Fashion Nova Mini Skirt Set Try On Haul

Hey, guys welcome back to my Channel today. I'm going to be doing another try on haul for you. Guys I'm gonna be trying a couple two-piece matching sets from the fashion of the curve. So let's get started and let me change into the very first one this is fit number one and I love it. Like you know what does it for me for this outfit the color it's. So vibrant and it's so like tropical. I don't know I paired it with these really cute earrings. I don't know if you guys can see through my cousin brought back these earrings from Mexico and they're the cutest. But anyways back to the outfit. I usually am a size large in fashion OVA and everything that they have.

 But this particular set national that also makes in a version where the skirt is long and I have that in black and it fits a little bit. So I thought I'd size down to a medium since you know. It's basically the same design same material same everything is just that this one has a mini skirt instead of a mini skirt and. So I size down to a medium and I fit but barely you know like. If I were to reorder this again in a different color or whatever. I definitely would go for a large just to give me a little bit more room but the material is very nice. It's very soft we show you this the back as you guys can see. It's pretty tight on me but of course, if I size down some don't size down this probably this runs pretty true to size. It does have shoulder like little like a little slinky thing on the shoulders kind of like shoulder pads. But there are no pads in here it's just kind of like the way that the design is it gives the illusion of shoulder pads. Some people don't like that I like it I think it looks cute and it dresses very. Very feminine sometimes the shoulder pads give it a very kind of masculine look.

 But I think the dress is feminine enough to wear. It looks cute and it's a nice little design as opposed to making. It looks masculine not over here out of everything that I got for this haul. I think this is one of my favorite pieces okay. So next I think we're gonna tone it down and just do a little basic set so here is my baby blue outfit is this, not the cutest little thing you guys have ever seen. It's a very casual look I feel like the top maybe is what gives us such a casual vibe but honestly. If I owned a pair of white sneakers like the cute white sneakers. I would wear some white sneakers with it and that's saying a lot. Because I don't usually wear white sneakers. I don't wear sneakers oh very cute very soft material at the bottom it's a little tiny bit Bank on me. But obviously, I wouldn't be able to place down and this is actually called the inner Rouge skirt set and get it. Like in a rush there's a lot of ruching on the skirt. Which as you guys know this color is very springy as well a lot of my outfits are actually giving me big spring vibes and this gives me big butterfly vibes.

 I'm gonna go order a butterfly necklace or a  butterfly bracelet. Something with a butterfly on it to wear with this fit. Because I feel like it's only right I feel like that's what it's missing for me. I don't know this just seems so chill like you can. Just wear this whenever you know it does have a pretty thick little band at least if it's really well really soft okay so next. We're gonna try out that I wasn't the most excited to get okay guys. So I stand corrected this is actually my favorite outfit so far. So it's a little gray mini skirt with a little gray cardigan you don't wear anything under your cardigan. I  mean you could if you wanted to wear like a little tank top and just leave this open you could. But I just feel like this look is adorable oh my goodness. Who came up with this design like this is beautiful. I love it and the material is so homey to me. I don't know it so it's so cozy. Which is weird because it's a miniskirt and you know. You're out there but I love it and it has a little. If you guys can see it has a little ruffle design at the very bottom of the skirt.

 The same kind of ruffle design that it has on the neckline and on the edge of the cardigan super cute the skirt is a little longer. Then the other skirts that I tried on it go down almost to my knees like almost this material do kind of tend to stretch out. You know the longer you wear it throughout the day. But the good thing about this material is it usually always stretches right back. Whenever you wash it and you dry it I don't know do. I want to go shopping in this do I want to go grab a coffee-like am I meeting. Someone for brunch like you don't know. I think I'm gonna keep this outfit on for the rest of the day. After I'm done shooting in this post. Because wonder if they have written any of their colors and of course. I always forget to look at the name of the outfit. When I put it on but I'm gonna link you guys the products that I tried on. I'm gonna link them in order in the description box. So if you want to know what dress this is just go down.

 There click look there it's all gonna be there. I'm obsessed with this outfit I really don't want to take it off but. We have two outfits left so I have to take it off. Okay, so here is my next outfit this one is more of like a date night outfit just. Because it's a little bit more formal just because this material is velvet and it's a little darker than the rest of the group. But I wanted to get something that was still a two-piece set. But looking a little bit different you know just to kind of show you. Guys this is a really good day nightdress. Its velvet it's very nice to have the ruffles in the front skirt is very stretchy anytime that it's this material. It always has a good stretch to it it holds its structure very well the back is very cute its sheer the skirt is a little short. But it's okay it's not going anywhere it's not too tight and the waist does have a pretty thick waistband. So you're gonna be held in place all night the mesh on the top feels really nice. Sometimes the mesh material feels almost like it's about to rip and they were very generous as you guys can see. It's like kind of piling up right here and because they were so generous with that lace. It's not gonna rip so easily you're not gonna get a hole in it because and I'll feel like this as soon as you get like a hole or anywhere. It's gonna get big and you're not anymore. So I'll probably have to take it in a little bit just because if. It's me a little bit big at the very top. I don't know I'll see how lazy. I'm feeling you me like too lazy imma leave it this way but you know. If I just happen to have my sewing machine.

 Oh, I'll just stitch it right up we'll see I have one more outfit for you guys. So let's go put that on this is my very last outfit for today it's a cute little two-piece set. It has some shimmer in it it's I don't know if you guys can kind of see in the material has a little bit of like a little shine to it and it's super cute super girly. The color is kind of like it as a nude peek like a very very light-colored pink or I mean you could say that. It's just new whatever however you interpret it. It does fit me a little bit lose on the top of the skirt and on the bottom of the top but that's. Okay no but you can kind of really see it on the bottoms like. Whenever I turn around right here there's kind of like a little space. This skirt has a ton of stretch like a lot of stretches. So you definitely don't need to size up for this one at all mine's pretty true to size. I feel like if I would have gotten a medium the medium would have been too small. It has a little clear sharp it's not see-through or anything the skirt is a mini skirt as most of them are. It's very basic like the color and the design is very basic. But it has like that little shimmer to it and it has ruching on the side of the skirt and on the other side too it has just little details without making it not.So basic alright guys well that concludes our try on haul let me know. If you guys liked it make sure you guys subscribe right now literally like subscribe make sure you hit the bell for the notifications like and comment and let me know. If you liked the video and let me know what kind of another post you guys want to see or. If you want to keep watching me do try on haul let me know what. You guys want me to try on and again thank you guys and I'll see you guys soon.

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