Full Face Vegan Makeup

I'm going to be challenging myself to do a full face of makeup using vegan products only and I'm really excited. if you guys want to see how this turns out stick around to the end let's get started and give this a thumbs up. If you want to see more makeup tutorials. Now that the sun's out I'm using SPF like.

Every day I'm trying this one for the first time and then I'm going to go in with this illuminating primer both from cover FX. This is a great way to prep the skin and this is going to make the makeup look hydrating and beautiful. I'm using this Medusa's makeup shadow primer this is vegan and I really like it you basically just swirl your finger in it and press it all over the eyelid it kind of has a balm texture. So I'm going to be setting it with a powder after I do my eyebrows shoutout to $1 Eyebrow products. This is actually replaced my honest Hacia dip brow. I really like it lately so, I'm going to be using this to shade in my brows and just get rid of some of those sparse areas.

I find that when I don't trim my eyebrows they look extra messy and I probably should have trimmed. Them today but it's okay I'm going to fix it up with a spoolie and then they should look the perfectly fine part of the priming process is using as an eyeshadow primer but also using a translucent setting powder. So I'm pressing this into my eyes this is what's going to help the eyeshadow not cling to any of the greasy areas of that primer. So even though it works really well you want to make sure that you put this on so that when you use all these bright colors. They don't look patchy using this beautiful new palette from Jeffrey star this is vegan. I'm so happy about it because it's got some amazing colors in it.

I'm using Courtney on the outer edge of my eye and then buffing it really focusing on that area near the tail of my brow am I the only one, who's been using neutral shadows for like a year like. I literally haven't used color on my eyes and so long. So I'm going to be winging it today and just kind of see how this goes. I'm really happy that this palette is vegan and it has red shadows in it because if you didn't know even in like food whether. It's cosmetics or food they use red dye to get like red lipstick or red eyeshadow or blush or even yogurt.

This dye that they use is called carmine, which is really just a fancy word for ground-up bugs. There's this bug that gets particularly red. When you grind it up because of its blood and guts and everything and they added to things like cereal red velvet cake nail polish red lipstick. Just anything with red dye in it so I'm happy to have a vegan eyeshadow palette that has pink and reds in it. That is not from ground-up bugs okay back to the tutorial. I'm taking rich [ __ ] I put that all over my lid. Now I'm going to take confession and start kind of making that pink a little bit more wearable. So I'm putting this over top of the outer corner and I'm going to start blurring it into the gold as there becomes less and less product on my brush and I'm going to continue pulling.

 That until I get the intensity that I want if you guys like these makeup tutorials give it a thumbs up and if you guys want to see like a more affordable version. I included a lot of affordable products but if you guys want to see like a full on drugstore vegan look let me know, now I'm going to take vanity and I'm really strategically placing. This just in the outer corner I don't want to bring this above the crease because that just starts to look mucky so I'm going to take this press it down and then once I get the shape. I want I'll take a blending brush and I'll just softly blend the edges not focusing too much on the middle with this eye shadow look you could go for so many different liners styles and it would all look amazing.

Especially a wing but today I'm going to go for a thin basic line and I'm going to smudge it out to get a really smoky effect. Which I think is going to look amazing so I'm using my tart liner. This is like my favorite, I mentioned it in my last cruelty-free get ready with me, and then I'm going to be taking a pencil brush and just smudging it out until it looks super smoky. Once I'm happy with the liner, I'm going to go in with a little bit of mascara and then some false lashes. I'm so excited you guys I'm getting a lash lift. This is basically where they like to curl your lashes permanently and then I'm going to get lash extensions too but until then I'm going to be using Koko lashes in the style goddess. I like to trim these a little bit shorter so that they show off the inner corner of the eye shadow a little bit more. I'm wiping up underneath my eyes and then I'm going to apply a little bit of confession to finish them off and then I'm going to move on to the skin.

I'm going to use a peach color corrector and blend that out I'm applying it above the lip and underneath the eyes to even out my skin tone. Then after that's even I'm going to apply a highlighter. Which is one of my favorites right. Now I'm using this today on its own but I think you can add this to your foundation to make it like glowy or even your primer to make it extra illuminating. I'm just going to go in and put it on top of my cheekbone blend it out and I'm not sure if there was even a point in doing this because I'm going to try this new technique with my foundation.

I'm using Born This Way from Too Faced this is completely vegan love this foundation and I'm going to be stamping it in using a duo fiber brush and I love this technique this is my first time trying it basically you just stamp it into the skin and you don't wipe like not even once creates the fullest coverage out of whatever foundation. You're using and I really like it what do you guys think now I'm going to use a cream contour for my cheekbones and I'm using a really taupey color number three from this palette and then I'm going to be putting this on my temples and then blending it out until it looks completely natural to highlight my skin. I'm going to be using this Tarte concealer and I have a theory about this because sometimes.

when I my skin when on my skin is not hydrated it tends to look really gross and like cakey and I think that's because there's oil in this concealer and I think the oil ends up seeping into my dry skin whereas. If my skin is properly hydrated it just kind of sits on top and it looks really good so anyways such as my theory. I'm going to be setting it with my ELF HD setting powder this whole tub was like five dollars and it works really really well it's replaced all my high-end powders that were not cruelty-free and this stuff is vegan. So I love it I'm going to be placing this underneath the eyes on the bridge of the nose and then just above the forehead anywhere I get oily and then also just set that concealer and I just press it in with my Beauty Blender until it completely disappears clearly. You can tell I ordered a bunch of stuff from ELF because they have all of these elf products and I'm loving them.

So I'm using this contour kit I've been loving this a lot it really reminds me of just all of my high-end contour kits. So I'm going to be putting this on my cheekbones and then using the blush palette the peachy color is like my favorite. So I'm going to be using this little brush and placing it onto the cheeks until it looks blended and super diffused to top the cheeks off. I'm going to use a peachy highlighter and this one is from Oprah in the color you do you super pretty. I love the sheen to it and its really peachy so it's great for darker skin tones or medium skin tones like me and I'm going to be finishing off with a lip liner.

That's all I want to wear on my lips today this one is from urban decay in the color naked I'm gonna do all I always try to put it on nice on camera but this is really how I do my lips since. They're so big they're very difficult to put lip liner on so I have to like pull them tight and then that's how I apply it so that is the completed look. I really hope you guys enjoyed this tell me what you think of this vegan look. I thought this would be a challenge but to me, vegan makeup looks just as good post as not vegan makeup. So I'm hoping that you guys are inspired to try some cruelty free and vegan .

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