Now as always I'm beginning with a primer and I'm just priming my face with some Kiehl's ultra facial cream. This is just going to help your makeup stick on your face better and it's going to moisturize your skin. Next, I'm taking a brown contour shade this is a brown eyeshadow color. It's like the same consistency as an eyeshadow and I'm going to start carving out in my cheeks a little bit dramatic you can use a foundation and you can apply a cream foundation with your brush but I choose to use a powder either one work beautiful and if you're starting out with this I do recommend using a cream or a foundation.

Because it's going to be a lot easier to blend if you're having trouble finding your natural cheekbone. I would suck in your face just like a fish and you will see where the line of your cheekbone is and if you are having trouble finding your cheekbones that probably means that they're not as prominent on your face naturally so I would not extend the contour all the way down too close to the mouth. I would keep it just about an inch and a half to two inches down your cheekbone because it's going to look a little bit more obvious. If you fully drew cheekbones that are not naturally there if that makes sense. So I wouldn't recommend doing that but you can still do the contour as dramatic as you want on your forehead and your chin and the reason you do it on your forehead is just to give yourself a little bit more dimension to the face and if you have sort of a bigger forehead and you want it to appear a little bit shorter or smaller contouring the top and the sides is really going to draw it in and it's going to make.

Your forehead appears smaller so that's definitely something. That's good if you, you know if you want your forehead to look a little bit smaller otherwise it just looks good and it just gives your face a little bit of dimension and if you have a big chin this goes the same way for the chin in terms of contouring. If you contour your jawline that's going to bring your chin sort of in and it's going to make it look like you have less of a double chin. If you have one and the same thing with your chin. If you contour just the tip of your chin it's going to make your chin look shorter so these are really good tricks. If you want to sort of creating an illusion okay. Now it's time for concealer and I'm using a damp Beauty Blender.

This is going to help your sponge-like not eat up your product. If it's damp and I'm using a concealer that I love this is two-faced absolutely flawless concealer. This is pretty high coverage this is sort of like a medium to high coverage and it's far lighter than my skin which is perfect because it's going to give a really dramatic look because it is a white casted sort of shade right now for my skin. I am using a banana powder with this so I'm going to sort of like neutralize the tone in a bit. So I'm going to conceal pretty dramatically underneath my eyes all the way up to my hairline and then in the middle of my forehead and then obviously the other under-eye and I'm going to do my chin as well as my upper lip and just below the contour that we did on our cheeks.

 So it's a whole lot of concealing and it looks really really beautiful. When it's done while I did leave my contouring shade my dark brown shade I left it rather unblended I do blend the concealer in pretty well as I'm applying it and because that's because I'm not going to go in with a brush later. I'm just using my Beauty Blender and that as you know if you ever use one it blends products beautifully so I sort of blend the concealer in and I leave the contour unblended and then I'll work with the contour after I'm done okay. Before I powder my face I want to show you girls something this is a light translucent quote-unquote powder and this is just like any HD translucent powder. It's going to set on your skin and it's going to look close to clear and then I'm going to show you at Ben Nye banana powder.

Which is rather pigmented and this is a yellow powder and this looks totally like skin and I wanted to show you because even you can see on my hand the white one is like highlighted right now is not necessarily a good way and the banana powder one is very pigmented and it's very light as well but it's a yellow tone. So it's going to look way more natural on your skin. I'm going to apply that and I hope that you girls see the difference I really recommend this powder it is one of my favorites. Now after I purchased it and I know it's Kim's absolute must-have which is why I bought it of course. So it's very subtle and I put this over a white sort of concealer and you can see that it's seen my skin way more neutralized in tone it's still so bright and it's like a pure white highlight but it's got a natural skin finish to it and it gives your face such a flawless soft look.

I don't know if you girls can see but if you put this hit video in HD you probably can it's so soft on your skin and my skin is just like popping out at you after I put this bit of powder on like this banana powder is everything right now okay. I just patted my face and one of the things I always do is like reapply my mascara because if you've ever noticed sometimes like gets on your lashes after you've done your eye makeup and I don't want like powder on my lashes. So I discipline a little bit more mascara and then I'm going to move on to my eyebrows. I'm taking a Maybelline cover stick and this is in the color ivory and a Mac net 195 brush going to highlight underneath my brow bone and above my brow bone and this is going to make your eyebrows stand out and then I'm going to do the other one and I don't worry too much if the white gets on top.

Where my contour is my dark contour because I'm going to be blending that contour out and it just creates like a more natural highlight above the brow but it's not too obvious once everything's blended out okay. Now it's time to blend everything out and I was in New York as well as filming this video. I was so sad I did not have my brush for blending out contour. Which really really sucked well I'm trying to blend out this contour it just doesn't really want to happen and what I would normally use. I'll insert a picture is this brush by NARS it's a bow tan brush and it's a beautiful beautiful brush. It's made of goat hair and it's so stiff it's just perfect for blending and contouring well not contrary but blending out your contour.

It's so beautiful so I had to use the stupid brush that I brought with me and I don't know why I didn't bring the other one but anyways. You'll see I do get the job done I would totally recommend using a very firm brush for blending out your contour and if you don't have a firm brush. Then I recommend using a cream foundation because the cream foundation will blend with you know a stippling brush. I blend with absolutely anything so I recommend that if you don't have the tools to blend out some powder.

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