How to Shave Your Legs Perfectly Get Rid of Strawberry Skin

Hey everyone today I'm gonna is taking. It back to basics and talking all about shaving. Whether you already shave or you're new to shaving. I hope you guys find these tips help give it a thumbs up. If you enjoy it and let's get started the first thing. I want to talk about is shaving cream you really need. This creates a barrier between your skin and the razor.

 So that you don't damage it now if you don't want to spend extra money on shaving cream use your conditioner. It works amazing it's really creamy and it's going to do the exact same thing for a fraction of the cost I personally like to use a men's razor. Because it gives me a really close shave because there's. So many blades on it but with those so many blades. It can be really abrasive so if you feel like your skin is dry or you get razor bumps and burns. After shaving switch to one of these disposable razors usually only have like one blade. Which means it's going to be a lot less abrasive on the skin okay. So here's the hairy leg I haven't shaved in a couple days and I've got a couple dots underneath the skin this is from oil being trapped under there and it's creating a dark pore effect. So the first step is to exfoliate, So I'm using a homemade recipe with olive oil sugar, and lemon and this is going to release the oil from underneath those pores over time. I've noticed a big difference with this recipe. So I will leave it below if you guys want to try it.

 If you have the same problem as me. I always recommend exfoliating before you shave whether your pores are dark or not because. It removes the dead skin and it's going to make your legs. So much softer so now I'm going to apply. Some shaving cream and this is really important for lubricating the skin so that you don't cut yourself and also it's going to create a moisture barrier. So that your skin doesn't feel too dry after when I first started shaving. I used to really aggressively dig the blade into my skin. Because I thought I had to remove the hair that way. But I found out the blade can do all the work for you there's. So many blades on this razor. So all you need to do is hold it really gently and glided across the skin to remove all the hair. I like to shave the majority of my leg and then. I save the ankle area for last because otherwise.

 I anticipate dragging the blade up my leg and I tend to dig it into my ankle it's just too much. So if you're a beginner or you're like me and you rush things try it that way to prevent the blade from getting rusty dry it off. I'm actually using a little bit of alcohol .But if you don't have time for that just use your towel this is going to make it antibacterial. But also make it last really long.So after that, I moisturize my legs and here they are super soft perfectly shaved. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and let me know.How was your first experience with shaving you guys always have but a juicy ass story? So I can't wait to read your comments. I love you I'll see you soon bye.

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