This article could really change your whole vibe how do you do a makeup look. But then create magnetism and mystique. How do you create an undercurrent in your style that draws people into your feminine energy.? I'm so excited to explore the idea and the concept of the feminine essence. This is a level up once you've tried all the makeup. Looks and all the shirts all the jeans. But you want more magnetism and you haven't quite found your confidence or your groove. This post  is for you welcome to Angel essence and welcome to the world of womanly. If you enjoy this video give it a thumbs up.  If you don't give it a thumbs down think of essence as well rather than taking inspiration from celebrities outfit for example.

 You're taking inspiration from ancient feminine energies. And they all have different makeup and hair and even physicalities But most important each of these essences has something to teach us and inspire us as women to feel really confident. Bow the difference between just doing an angelic makeup look and verses in essence we're gonna embody. More than just the makeup or hair we're going to combine poise makeup hair and demeanor. So that our Beauty can be sensed beyond just the eyes. It's kind of like a nice way of saying there are things. You can do that would really ruin this look. I don't care how nice something looks the thing with the essence is that. We're creating follow through so if you look really nice. But you treat people poorly that's not really going to make you look or feel more beautiful.

 So the first thing that can really ruin this essence is sarcasm o sarcasm is really. Just anger masked with humor and this is not going to work the angel is honest and gentle. But has a lot of boundaries when she feels angry.S he's honest about that and that's something that allows her to have a lot more love in her heart now naturally gentleness wasn't really something that. I thought would belong to me. Because I've had a lot of defensiveness in my nature and I always thought. It was part of my personality. But as I started to look at boundaries and creating more of them taking care of my needs and asking myself what is important to me at this moment. I've been able to start resolving some of my negative feelings. Now I'm able to come back to a place of peace and happiness and one of my favorite things to do. When I feel really negative is just to take a shower it helps cleanse. You spiritually as well as physically second thing that doesn't fit 

 This essence is sloppiness this could be your behavior. But also just stains on your shirt or wrinkles in your clothes you want to be effortless and ethereal and these things. Don't belong and perhaps most important of all crude fashion anything that's like too tight too low or has something that. Just looks a bit like too much it just doesn't work now stay tuned for the post.B because we're going to start with hands right now but. We're going to take this a little further and move into poise and demeanor after the skincare portion. So the first important thing is the nails. But also grace in the touch meaning movement as well. If you're not careful it's likely that you go and grab for things really aggressively in harsh but try and practice using your hands in a more gentle and flowing way. This takes time to learn and it doesn't have to be mechanical. But it really pairs beautifully with a nice manicure now most importantly for this essence. The nails are clean even if the nails just have a clear topcoat they need to be clean and I use a little brush underneath my nails since. They're extra long it's important.

 There's nothing underneath and that they look fresh all the time and removing all of the hangnails around the edges of the nail is going to make the hands look manicured and well-taken care. this is really important because when you think about it an angel isn't really from the earth so the angel would really show any signs of earthly wear. Now I'm gonna be using a heer polish and I love this. Because you can't really make a mistake. It's so sheer and milky so it adds a little bit of something. But keeps it really natural and easy once your nails are dry add some hand cream. Because this is making them. So beautiful and lovely to touch. Now when you think about being more graceful and kind of using your hands more softly and lovingly The best way to practice this over time is to practice a sense-oriented touch the number one reason. It's difficult to act or move gracefully  Because we're out of touch with the senses and we're living. Only through the mind when you're applying body cream rather than spacing out start to connect with what your hands are touching and feel what your fingertips feel.T he will increase your sensuality as well as your feminine energy oh and thumbs up. If you're enjoying the video so far now for the hair. I'm going out of my comfort zone today freshly washed hair calls for fresh styling and instead of using a hot tool. I'm gonna embrace the natural texture. Now I  normally use a hot tool like a curling iron blow dryer straightener or maybe all three. So I definitely need a ton of hydration to try and bring back and revive. Some of my waves because I had a keratin treatment the curl pattern is completely straightened out. But when I apply enough mousse into the hair and I scrunch.

 I eventually start to get back the wave that I'm looking for. So once I see that happening. It's time to take the blow dryer and start diffusing isn't this one. So cool cuz normally use your hand to like scrunch and then use a blow-dryer beside your hand to keep the curls intact. While you blow-dry but this one does. It for you basically. So if you have curly hair this could be a really good blow-dryer tone. So here's our really seeing an essence choice versus a practical choice practically. I would look at this as though I don't normally like my hair natural. So I will wear it straight but instead, I'm really embodying the essence.  I'm trying to get the value that there is to be had by doing that and so that means. I really thought about what would an angel do and Angel would really appreciate it. it Those around her and herself. She would really appreciate her natural beauty and that's what we're gonna be doing today. Now let's treat the skin gnashing my face is probably one of the best opportunities that I've found to connect the mind to the physical touch. Because you're touching your face and we have to do this every single day. I do this in the morning and evening. This is a good opportunity to really feel your fingers don't disconnect from the feeling. That's happening and think about other things really connect and get into your body. This can ease tension and make you feel less anxious and more at peace with everything that you have and who you are. It's very simple but really powerful now of course an angel has baby soft skin. A beautiful complexion and so the most important thing for this is to resurface the skin often. I'm using a glycolic acid mask and this is really good for sloughing off not with physical movement no exfoliation with the hands here. This is all about using chemicals that break the bond between old cells and new cells. So as you remove this might not notice the difference right away. But repeated every single week your skin will become soft and even in tone and acne-free Just like an angel now I'm gonna be using a vitamin C serum and this is going to brighten the complexion. I use this every single day underneath my daytime routine. This is perfect under a moisturizer. I love this moisturizer by the way this one is very affordable and really good. It's fragrance-free So it's very powerful and it actually gets the job done. I like the moisture that it gives me and I always use my knuckle to just scoop it out So that I don't get the bottle dirty, but I also don't get my underneath the nail area dirty and once.

This is rubbed into the skin gently I'm going to apply sunscreen. Which is totally clear by the way I love the sunscreen. So much it's mattifying and clear and I reply all of this all over including the eyelids around the mouth and anywhere that. I would want to preserve the skin from becoming dull or wrinkled to use a lip balm with.S some SPF to keep them nice and rosy your lips. I mean now before we get into doing the makeup. I'm going to let the skincare sit in and I'm going to show you angel posture regardless of. If you're trying to embody this essence. I really think it's important to learn specific feminine stances thumbs up. If you guys really want me to do a video all about this kind of thing.T his one is so timeless and classic and it looks good on everyone holding .Y our core firm lifts one leg and puts all the weight on the other bringing your knees over top of each other. This is the kind of beginner'sway to do a pose and it looks like a pose. But the more advanced way is to keep those knees together. But bring the feet side-by-side. Now you're going to drop your hip and this ultimately creates a very curvy looking figure and that's a really cool look in photos. But also when you're just standing in a room get used to moving in this position. So start moving your feet slowly use your hands gracefully and keep your core tight. So that you look very poised while you're doing. the more you practice the more natural. It appears just like Marilyn Monroe was well trained her incredible and it allows. You use it anytime you feel the need and you'll be surprised. How often you feel the need to use this. If you can develop ways to wear your body speaks even. When your mouth is shut you're going to find that you feel and look more feminine. Now let's get into the makeup the truth is that was So much harder on ourselves and when we look at our face most of the time. We see the things we don't like ultimately and the most important thing with this essence are imperfections aside is that. We're radiating gratitude and love for ourselves. So we're going to use that as the core of this look and we're not going to focus on altering or changing anything. We're gonna step into a loving attitude being really grateful to be alive and to have the face that you have in the features that you have to apply half of the amount of foundation. You normally would to the center of the face and stretch. It out towards the edges make sure that it looks seamless. Okay, so the angel technically doesn't really know about makeup trends or altering the face with highlight and contour. So all we're going to do is make a matching concealer color and use it around the darker parts of the eye and set. It all with a powder using a stippling brush and a soft mauve color.

This is really pretty for the cheeks I'm gonna blend. This until it's blurred at the high points of the cheeks and I put a little bit on my nose and my forehead as well and then topping. It with a highlighter and a little bit of spray to mist. It and make it more intense. This is also going to go underneath the brow bone and in the inner corner to make the eyes look like. They're glowing now if you can do it. I recommend trying this method to enhance your natural lash line this is really easy to do once you've practiced. But it could be a little tricky at first. I'm gonna curl the lashes and then apply. Some mascara and what's most important about this is that the mascara is done in a way that. It's not clumpy and it looks completely natural as those your real eyes or your real lashes. Now I'm gonna take these wispy ones and apply them as close to the lash line as possible. This is what really does take some practice but once you do it properly. It ends up looking like your lashes are naturally like that the makeup is. So fresh and this is the kind of makeup that looks really good when you make facial expressions it doesn't just look good in a picture. When you're still now when it comes to fashion. I don't think you need to go and buy any that looks particularly angelic look in your wardrobe for natural moving fabrics. They don't have to be white and look like that typical kind of angel costume. They could be colors that you find flattering. But as long as they have a natural movement to them cotton silk any kind of viscose or anything that is really movable or on the other hand, natural Cotton's are linens that look really organic. I love this little playsuit they take your measurements on this Etsy shop. They make the playsuit based on your measurements. I've always wanted to show you guys this 

Because I love it the only thing you really want to look out for is things that might seem angelic like. This baby blue dress it kind of looks that way. But it has a newspaper print all over it. Which kind of gives it a negative earthly tone and same with this little sweater. It's pink naturally not that I would normally pick this. But it's got negative wording on it. So anything that has negativity or anything with sparkles or sequins that looks overly unnatural and kind of gaudy. That's gonna kind of ruin the look to finish the look. I'm gonna add some vanilla-scented body oil this is gonna give. The skin hydration and a beautiful shine rub it in and then add. Some little joy pieces things that make you happy. When you catch itself like in the mirror little things that make you feel extra. Beautiful like little pair of earrings and for me, a little silk scarf tied around my head is one of my favorite things to do for this look. I hope your angels enjoyed this. I love you so much and I can't wait I am currently working on skin 101 and I'm also working on. How to dress better too so I was so excited.

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