DIY Blackhead Removal Get rid of blackheads with a toothbrush

Hi everyone welcomes my channel today. I'm going to be showing you how to remove your blackheads at home. This is really cheap and easy to do. So I hope you guys enjoy it first. I'm taking a warm washcloth and I'm pressing. This over the areas where I have blackheads. Which are my cheeks and my nose my skin is already clean. So by pressing the warm washcloth against my pores. I t's going to open them up and make extraction really easy to begin the removal of the blackheads. I'm going to prepare a mask and this is a really simple three-ingredient


 It works really well to loosen and lift everything from your nose. Once you hav your ingredients mixed together. You can apply it really gently onto your nose and any areas. Where you have blackheads. I'm going to apply this quickly and then I'm going to quickly grab my toothbrush. Which is already damp and it's only for skincare so don't worry. I'm using this to make small circular motions all over the area. Where I've applied the mask once. You've gone over the area with your toothbrush. No more than twice make sure that you wipe. It off with a warm washcloth because we want to keep these pores open and cold water will close them.

I always cleanse my skin before I start this process. So I want to make sure that I use a really gentle cleanser to wash away any of the toothpaste. I'm going to make sure my pores are open. So I'm pressing more of that warm washcloth on my skin. Then I'm going to take th towel with both of my fingers inside and start pressing. This thing together t extracts the blackheads they come right out, especially after this mask. It's really really really easy for me and I can easily use my nail. Just to scratc some of them off I want to show you guys what. It looks like these are the little things that come out of my nose a lot of them are washed away with the mask. But this is what it ends up looking like and that you can see there's a lot. So really hope you guys try this you. Because it's very effective after all of that extraction and cleansing you want to make sure that you replenish your skin. So use a lightweight moisturizer and that is the final step. If you enjoyed this post and you want to see the tutorial on. How to take care of your skin from start to finish give this post a thumbs up.If you want to see my personal routine comment below and let me know. I'd love to do that for you guys I'll see you really really soon I love you bye.

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