Four Ways To Tie Headscarfs

Today I am going to show you a couple of cute ways you can wear scarves in your hair as an accessory or to protect your hair or to stay a little bit warmer or just for any reason. That you would like to wear a scarf in your hair. I'm gonna show you a couple of ways to tie scarves around your head that look really cute. So let's jump straight into it I'm gonna start simple. I think so for the first one I'm going to start by tying my hair into a high bun. So I'm just going to grab all of my hair gather it on top of my head and I'm just going to make a messy bun really quickly.

So when I have my bun I am going to take a square scarf like this and I'm going to fold it just going to point to that forms a triangle and then I am going to place. This over my head like this with the long side facing down and I am going to dye my two points of the long side in a knot right here behind my bangs and I'm going to make this quite tight and tie a double knot alright. So then I'm just going to take this third little flap that I have here and I'm just going to fold that inward and tuck it away underneath the rest of my scarf. Now you can decide how far you want to tuck this. If you're wearing this hairstyle to hide crease your hair underneath then you may want to cover everything I just kind of like it like this as well but you can also talk a little bit more and have it just look like a kind of head wrap or headband more than a scarf.

But I really like the way it looks when all the bottom is covered gives that a nice vintage flight and if you don't like these points sticking out. Then you can tuck them into the top here as well then you end up with something like this but I actually kind of like this. I'm gonna leave mine up so here is your first method of tying a headscarf. So the next method is still very simple and this is nice if you have a longer thinner scarf like this one I made you tie this underneath my hair. So I'm going to start by just guarding it underneath my hair and then I'm going to go up towards the front of my hair. That I'm going to wrap these scarf bits around each other like that and I'm gonna come back underneath and I'm actually going to bring both of them to one side and tie them together here and that is it really simple looks super summery and kind of boho.

 I think this one is great for using scarfs that you just don't really know what to do with this might be ideal for you. So the next way is a little bit more complicated but still definitely something you can do so I'm gonna use a scarf square scarf again and I am once again going to pull it into a triangle and for this one. I'm going to place it over my head very similar to the first one we did and then pull it forward tie a knot over my points like that and I'm going to flip this back and then I'm going to take my two points. That I have in the front here fold them both into a loop and then I'm going to tie them over the little triangle.

That I've put back and I'm going to make a little bow with this so I'm just dying my two loops into a knot over my little triangle like that and then I'm going to just kind of pull these two bits apart to create my bow and I actually like this one better without beds. So I'm just gonna hide those underneath my scarf and now if you have a little bit of that triangle left then you can just tuck it underneath the knots or you can tuck it into one of the sides of the bow. So you could have an opening right here on the top you could tuck it in there you have a headscarf with a bow.

This is a great one for a cover in your hair in the summer to protect yourself from the Sun so the next method is one that you can use when you have a shorter narrow scarf. You can also do this by taking a square scarf and just kind of rolling it up like that to create a narrower scarf. I'm just going to use this one that I have right here and this is a super simple really basic. I probably don't even need to tell you this but I still wanted to show you how it looks.

This is actually very similar to the first one that I did only this time. I'm gonna have my hair down and use a different type of scarf. So I'm gonna wrap the scarf around my head like that and just tie it at the top here make a double knot and that is it super simple was still really cute. So thank you so much for reading this article but I really hope you enjoyed it.

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