Best Cheap Mic for YouTube under $50 Diety V Lav Review

Does the audio in your video ever sound like you are far away or echoey kind of like this good chances are you are in the market to buy your first mic upgrade and I want to share a 50 upgrade. That will take your audio from sounding like this to this and what you're hearing is the deity v-lab a 50 mic that will always deliver great-sounding audio for your smartphone or camera and in this video.  I'll be breaking it down so you can know if this is the right mic for you let's get it you got to just press record.

Which is the mic that is built into the device you're using although this is okay for starting out 100. You can increase the experience of your watchers by simply giving them better audio with your video and I suggest upgrading your audio before anything else. Because smartphones shoot great with a window light but the onboard mic or the built-in mics to cameras and smartphones usually aren't the greatest and depending on the type of room or environment. You're shooting in you can get really bad audio and we like to say here at thinking media that 50 of the video is audio so with that being said this is the deity v-lab lapel mic.

It's a mic that you can clip right onto your shirt and plug straight into your smartphone or camera and just a quick note. If your smartphone does not have a 3.5-millimeter jack like what would be used for traditional headphones you want to buy the adapter for me. I have the iPhone lightning adapter but simply plugging that straight into my iPhone improves the audio a ton but with that being said let's do a few tests to see. How this mic works in various scenarios so this is a test of the onboard mic on my iPhone 11. If you're doing things outdoors maybe a real estate agent and you wanted to be like hey let's come inside. I'm turning around this way but obviously, you can't hear me and uh, and then this would be continuing on but let's see how this sounds.

Now using the deity for a situation like this all right now we got the deity hooked up and even though the camera is further away obviously the audio source is coming straight into the video and even as I turn around and I walk in here. You know you're having that constant audio and so if you need to show off stuff and things like that for your youtube videos. This might be the way to go all right and now we are on the canon m50 but this is the onboard mic. So if I were to have bought this camera take it out of the package. This is what it sounds like by just turning it on hitting record and if you have a stationary shot you know maybe you're doing cooking videos right.

Now I'm in the kitchen uh then this is how it would sound like with no external audio solution but now let's see how it sounds. When I plug in the 50 deities all right I got the deity v-lab mic now hooked up to the camera and clipped onto my shirt and I think this sounds a lot better than the onboard mic of the canon m50 let me know. What you think in the comments below is this uh fifty dollars worth of sounding better in my opinion. I think it is I watch a lot of people on youtube who are just using the onboard mics for the devices. They're using and uh it's usually very echoey or they sound very far away but this is a great way to kind of bring the audio right into the camera and again let me know what you think in the comments below.

Now I want to show you how you can use two of these mics to actually record interviews whether you're using your smartphone or camera but if you're getting value in this video let me know by hitting that like button for me and also question for you is let me know what you think about those tests uh do you think that is a worth 50 upgrade. I think so because being further away from the camera can definitely be distracting and take away from the content that's being delivered but let me know down in the description below what you think of this mic and be sure to check out the link to this mic down in the description. If you want to see a couple more features and things about it but if you do do do do on-camera interviews you can get two of these mics and then get a very cheap splitter.

Which I'll put linked in the description as well and then plug that into your camera or smartphone and then what it'll do is actually put each mic source on two different sides the left side and the right side and this is a cool way of conducting an interview with a very simple minimal and budget setup. So definitely look into potentially buying two of these with that splitter. If you want to do interviews and things like that now that we got some tests and things out of the way. I do want to talk about the mic itself uh this mic has a five-meter cable. Which I think is great for versatility and because it's not a wireless mic it makes it reliable and I think it's really important to post that your mics are reliable but getting a mic with a wireless feature is definitely something.

You want to invest in because if it's wireless and it's cheap you're going to get some inconsistencies. When it comes to maybe interference and things like that but because this is wired. It's going to be trustworthy I actually roll this with me in my backpack. Everywhere I go even though we do use a lot of times wireless solutions for interviews on other things like video influencer videos or even interview videos. We do here at think is just to have a mic like this in the kit because if something fails this won't and so that's one thing I love about it is the super long cord for sure another cool thing about this mic is they have a really long battery life they use two lr41 batteries but a little fun fact about it is that the battery power is only used.

When the lab is determining how to adapt to the microphone input you're plugged into so after you plug in the mic into your camera or your smartphone it's actually going to use the power from those devices to power up the mic, therefore, making these batteries last a really really long time. Now as far as what comes in the package when you buy this mic you obviously get the mic itself and it's like bare bones you get a strap to keep the cords kind of coiled up when you wrap it up you get a foam to put on top of the lav you also have it there's a fur that can go on top of this you know. If you're shooting in the wind it'll protect that and then you actually get a carrying pouch that you can put this in and then put that pouch in something for me. I just wrap up the cords and use the velcro strap to kind of keep it clean but nonetheless, all those things are great extras for buying this at fifty dollars.

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