Following A 1960s Makeup Guide

I recently acquired a bunch of vintage beauty magazines which is really exciting. I will leave a link to where I got them in the ascriptions blogger interested but one of them was a 1960s Beauty card and it features that very typical. This thing it's a recognizable 1960 style so the whole thing is full of very valuable makeup tips but what I wanted to do today is follow. This face chart that is in the introduction of the magazine or booklet or whatever shape or form could have had originally. This seems like a very simple easy to follow and straightforward guide.

I guess to applying makeup like I'm actually, it's a face chart and then a photo of the finished result next to it as well as all the products that were used so that we actually have a colored reference. Which is really really nice. So this is what I want to follow today however of course I don't have access to the 1960s makeup products and the makeup. That I do own is limited so in some cases, I've had to choose between something that we have a similar color or a similar texture. Yeah I will kind of walk you through that as we go so I'm gonna start by pulling back my hair all right let's get started basic makeup plan the first step applies a pink undertone to face and throats to give a soft glow.

So you can see the pink undertones they're talking about in the picture in the 60s it was very common to neutralize or kind of color corrects your own skin tone and pink was singing as I kind of universally flattering youthful feminine bright color to use as a base. I think nowadays we would use color-correcting primers for this purpose. Which is something that I don't own the closest thing. I have is I think this foundation primer actually does have a little bit of oh no it does not think it's more of a beige just gonna apply this all over my skin conceal Lightner is pressed into for head and throat lines around eyes and in a thin line down the tip of the nose.

Throat lines well according to the chart it seems to run down forehead nose under the eyes here in her smile lines kind of going all the way down. I'm not sure what the throat lines are but I'm just gonna go with that area and for this purpose. I'm going to be using a liquid concealer in a light shade. That's the closest thing I could find see we're gonna light tone cream product. So that will be the forehead take the thin line down the nose under the eyes here. So I think I'm just gonna Pat it in with my hands I feel like. This is the closest I've ever come to Instagram face so then the next step foundation is smoother gently over skin foundation is number three on our image here is smooth it gently over skin and excess is removed they would back that off with a tissue sorry dress her up.

It's almost feeding time I am not sure how this would have been applied because it doesn't mention any tools up until. This point so I'm just gonna assume its hands then later in the book like they do Sates you apply foundation over your eyelids as well I'm just gonna go ahead and do that the rest of the book by the way has some great tips about a shape and no blush placement and correcting. That's the foundation on so I'm gonna grab a tissue and try and get rid of the excess. This is very heavy right now something's definitely coming off by the way I just remembered following that 60s makeup article. I think I was over a year ago maybe even longer now and I actually remembered the lady in the article applying everything with her hands for the most part all the base products and then taking it up with the tissue again.

 So I think we're on the right track here carnelian shadow number four is blended under the chin below the eyebrow and in hollows of the cheeks carnelian shadow. It's another cream product that looks like the kind of like a shading. I guess contouring product so I'm gonna use this liquid bronzer. That I have is because this thing I have to that on the chart you can see it's applied right here and here and then they say to apply it underneath the eyebrows okay. Let's just do that then hollows of the cheeks and then underneath the chin well it's maybe a bit much maybe I can use that for my eyes as well another huge fan of the bronzer coming down so far down the throat but at the same time. It's not actually that bad it looks better on camera than it doesn't realize creme Rouge is toned over the fattest part of the cheek in Halfmoon shape yeah so creme Rouge another one of those things.

I don't own but I have learned over the course of doing these videos that I can just use lipstick. So I'm gonna take this pink liquid lipstick type products on the fattest. I think that's right here that is part of cheeks and a half I do you think I applied that a bit too heavy-handed li let me see if I can get rid of a little bit of that okay now some of this redness will come down as my skin comes calms down because when I touch my face it goes red anyway so let's move on to loose powder. Number six is then applied generously and excess is removed with powder brush loose powder colored. I have that I have this yellow stuff later on in this book again I read that you are to apply it. So that you come out looking as if you dumped your face in a bag of flour.

Which is very descriptive and sure I can do that okay so let's take this off with a brush I need this means okay little tip for me - you try not to breathe welcome to impact. Yeah, this is incredibly heavy incredibly so definitely not how I would wear my makeup in normal life or moving on to you my makeup. so the upper lid is lined with a brush and carnelian liner and frosted emerald. I can see two liners here on this image one is kind of like a brownish color one is in created color. I think these are either liquid or cream liners for this part I have chosen texture and color over proper application.

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