Best Budget Lighting Kit for YouTube

So what is the best budget lighting kit for making YouTube videos in this video? I'm gonna be doing a quick review of this Studio Pro softbox kit to see if it lives up to the quality for the budget price coming up. Hey, what's up guys sean here with think media bring you the best tips and tools for building your influence with online video and on this channel. We do tips and strategy videos as well as tech gear reviews just like this one so, if you're new here consider subscribing, and hey at any point during the video check out show notes and links in the description below.

 I'll list out all of the gear that we use for this video as well as the specs of this lighting kit and anything else. I forgot let's jump into the review so one of the best ways to level up your video quality is to level up your lighting you know a lot of times people think. That they need to buy a new camera when a lot of times what they really should be investing in is lighting however sometimes lighting can be expensive like a lot of times the lighting kit. That we use here on think media comes in at around $500 so the question is is it possible to get really good lighting that gets you great results in your videos without breaking the bank and the good news is the answer is absolute yes and I really believe that.

That's proved by this lighting kit from Studio Pro now this particular lighting kit. Where you get these two softboxes everything you need a case comes in at 75 dollars here in the US right now and of course. You can check links in the description for the most current prices but that is pretty astounding as far as the number of dollars another question is it live up to the quality standards. Now the first thing to note is that this lighting kit is 850 watts and so it's actually a little bit brighter than some of the most budget kits on Amazon one of the first things you should be looking for when picking out a lighting kit does is does it have enough brightness for you and at 850 watts.

This kit has been working great as we've been shooting videos over here in the office and actually if you look at what the video looks like that we just shot off of this lighting kit again for $75 and compare it with this video clip from a $500 lighting kit. I would pretty much argue when we were comparing him that a lot of times you wouldn't be able to tell the difference like you can't really tell them apart and so you can really see that this lighting kit can produce some great results. So what is included in this kit well let's break it down the first thing is you get to 85-watt bulbs and again they're CFL bulbs.

This is nice because that means low power consumption they're not gonna blow breakers in your house or your office or wherever you shoot and they're also low heat. I've shot with a lot of older school lighting kits and they can make you sweat you know especially if you're maybe doing lifestyle or beauty videos. You don't want extra heat on your face these are great because they don't get hot at all. What's also nice is that these are rated to last up to five years. If you were using them four hours a day so basically you're probably not gonna be replacing the bulbs anytime soon. If ever depending on your usage additionally these bulbs are CRI 90.

Which is the color rendering index which simply means the higher the number the better. It'll reproduce color so this is important. if you just want good scuff skin tones but also if you were doing any kind of content where you want vibrant colors or maybe you're showing off color products. Especially Beauty or lifestyle and you want those colors to be reproduced on video accurately you want to make sure you get quality bulbs and again. That's why maybe you could find a few kits on Amazon that are cheaper but I would argue. That they're not as good right they're gonna compromise a lot of the parts and what's nice about this kit is that studio pro doesn't really compromise anything and then these softboxes of course come with these diffusers. That you can put on the front here and what's great about that is again it's very flattering for skin tones. You know this is the kit that we shoot with a lot of the time. It's these bicolor studio pro lights as well and I actually did a full video review of these will link it up on the YouTube card. If you want to see it I love the kit and it has a lot of pros to it but use it usually because it doesn't have a softbox.

That's got diffusers it's not quite as good on your skin and they actually make a softbox kit for that but then it takes it over five hundred dollars and so again when you use this with the diffusion you're getting a nice soft light. It's gonna remove harsh shadows and just give you a very pleasant lighting experience that will look great on video and then what I also love about this kit is it's really fast and easy to set up. So it comes with a couple stands that go up to seven-foot six inches and the build quality on those is great those set up really fast and then the softbox is just pop into place some of them require you to actually install the bars in them and it goes a little slow to assemble them.

 These just pop right in screw the bulb in and you're good to go literally in a matter of moments and then once it's all fired up or you can all you have to do is just flip the switch and the light is on and you're ready to shoot your videos and then finally included in the Box is a nice carrying case. That's padded so if you want to break the lighting kit down take it with you somewhere for a shoot you can absolutely do that and so as far as my final thoughts go I think that this Studio Pro 850-watt kit is absolutely one of the top contenders for the best budget lighting kits for creating any kind of videos and especially YouTube videos easy to set up dependable components well put together well-thought-out low heat you know has great results on video.

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