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I'll be breaking down this portable podcast setup on wheels. So you can whip it out when you plan on shooting and then park it away when you're done let's go you got to just press record hey what is up I'm Omar Tacori with think media helping you build your influence with online video and on this channel sometimes we talk about cameras other times we talk about podcasting gear just like this one. So if you're new here consider subscribing it's my genuine belief that every content creator should consider starting a podcast and or a video podcast.

Because I think one of the hardest parts of creating content in the editing process and there's just something about a podcast. That is very minimal when it comes to editing as well as being able to capture different audiences for based off of people who like listening to content and also people. Who actually likes watching content and really is one of the best ways to kill two birds with one stone. When it comes to content creation because of that reason. Now, as far as this video goes the quality that you're listening to is based on this exact setup obviously however be sure to check out the description below because I'll post alternatives um to other price points based off of whatever budget.

You're in when making a setup like this so the first thing I recommend is getting a desk with wheels I got this one on Amazon for about a hundred dollars. The next you're gonna want a boom arm with clamps your microphones xlr cables cloud lifters because these mics actually require it a zoom recorder a power strip with a long extension cord earphones to monitor your audio command strips and a cable management kit to keep all your cords clean and tidy. Now before I get into setting this all up smash that like button if you're ready to see it now let's get into the setup so the first thing to install is the blue compass mic boom arms and I would say the only Another option would either be like a desk stand or the rode psa1.

Which is a little more of that exposed look where you can see the spring and the arms and stuff like that um and they're very close in price so, really at this point, it just becomes a preference but i am using the blue compass boom arm now because the desk is on the thinner side. I had to actually put a little bit of cardboard for where the clamp meets the desk to get more of a snug fit. I'll probably look for a little piece of wood later on but for now the cardboard from the box actually worked next i screwed on the sm7b mics from shore and I love this mic although the price point is pretty high at around 400 dollars.

They deliver a super high-quality sound as you can hear right now and but if you're looking for an alternative mic solution. I would suggest going for either the rode pod mic or the shore sm58 those are both great mics at around 100 instead of 400 and give a great quality sound as well, what's also cool about those two mics. That I just mentioned is they don't need a cloud lifter and so you're really saving a lot of money by going at one of those two options once the mics are screwed on I then ran the first xl cable from the mic uh through the boom arm and one cool feature about this arm is how it cinches the cords inside the arm itself. So they're out of sight which again is why I selected this arm is because it just looks really really clean and maybe you're watching this and wondering why does it even matter that the cable management is nice and clean.

That's a good reason why I actually chose this because you're watching a video and otherwise another kind of boom arm would actually, expose the wire and you know I'd have to use like velcro or something like that to keep it cinched up. But that's why you want it to look good even though it's a mic stand just thinking about how it's going to translate over to the video we really are pushing video podcasting here at thinking media because it's just one of the best ways to create content for a lot of reasons. I said earlier in this video but we actually have a video podcast if you didn't know about it, it's called think marketing. You can subscribe to it on youtube or wherever you listen to your podcast uh you can subscribe to the show as well just search think marketing and we go a lot deeper when it comes to building your influence and business using online video and maybe where think media is a little bit more gear focused uh think marketing is a little bit more on the strategy side.

 So really a youtube channel or a podcast you need to subscribe to right now stop the video real quick go in the description click on think marketing and subscribe alright. So once you did that I do want to point you to our video podcasting playlist that you can just bookmark or something we'll put on the youtube card and in the description as well but uh our video podcasting playlist will break down various kinds of ways. You can actually get your video podcast done it doesn't have to be done like this. This is just a way but definitely check out that playlist to learn a lot more about video podcasting and now continuing on the setup.

 I use command strips to mount the cloud lifters underneath the desk so it's nice and tucked away and then from the cloud lifter, I use another xlr cable and go into the zoom h6n recorder. That I use I love this recorder because it can be USB powered and you don't have to rely on batteries. I also love that it has analog dials so you can change your audio gain on the fly phantom power it has everything you actually need. When it comes to audio recorders or even audio interfaces and so this is where the power strip comes into play and so I also use command strips to mount. This power strip that I got from ikea has a really long cable and I love that it's white so it's super clean if it has to be in a shot but nonetheless.

Now, this desk could be fully powered by just plugging into a wall and if I need to power up a laptop on here or maybe my phone I can do that by simply plugging into the desk itself. I'm also actually plugging in my hair light right now into the desk and so uh with the short cable I don't need to run more cables I can just plug right into the desk super sick setup just a nice little plug whether you do this or not. Now we're almost done building out the setup but I really wanted to tell you about is just a cool place. That you can get a lot of things done that maybe you don't know how to do or you don't wanna spend the time to do it. So maybe it's like a youtube bumper maybe it's your thirds that come up on the screen like your social media handle or you can use Fiverr like I did in this video and have your podcast edited and so I actually took the audio from this recording right here.

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