Brigitte Bardot's Iconic Bun Hair Tutorial

Who is ready for some more vision further hair tutorials you guys know the fifties and early sixties beautiful dough is my absolute style icon. I adore her hair I love her clothing and you guys really seem to enjoy my projector dog hairstyles as well so today I wanted to highlight a particular hairstyle. That she wears a lot in her old photographs and that is this messy fluffy really airy type of bun. Which I personally think is so gorgeous so iconic attainable as well I guess because the beautiful thing about these hairstyles is that they are so easy to achieve,

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Because to get the perfect messy look matter of fact casual hairstyle the best way is to just actually do your hair that way so for the base. I have curled my hair obviously I used red curls to do this so I just rolled my hair up in four strips of fabric. This time I did one curler on top one on the bottom on this side the same thing on the other side. So I had four curlers in my hair did that overnight and I used some setting lotion to set my curls and nowhere is my results and I really like this.

Because it's mostly straight up top and mostly curly on the bottom and that is a type of hairstyle that you can often see Richie wearing as well in her old photos. So I am going to just quickly brush this through I don't want to do that too much but I want to be able to work with this and kind of loosen up the curls a little bit and now the next the thing that is super important for anybody for doing hairstyle but also these updos of course are to get a lot of volume into the hair and mostly around the roots so backcombing is your best friend in this case and I'm definitely gonna do a lot of that so I'm gonna start actually in the front here and just start slowly backcombing my hair.

Now, most of her updos, or at least the earlier ones I'm not a huge fan of her kind of mid to late 60s hairstyles but I love the earlier ones and those are mostly done with a sensor parting. So I'm going to keep a center parting in my hair as well and that is why I am going to backcomb kind of um diagonal sections going straight back from my bangs. I'm just making my way down and I'm gonna be backcombing quite a lot because most of this disappears when you smooth it over anyway. So I'm gonna do that both sides okay and then the same thing at the back here this section on my crown gonna. Just so I quickly back on that as well and then don't be afraid to do some kind of big strokes of backcombing throughout the body of the hair as well so you could just take a section and then kind of do this give some volume to the hair all right.

So this is a pretty good base to work with I forgot to mention but of course. If overnight curls aren't your preferred method of curling your hair then you can just use a curling iron use a kind of small to medium size and just make some waves in your hair as long as your hair has a little bit of texture can even be natural. Then you're good to go but I would advise you to do something because it'll be easier to do the bun that way anyway I'm gonna just smooth over the top of my hair very gently with my comb. So that the top is at least a little bit shiny and not just pure frizz okay. next up we're going to build the bun and to do this I'm going to start just very simply and again we want to let a lot of this just happen as it happens.

You won't get the same hairstyle twice but when you look at her photos her bones are always a little bit different. So I am basically just going to grab all of my hair and pull it up like. That so it's kind of swept up from the back and slightly from the sides but the top is still in a center part. So I'm gonna leave it like that not mess with it too much and just tie it into a ponytail quite high up on my head right around my crown. There we go so straight away I am going to take some hair from the front side here right in front of my ears and I'm just gonna pull that out because that is definitely a part of her signature look. Just these two front curls and if your hair is not curly over here then you may want to go back in with a curling iron and just curl that really quickly.

 That's quite an important part of the style and the same thing in the back here just pull out some curls along the bottom of your ponytail but once you have that we're gonna do another kind of hairstyling by chance type of thing. I'm gonna just push this hair up kind of onto the elastic-like that I literally just pushed it up with my hand and I'm going to take some good bobby pins. Now and try to secure this exactly the way I'm holding it so I'm just going to stick in bobby pins. Wherever I feel like the hair is thicker or wherever I feel like there is an end that could use some securing. So make sure it stays up but try not to over pin this you definitely still want it to look light and airy and messy and you will lose. That look if you use too many bobby pins to secure.

This so once everything is up you can take a second mirror. Which is something I always like to do and just check what it looks like from the back. I'm quite happy with it um I do think this hair is a bit too much I don't need that much. So I'm just going to pin that up okay. I'm just going to go back and talk at the sides of this bun a little bit because I feel like my ponytail is maybe a bit too tight still again. We want to have a lot of air in the hair that is very typical also of Virginia hairstyles. There's a lot of kind of air in them so to achieve. That you want to just you know create a bit of room between your hair and your scalp so for the bangs. I'm going to try and slightly at least split those comb them to the sides to create a bit of a curtain bang-ish effect. Now if you like something that Regina does which I personally really like is to add some hair accessories so she sometimes used to wear flowers in her hair or ribbons or headbands bows.

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