together you know kind of a witchy vibes outfit. But yeah I really like that next one. I  got it was the plus asymmetric snake print long sleeve bodysuit now compared to the other ones. I'll insert a clip obviously and I'm going to stop saying that because. I've explained it enough this is a cute off the shoulder moment sort of thing and actually, this is very roomy very stretchy um doesn't.

 It does okay it does go up at the bottom. But I'd b cutting myself in half if. I just walked around like that plus it was quite tight. When I tied it up at the bottom and I just wanted. How do you want my curves to be shown you know yeah? I had to um unhook it but not a big deal this is really really cute and I don't have many snake print things. So that'd be a nice addition to my wardrobe. So I'm keeping this next one what has. I  got what has I got what did I try on it, oh yeah it was the congrats hun top plus congrats Hans's slogan t-shirt. Which were five pounds, not bad size 22. the thing is me the thing is like it fits. But it's not as baggy as I wanted it to be. I would like to tie it up here um and that just. It was just too tight for that you know too tight um for my preference. You can tuck it in and that'll be fine. But I'm more of a like not tie kind of girl um. But yeah this is it and I've kept the tag on it. Because I'm yeah I'm gonna return it. I'm gonna return it the next one I got was the plus celestial sun and moon slogan t-shirt. Which was eight pounds is a size 22 note yourself and next time just. Just turn them all back the right way looks like this again kept the tag on. Because you can quite literally you'll see in the clip you can. You can see through it and actually compared to the black one this one is a lot more stretchy a lot more loosey-goosey um. But yeah I'm not keeping it. I like the print the thing is. If you couldn't see through it this would be. It for me I'd be keeping it. But I don't really want to wander around with a c3 shirt on you know what if. It rains oh I'll be. But yeah it's a shame. Because I really when I have seen this on the website. I really did like the print. I am a witchy vibes kind of girl. I'm into all that so yeah uh I'm sending it back.

 I'm sorry mate I'm sending it back all right next one is great. Okay, it's great to let's have a look it's the plus rib ruffle bardo crop top which was 15 pounds and it's a size 22 and did not disappoint. Who says fat girls can't wear crop tops and this is my biggest flaw. I'm too lazy to turn the shirts the right way. They're all inside out mate looks like this you know. It's kind of like yeah it's off the shoulder definitely this ties up. So you'll see in the clip but when you untie it. It sort of gives it something extra you know and this is a really good material really good very ribbed see if. It wants to focus I don't know if you can see that but. It's very ribbed it's um stretchy but it's still quiet. It's a sturdy material sturdy. Which I  like and I've never been to. So in love with a crop top never really really love this you know. When you just get that one thing that you know you're gonna take. Some fire ass pics in that's this for me thank you boohoo. Okay, the next thing I got was the plus ditsy floral ruffle bard skater dress wow that was a lot to say and again. She's got it inside out but this is I know summer's over. Okay, I know it's dead, and gone the sun is out today. But it is 10 degrees and actually, you know what it's disappearing as. We speak that's British weather for you. But this will be good for next summer and this was very cheap. It's very very stretchy look at that that could fit two o  Me in there straight oh. I hope I haven't just broken that anyway it's very stretchy. It's a very cute pattern it's got little um white orange and blue little flowers all over it. How much did I pay for this 11 pounds and it was a size 22? So it's not bad and actually. I  hardly ever wear dresses because you see pretty little things and all that. I find it really hard to find a dress that sits on my waist. But then flares out which is fine because this is like a skater-ish type skirt on the bottom and it's a perfect length. You find on like boohoo plt like very short dresses and that's. Just not my vibe not what I want to go for this is the perfect summer dress for me and actually, the color goes really well with my skin. It's just amazing. So I'm really happy with this very very happy. So okay on to the last two things now in this haul I did want to get a pair of jeans. But I didn't find any I like so some of these. I've modeled for these jeans which are from Asos these mum jeans um. I'm not a skinny jean girl I definitely am a mum jean girl. I used to be a skinny jean girl but these jeans are. So kind of flat around on me. So I didn't get any jeans in this haul. But I did get a skirt which I wanted for work um let me. Just go get it I haven't taken the tag office yes yet but I am keeping it's just this kind of skater skirt it comes up mid-waist I'll insert a clip um how much do. I pay for this it's the plus box pleat skater skirt. Which was 10 pounds and it's a size 22 for 10 pounds this material is very. Who wants to be texting me this material is very very good quality. I'm very very impressed with this could be a work thing and this could be. You know you can dress it up dress it down. I'm very happy with this very very very happy .I.m keeping that and the last thing I've got it what. I'm wearing here this the sleeves the color the off-shoulder is everything I wanted to be and actually. If you didn't want it off-shoulder you could jus and it's just as cute this is the plus bardo floral organza top and it's 15 pounds and it's a size 22 and I have seen this on the boohoo website for ages. Okay, ages and I finally got it and I am not in the least bit disappointed at all. I don't know why I didn't get this all those months ago like. But I haven't now and this is a this is an outfit.

 Okay, what am I gonna wear this too though I've hardly been going out? But I'm gonna wear it somewhere I'm wearing it in my own house. I'm wearing it at the supermarket. So o final thoughts are I'm very happy um. There's two yeah there's literally two things. I'm sending back and that's it the thing. I'm going to grope the most about isis 2020 can. We have a bodysuit that lik fits around the belly, please. I would love that um but yeah it's not a deal-breaker but all those thin girls out there. They can get a bodysuit that fits. So if they can then so can we boohoo and all the other places out there that don't fit fat girl long torso girl bodysuits. But yeah apart from that very happy. I'm definitely gonna shop there. I've shopped there before I've shopped there now. I'll shop there again it's great.

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