EYEBROW Hacks Eyebrow Do's and Don'ts

I'm going to show you a daily routine. I think the most asked question is like. How do you do your eyebrows? I haven't done one in like nine months. So here's an updated brow 18 and I'm also going to show you. Some steps which I would personally and not do. So the first step I always do I don't always show. This on my You website. But I really like to use some foundation or concealer on top of my eyebrow. Because I do have some redness on the skin underneath my brow hairs and this way everything will be like neutralized. I have a nice base for my eyebrow products on the other side of my eye. I'm not going to do this because this is the side that. I'm going to show you everything. I will personally not do on my eyebrows than on my good side.

I'm going to brush to my eyebrow hairs just to make sure that everything stands in place. Then I'm going to use this brow pencil from the balm cosmetics. I will link all the products that are use in this video in the description bar. Just in case you're curious what the names are and I'm going to very light hand. It create a soft line and then at the beginning of my eyebrow. I want this to be as soft as possible. So what I like not to do is to like start at the beginning of my brow and press too hard. I don't want this line to be very harsh basically . Because I feel like it makes it harder to blend out and it's just really bold . You can see like the comparison. Then I'm going to softly brush my hairs upwards with this pencil and this way . It will apply like very softly and light hand it. I want it to look just really soft I feel like. I'm repeating myself. But I I hope you know what. I mean I don't want this to be like a tattoo eyebrow. I just wanted to look as natural as possible. Then I my other eyebrow . I'm going to create a very harsh brow. Just because I feel like this doesn't look flattering on me. I feel like the beginning of your eyebrow should be way more softer than the outer end of your eyebrow.

This way it will look way more natural and I don't want you guys to take. This person well if you like a bold brow that's totally fine. I know some girls that rock a bold brow and it can look. So gorgeous but I'm just going to show you like stuff that I would personally not do. Because I feel like it doesn't look flattering on me. But I really don't want you to feel like if you're doing. It the way I show it on as the bad side. I don't want you to feel like that your eyebrows are ugly or that you. Just don't know how to do it. I think everyone has their own taste and that's totally fine. I really don't want to hurt anyone's feelings of course. But I'm just showing you my tips and tricks that work best for me and what doesn't work for me. So now I'm drawing in my eyebrow a bit higher. I always try to fill in my eyebrow at the shape that my natural eyebrow. But I can imagine if you don't have a lot of brow hair. You want to go up a bit higher to make your eyebrow appear bigger. But just don't go up too high that it looks too obvious. So now I'm taking a darker brown color. I'm going to create a line at the outer end of my eyebrow and if you apply a pencil or whatever like at the side of your eyebrow.

 You can see where you need to stop this way you know that you're not making. Your eyebrow too long or too short. This will just show you the perfect length of your eyebrow. Then I'm going to create a line at the upper part of my eyebrow as well this is not necessary. I know this makes my eyebrow a little bit more fake. Because the lines are.So sharp but I feel like in combination with that I'm applying the beginning part of my eyebrow a bit softer. I look I feel like it still looks quite natural. So now you can see that I applied this line way too far this is like a bit too far than how it should be. But that's fine I just wanted to show you like, how it would look if you go up too far. So now I'm taking a light brown brow powder and I'm going to apply a little of that at the beginning part of my eyelid towards the outer end.

But for the tail itself I'm going a bit darker you can see I went like out of the lines but don't worry I'm going to clean it up with some concealer. So now I'm taking a darker brown eyebrow powder filling in the edge and now you can see like detail is a lot darker. But I really like to have a contrast from loverly contrast. I feel like it's more like an ombre brow and I just feel like. It makes my eyebrow look more natural. So then I brush my hair and I'm going to apply. Some concealer I'm taking the tartar cosmetics shade type concealer same one as. I used to apply all over my eyebrow and I'm going to use this for an Anita brow. You can use a much lighter shade but I'm showing you. Now just a shade which is like the same color as my skin at this moment since. I used it as a base for my brow already you can also go like three shades lighter. This will really give you a sort of highlight effect. But make sure you don't go too light because this way it will be harder to blend it in your concealer and you would still see that you use the concealer underneath or above the eyebrow. Which makes it less natural-looking. So now I'm going to use this very light concealer from color-pop for my other side since this is like my don't side. I would say like not using concealer because my brow looks really messy and obviously concealer will make it look way sharper. This will make this eyebrow look better and that's not really the case. But I wanted to show you what I like.

If you use a very light concealer make sure you blend it out properly and also make sure. You don't go on top of your eyebrow. Because this will ruin your whole creation and I don't really like to have like square edges. I always like to make it a bit more round. So it looks less angry if that makes sense. But I feel like that's more of personal preference. I like more of a round shape I feel like it makes my face look a little bit more friendly. So now I use some brow gel and this is the end result of my eyebrow every time you see me in a tutorial. This is how I do my eyebrows and I really hope. This is helpful so for my other side I'm going to use some black mascara and note a lot of people using black mascara. I feel like a mascara compared to a brow gel is way more clumpy. So there are so many brow gels nowadays from Dark Star. So just try to get like a dark brow gel if that's what you're searching for most of the time they are less clumpy. So I don't really like my left eyebrow. So I wiped away the product I reapplied my eyebrow products and then here you have the end result. If you want to see just really quickly. How I did my left eyebrow then keep watching and then here you have the end result of both brows. I really hope you enjoyed this post don't forget to give this post a thumbs up if you did enjoy.



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