Hey, friends welcome back to my channel. But if you need it here hello welcome. I just want to say I hope peace day. And I hope you enjoy my content and you know hopefully subscribe hit. An operation button and drag this friendship group hat we got going on here and it's lit but yeah if not you thank you so much for coming back or in another post. I really appreciate it but let's get chasing this guy. So if you knew he may not understand what's going on let me tell you right. Now I'm filming a skincare video every time. I have this headband on I'm filming skincare video for like I think I've won this like every single day. My singular videos I love this headband everyone always ask.

 Where it's from Primark and if you haven't been up to date with my post. If you're new here I'm just giving you. Guys a quick recap so I had like an unexpected outbreak of acne and around last year September. So that was a couple - like six months ago or a bit longer than that so I see September I had an outbreak of acne I don't know where came from. I don't know anything from it.I still think it's hormonal I really do think it was hormonal. But yes that's what happened and I've literally. Just been trying to come back to it for a while now.

So I could do a video on that put the links on and all of that information down below. Because people want to like to know the story all of that and I also did two obvious king care posts showing you guys. Where I was using when it was really active. But right now I don't have any more active acne. I do still have a few marks on my face but they've lightened up dramatically. I'm so happy like I'm really really happy. I haven't been happy with my skin and Wow like. I can let you look at my face and just smile and I couldn't be good at before. But I did learn to actually.

 Just like you're it but now I just look at my face. I'm like oh my gosh yay I'm just going to be showing you guys. What I've been using cuz a lot of people have been asking me one to make no active acne come back on your face and to lighten up the dark marks and also like compact skin texture. Because when I did have that acne outbreak my face went really dry. And when I was dragged out that King Mart's and spotted all that my face was like really rough it was a lot of guys it was a lot. So I'm just going to be showing you guys the skin products. I have been using and loving for the past couple of months. So yeah let's get straight into it. So some of these products are gated not one of them. But some of them I think. It's like one two three yeah real different we are gifted.

 But I have been using them and I have even don't think. I've even spoken about them on socials yeah. But I have been using it and loving it. So I want to use anything that I don't know. So this is not a sponsored post. But some other products argue it. Just wants to let you guys know that just as my. I saw yeah so let's get straight to it. Guys we're gonna basically do my nighttime skincare routine for you. Guys yeah because my nighttime in my morning routine is basically really similar. You think that I don't do is just applied with a man-eater and a day. Because I don't like having my face turn today. So why do first the first thing? I do is wash my face and I use was like ever always might get into the super close. I cannot find the packaging that it comes in post no in.

 But it's from me : Nuage or new age. New age all-new March London. I look I don't have to pronounce. It guys but it's actually. Just black salt so you guys know that someone does not need to mention. What I love the backs up. So much but I stopped using it when my team was reactive and I stopped it. Because I first saw for like it was just doing too much too harsh on my face.

That's what I felt like but then I realized. It was what I was using with it that was too harsh that oh. She's in a spin brush the mighty Spanish spin brush and because these are not every day. My face was becoming too raw and to exfoliate. Because the spin which actually does exfoliate your face. But I'll just overly exfoliate in and then on top of that. I was also chemically nuts phony in my face. Say what I was doing too much and I really liked the way to feel felt on my face it didn't give me that squeaky clean feeling and I really do. Like that squeaky clean feeling.

 When I wash my face so I had to go back to using my black soul yeah I've tried what's that prank boys. Just share moisture I've tried to show moisture renda actually and I think really liked it. So I'm just back to using oh the head. Just fell off I'm just like to use a raw black salt and yeah. It doesn't me just this so this really helped what black soap. Does is this so basically you guys know for every step what has helped me within my journey. So the black salt has helped me compact activity coming back into my face.  It also hoped in the texture. So it helped amazingly with the texture and also stop in the acne outbreaks from coming back out. Because I was like after.

 I was able to like to keep my scars and all of our paper. Then I did how to control the outbreaks. So going back to black salt really really. Just make life easier for me like they weren't even coming anymore. When they were trying to pop back up. They'll let go over the next day. So like soccer girls for. When you have in breakups like that and if you want to control it. I don't know but this really helped hunt from all of that. So what I'm gonna do right now is take a piece since the head already broke off. I'm just gonna take that and just break that in half. I stopped using a pen tea spoon brush and started using this only. Because I still like the idea of using a brush to wash my face.

 I don't know why I think I'm just used to it. Now I don't mean like using my hands this black. So mixed with a 60 second of all if you don't almost exceed seven borders there with me just let you guys know a beautician from LA cause. I think her handle is led Titian or something like that she came up with some idea called a 60 the second rule is visually where you just wash your face for 67 so before I would literally. Just wash my face for like I think like 10 20 seconds maybe or a bit disappointing on god. I guess nobody stores my face for 60 seconds. It really does like help initially vote for people especially wears makeup. This is me it does take off or deter your skin that she feels amazingly clean and amazing. Soft after 60 seconds I love it so what we doing right. Now is wash my face for 60 seconds. So list it all right let's do it now I wash autostop of my face.

I'm going to use a paper tissue to drag off. My face is also another thing that I've started loving doing there have been doing. This for the past five months and it really does work before I used to use a towel like a face towel and I would always use a new face towel. But I don't know why someone told me that face towels and towels carried too much bacteria. It's better to use a paper towel or kitchen tissue but ever you want to pull.  It's Betty'ssomeone who does not need someone someone who does not needs it because like you. Just use an onesie friend of the friend of in. It doesn't carry bacteria as much. So I've been loving using paper tissues instead of using face powder. So that's another trick I feel as if he actually did benefit my skin now. It's time for part two - so this is a bit way.

 I think you could it toner or whatever I use rose water. This is also from the same nosh-nosh I don't know. Where's David he's from the same. Brendan is from where the black soldiers from and now I've really been like. I've like at first I don't understand the whole purpose of Wawa. I've actually made my skin kind of soft. So I've been doing. I've been using it and I haven't been hating it. So I'm gonna keep it my weekend with you for a while. Because I've been liking it so just put. So I'm into that I just use some cotton bites all over them quite pants. I just use that to wipe it off my face. If you can see but can you see the little ground right. There so that's just like an extra tip an extra step to dismissal. If we suspense we clean and it makes my skin really soft.

 So I'm not mad at that I used that every morning and every night like yeah about that I guess. There's nothing for moisturizer and I've been loving. The new elf hello hydration face cream. So this was also gifted to the first two things. I used so the blacks all the roles were taught and these are the only things that were gifted in this whole tutorial. So yeah I've also been loving this as well like literally. Guys most of the stuff that I was gifted as basically nearly finished in any way. It really has helped in making my skin really soft. It really is a Hello hydration cream you just feel. So moisturized and before in my other skincare routine. I was using the Clinique Moisture Surg.

I think I cannot say but that was just overly expensive guys. It was like 20-something pounds for that little jug. This is I think like less than 20 pounds this is less than 20 pounds. So this is really good and it's been a dream and love using this. Yes, so so far guys master is I used black soap first. So that's the first step and then I use a toner. Which is the rose water and then I use moisturizer. Which is the elf hello hydration face cream and yeah. Now it's time for K. So again the black salt helped in preventing. Any more acne outbreaks from being active and also helped in the in my skin. Texture and all that stuff and also the 60-second rule also helped sort of the like salt process.

 It's a second rule equals a miracle is. Just a miracle combination there the rose water. Just makes my skin feel really soft and just takes any extra dirt that. I may have missed from washing my face and the moisturizers are the elf. Hello, hydration makes my face feel really moisturize and not dry and I hate my face being dry. Like I pop a feel hydrated throughout the whole day. I  just love that and now it's time for this. This is it's just a bitumen teen a hundred percent. Like, let's reset here fatumak that's all the ingredient inside it, and yeah. It's in a capsule I was going to get the liquid form. But the liquid form is obviously mixed with sunflower oil. I just wanted a hundred percent this mini. So I've got the capsules instead yeah. So what I do is I literally Pierce this or cut.

 It and then I play all of my faces now I only use this at night. I but this has really helped in lightening up my dog mark. So this is what I used to sit like I'll say a sleeping oil is. Where I use this for so I've pierced it and now. I'm just going to squeeze into the back of my hands as you. Guys can see so I mainly start off and paint. It and all the places I have doc mark. So especially if I my cheeks right around my nose. Because I wear glasses to all my glasses Vera's. You know what I'm talking about you get that bridge mark. I hate it so much but what can we do we need to see. So I always have to squat. I wish it around my nose and then I just dump it on my forehead cause.

 What not just I've done my lips. I need should just let that sink into my skin. Just put that in a bit push it back in and I'll let it do. Its magic but honestly guys this vitamin E has helped tremendously with Clare in my talk Marcin black salt also does help with documents as well. But this is like pushed it on top as well. So like if that makes sense like this will is more concentrated to focus on your dark mark. So I blacktop is like for everything and one but this is that just flee to concentrate on like your skin texture and the dark nuts especially and it really has helped me like honestly. Like all the products and these aren't even expensive like that.

 So yeah I look right now if you could just fire chicken on my face. They were just these delicious honestly tree also guys for all my dollars that. Sometimes get like they're like that. Some of them off breakouts teach for oil was your friend. Now I remember in my old Fuji. I was I hate a teacher I was like I hate teacher oil it did. This to my skin I did that and I found out. It's because I was using it like concentrated and I was using it concentrated. So what I found out you're supposed to do is that you. Just mix it with something else and that this makes it work. I have to assemble without burning your skin. So that's why I do now so what's the fitment étoile that's still in the back of my hand. I'm gonna just pull one top of this onto my man mix that together. So it's not like that so I don't if you can see it I'm gonna mix that to come out and just dab onto the places.

I have like sports so on my eyebrow right there. I have a spot I remember cuz I was looking at my face earlier. Then here I was spotted trying to come out. But it won't work because I just put some tea tree oil in it and I felt like the teacher oil really does kill your germs, yeah and I always. Just put somewhere around my nose cuz I love this full of it. I feel like it helps me go sleep I don't know where oh yeah. So that's it guys Oh before I forget how can I forget this lip balm. I've been loving those you're a g-way essentially let me try a song conditioning lip treatment. I've been loving this is to die for like it. So amazing used as we go sleep I use like every single day. But if he uses especially before your sleep all my days. You wake up to some beautiful lips.

 So this was also gifted at this room that this was also gifted. I use that lip balms religiously and while also like about. This is it looks like a lip gloss. So like it's see-through so some lip conditioners have like that white look to it that makes. It's like the off-white type of color and I don't really like it on my lips above us. Just makes my lips just look like. I don't know off-white that makes sense. But this is good to just see-through and clear. It looks like good post cloth but isn't the conditioner it's amazing. I love you so much.

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