Cutting My Bangs

I talked about how my hair looked throughout my life. I at the end mentioned that I was thinking about getting some bangs. I have had bangs several times throughout my life in the past and I've always really liked them. I've had the current haircut that I have now for five years approximately and I am ready for a change. I want something new and fresh and I think bangs would look really cute for ultimate winter as something a little bit different okay.

 I'm actually getting really nervous right now I was completely fine before this I mean it's not even a big deal. I'm just cutting my hair I mean I've done this so many times before but on the other hand. It's kind of like becoming a big deal. I've made like a blog post and that article the poll and everything. Which by the way, I've never seen a pole been this 50/50 in my life before from the moment it went live it was like 5050 with the bounds like tipping to one side or the other every now and then but pretty much half of you think.

I should do with the other half think I shouldn't yeah but I am pretty sure I'm ready for it. I'm just gonna do it I made a blog post on loop sealer called my blog. Where I kind of shared a couple of best photos of my hair inspiration. I am NOT going for blonde bangs. I want those kinds of PC wispy see-through bangs. I used well my main inspiration kind of is Selena Gomez with her bangs she looks awesome in them and she has a round face as well so if they look good on her and thinking. Maybe they look at me as well I'm just I want something new I want something different, I think bangs are gonna look cute with the hats. I need to stop talking and just do it when I was researching kind of like how to cut my own bangs into that style.

 I found out that this is a huge trend in Korea so I watched a bunch of Korean videos well, let me just adjust this a little bit. I watched a bunch of Korean videos of ladies like doing this sit around her it looks super simple super not invasive like. I mean you're cutting so little hair off so I think that's what I'm going to try so first off I'm going to separate my hair into a good perfect center parting here like that and then I am going to separate out a quite small triangle in the front here clip the rest away for now same thing on the other side trying to get this. Even here it's harder than it looks guys it's harder then it looks this should pretty much be it as far as the actual fringe or bangs go.

Why am I so nervous about this I don't know I don't know wait my triangles uneven. So I'm going to cut this and then I'm gonna take just a tad more on the side and make some kind of like framing bits. So that it looks cute. When my hair is up as well oh my gosh. I'm so nervous I've been thinking about this since like May and this is the first time. I'm actually getting nervous oh my gosh okay it's time for a change guys it's time for a change okay. I'm gonna cut it way too long at first okay it's only this much hair like I mean what's this even about this is nothing. I can cut this off without any emotion right okay let's start a chin-length oh my god.

There's no way back all right it's gone why don't you even going in steps. I don't know I'm just I'm so nervous I need to post like an Instagram story. I think now I'm just gonna keep cutting tiny pieces off until it gets to a length. Where I feel like it's gonna look good or something that seems like a good way to go about this I have a feeling I'm gonna look 12 in these longer than I am how many of you are aware of the fact. I am 23 yeah that's gonna get a lot worse every single time I try to buy a drink. Now my cross-eyed I'm pretty sure I'm cross-eyed I have a how-to cut your own bangs video from like way way way back and I'm cross-eyed in like the whole thing okay. I am loving this so far love the way this looks still so nervous my hands are shaking. It's not a good thing just a little bit more and then I'm gonna talk I do like this length but if I leave it at this I'm gonna need to recut it in like a week how should I go just a little bit more maybe I'm so jittery cuz I just had a much a lot a too much energy hair.

Everywhere okay I think I'm just gonna take the center now and make that a little bit shorter still. I'm like just this part this is where I start improvising by the way I mean I'm pretty much just winging the whole thing anyway that's my style you guys know me. I really like this length but it's going to annoy me so much. If I leave it like this alright so it's time to make my face-framing kind of pieces. So I need to make this triangle a little bit larger look too much see how nervous. I am I'm still harvest okay. So I'm gonna make my face-framing fees. I just need to kind of start right here and then go down like that this is it guys I cut my bangs oh my gosh I am really excited though I love the way this looks and how hard is it gonna be to hide y'all right there pretty short.

But I mean I think in a couple of weeks even months definitely this shouldn't be a problem to hide. This if I decide to grow them out right away cuz I have to say for now I am allowing this and I cannot see myself getting rid of these anytime soon yes but who knows maybe I'll change my opinion. So far loving it I really really like this how does it look with like an up to. Oh yeah, that is really cute oh I love this yes okay. So I'm gonna end here guys. I Wow I cannot believe we just did yeah I'm gonna end the video and just kind of like sit here in shock.

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