Fat People Life Hacks

Today I'm gonna be doing fat people live fax. I am NOT here to fat shame I'm personally overweight myself and I wanted to give you guys some tips and tricks and just remember that no matter what size. you are you are beautiful. So I hope you guys enjoy this article let's get started for my first hack is contouring. I wanted to show you this because you know I had this is a beauty channel. So why not I wanted to first start off with a warm cream shade.

I like to do this step for us to warm up the face. I like bronzing the face up because it just gives it a sunkissed look. I feel like adding more color to the face it just gives it more dimension my face is very pale and I feel like. If I don't really apply anything it can definitely look a lot rounder after I've warmed up the face. I like to take a cool tone contour shade and this is what's really going to carve out the face. I'd like to take this underneath my cheeks my forehead just anywhere. Where you want to slim it out and believe me you guys it works it makes your face look thinner hack.

Number two: Is getting that skinny selfie we all like that jawline to look nice. I'm sure one thing you want to avoid is holding the phone downwards that's just gonna grab all the wrong parts you don't want to show. So tilt the phone upwards bring your chin a little bit down and bam girl as you can see most of my pictures are taken like that and guess what girl you can't let that's all that matters right hack.

Number three: That I got for you is self-tanning it's kind of like. When you contour your face you know when you highlight you kind of emphasize and when you contour you want to hide. I feel like the more tan I look the more. I hide this is all personal preference though I know some people don't like self-tanning. I don't have anything against my own skin color. I love my pale skin in fact I never really self-tan but I do notice.

When I do it does kind of make you appear a little bit slimmer. Especially when you do apply it in your entire body. Which is not only your legs but your arms and stomach. You will see a difference all right girl y'all ever got a pair of pants. That you love but you kind of gained a little bit of weight and don't fit anymore well guess what I got you covered all you're gonna need is a hair tie. So what I'm going to first do is hook it on the button after if you hooked it on you want to take it inside. That hole right there takes it back out hook it on to the button again and bam girl.

You got your pants on and Poppin and as you can see the more stretch it nothing happens to it just make sure. You're using a very stretchable tie then of course just make sure you use a long shirt. That's going to just cover up that button and you're good to go hack number five is wearing Spanx. This is my favorite hack. I use Spanx a lot especially when I use dresses or pencil skirts. I have a belly as you can see I definitely have muffin tops as well and one thing.

 I've noticed that really helps to put all that together is Spanx you can get Spanx. Anywhere you guys seriously they even have some like at Walmart and Target depending on your body Spanx can definitely give you a flat stomach on me personally you can still see it a little bit but it really does make a difference. I don't know about you guys but I feel like when I have my hair down my face appears a lot slimmer. Then when I have it up when my hair is up I feel like it just looks rounder. I'm not gonna lie though sometimes I like to do hairstyles.

When my hair is slicked back but I definitely believe my hair, not my hair my face looks rounder. So I choose to have it down most of the time hack. Number seven is wearing loose clothing and guess what girl these are the kind of dresses. That I love I don't care half the time if you could see every detail of my body like these this is just my style right here but do notice. When I wear loose clothing it does help hide all of that and one thing. That I like wearing a lot is romper is because they still make you look sexy but they do cover up a lot sometimes we want to wear loose clothing but you want to still show off those curves so one thing I like to wear our dress is kind of like this they kind of are loose from the top and from the arms.

But you know you can still show off that booty at the same time alright, So have you ever walked for hours wearing shorts or a skirt and you get a rash in between your thighs. If you have a thigh gap you might not ever experience it one thing. That I like to do when I know I'm gonna be walking for hours is carrying baby powder and applying this to my inner thighs. This really helps for your legs to slip nicely and it did take some wipes and kind of wipe it off because I did apply a little bit too much but believe me guys it helps out a lot hack.

 Number nine is very obvious and that is wearing black clothing can make you look a hundred times thinner. There's just something about wearing black that hides everything the last hack is very simple and that is your posture. I feel like a lot of us lack in this slouching can make your belly and your whole body overall just if you're bigger so by curving your back lifting your chest just standing straight. It's going to make a difference so that is it for these ten simple life hacks.

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