Eyeliner Tutorial for Beginners step by step

Hey, guys so welcome back. So I'm gonna start out by taking this for a high precision eyeliner. This is in the shade black. I really like this one because the brush on this eyeliner is like very like small. But flexible and at the same time really thin. Which will help me get that really sharp eyeliner look. So what I startup by doing is grabbing my brush. Just lik making a line towards like towards the end of my eyebrow that makes any sense. I kind of like to follow my waterline on the bottom to see how far up to go. I apologize for getting out of frame but what.

 I did now is I took my pressure canner grab. Some more products and I started off from the middle on my eyelid and dragged. It all the way out to the end to make like a triangle shape. So now I'm just gonna go ahead and take more product and start off from the inner corner of my eyelash band to that second align. Where we did the little triangle shape and now you see that dip that. I have right there I'm just gonna go ahead and just fill. It is over like connecting the lines. It's kind of like collecting like the dots in away. But they're lines so now that I did that. I obviously have my shape now and we're also doing now is slowly and carefully start filling in that liner. So now I'm pretty happy with the way. It looks you could always go back and fix any little mistakes that you did. But I'm gonna just go ahead and finish this off with curling my lashes and applying.

 Some mascara and that's what usually I'll do. When I do like a simple winged liner sometimes. I wear lashes but in this case, I'm just gonna apply some mascara. So this is the final look you guys ignore the mascara on my eyelid. But this is how I do my eyeliner every time. I do it and this is the eyeliner that I use so again thank you guys .So much for watching don't forget to follow all my social media and I'll see you guys in my next post bye guys.

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