Holistic Facial using Clean Skincare Only

Hey, skin junkies welcome back to complexions my skincare series. Today is resurfacing facial is on my beautiful friend toy. I performed one of my signature holistic treatments using a blend of clean and  Vedic products for a natural approach to anti-aging. So sit back relax and enjoy our first cleanse. I'm massaging in the OSA ocean cleansing milk melt away environmental to breathe and make up with this fragrance-free cleanser enriched with water lily and rose natures. Best skin soothers and red algae that deeply hydrate skin.

 Promotes the appearance of youthful volume and firmness skin healing meditation. Crystals and energy work are a huge part of my practice.  I love to intertwine my medical aesthetic holistic. An Ayurvedic background into one for an entire skin and soul experience for our second cleanse. I'm using the Luna 3 from Swedish brand for Rio a two-in-one cleansing brush paired with the in Delia brightening cleanser. This gentle and ultra-hygienic silicone precise. The build-up of bacteria and tackles stubborn blackheads gently massage in a circular motion around the face for a thorough cleanse brighten up. The epidermis with this antioxidant-rich cleanser makeup remover and mask in one.

 You can choose to massage the face with the reverse side for affirming and product penetrating relaxing treatment. Luna 3 is the perfect solution for our professional skincare treatment from home. During quarantine strawberry seed oil hydrolyzed. Wheat protein and tomato extracts help strengthen firm and protect leaving the skin feeling hydrated silky. I am now bathing the skin in the audacity blue aura cleansing water. An Ayurvedic anti-pollution formula infused with me. Holy basil and turmeric herbs and infused with French micellar water to gently cleanse. An organic aloe vera juice that is rich in minerals vitamin and antioxidants for her gentle exfoliation.

I'm using my ultrasonic spatula the vibrations from the exfoliate setting work to dislodge blackheads. And other impurities from the pores helping fight off rogue breakouts and inflammation. I like to mix my medical aesthetic experience with my holistic background for skin changing results. And bleeding is one of my favorite or surfacing add-ons dermaplaning-- is a skin treatment. They use as an exfoliatin blade to skin dead skin cells and fellows hairhttp://www.pronenews.com/ from your face. Which results in making the skin surface smooth youthful and radiant. Now it is time to calm the skin in my Vedic practice. Over the last decade, I have learned how to create many natural concoctions balms, and elixirs from various plant herbs oils, and more one treatment.

 I swear by is my pitta dosha calming mask created with fresh aloe vera meet rosewater. Hibiscus a hundred percent pure herbal oils and more aloe vera is known to be a powerful ru Vedic medicine. That is applied both internally and externally for youthful results for her second treatment. I like to apply for a warm rich cream mask. So I lathered on the red algae mask from OC ah enriched with French pink laid firm juniper leaf to decongest and tea tree to diminish. Blemishes while eager tina seaweed helps to live her visible anti-aging benefits. Optimize your skincare ritual with this healing water from yoga Paris. It drenches the skin with the solar charged energy of five aromatic essential oils for purifying toning and invigorating effects for her firming massage.

 I'm using the squalene plus vitamin C rose oil from clean. Beauty brand bioscience a luxuriously lightweight oil that delivers a trifecta of skin-loving goodness improves the overall tone and texture. While increasing the skin's radiance created with a potent blend of vitamin C. The brightens and goose elasticity squalene is a mega moisturizing molecule that mimics our skins. Natural hydration that locks in much-needed moisture and Kiyo' crystal oil that firms and revitalizes to give your skin that youthful plumpness. I use this oil in my routine personally and love that. It is formulated with non-toxic ingredients that are all-around good for the skin and soul. It is now time to enter your meditative state breathe in and breathe ou after this revitalizing treatment with natural actives. Protection is key an the clear zinc SPF 30 from Luke res is a high-quality sun defender for all skin types finishes off by hydrating. The pout with the ultra-moisturizing squalene plus.

 Rose vegan lip balm packed with ceramides and hyaluronic acid doubts replenish hydrate. Soften lips and that completes this complexion. Oh, my god I'm literally like a whole new person. A whole new skin right so that dermaplaning-- that exfoliation. It just is life-changing skin changing and your makeup is gonna go on. So much smoother yeah if you're wearing any. As you can see the texture even looks better yeah. I very no texture at all yeah don't that's bad. I know don't touch my face I hope you enjoyed I did thank you. So much baby so relaxing ah you deserve that I needed that okay two babies.

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