How This Instagram Me my Page Sold For $100million

A few weeks ago an Instagram meme page with 15 million followers just sold for close to 100 million dollars. This is during the exact same time that everyone is complaining that mean pages on Instagram are dead and are no longer able to grow and they are impossible to monetize and all of this clearly not true this Instagram main page has sold for a sort of equivalent price to buying a private jet helicopter and superyacht like all three together literally a meme page well a bit more than the main page. It was a main page that then sort of morphed into a media company.

Every single week about growing on social media mostly about growing on Instagram and making money online two videos every single week all about that so watching and you will never miss a future article so a bit of backstory on the account according to TechCrunch. just five years ago in 2015 and I apologize in advance. I'm going to butcher this name Barack shiragai founded a company called and raised six million dollars from angel investors and VC firms in 2017. They then rebranded from the image and moved from just funny stuff to then begin including entertainment content asmr esports and gaming alongside their original funny content the main profile in this company's management was at dequan on Instagram with over 15 million followers.

Now I couldn't find the exact details on the origins of this account whether. This company started it or not but from what I could gather from a few different articles and I'm not sure how accurate. They were it was founded by an anonymous high schooler back in 2014. Who I then believe sold it to img and media or not sure. Who it was at the time either way this company. Which is known for owning dequan and that is their most valuable asset inside of this company, as well as a range of other profiles on tech, talk Snapchat and Instagram has just sold to warner music for between 85 and 100 million dollars.

So let's dive into my screen and take a quick look at the account and look at how it sold for so much. So diving into my screen you can see here the account at the Quan has got 15.7 million followers. Uh, there's a story about false info, which goes to show it actually is true it was founded in 2014. However, the person who founded it did not sell it they then turned it into image media and InstagramInstagramInstagramInstagramInstagramInstagramInstagramInstagramInstagramInstagramInstagramInstagram like they partnered with the person. Who was mentioned in the TechCrunch article as it says here the person is a Canadian I believe and started it in high school. Which pretty cool story but if we have a look at the account they're pretty much just posting memes um funny videos funny photos. Uh that they you know agree with and then they're even doing like I wouldn't be surprised.

 If this here is actually a brand deal without talking about the ps5 and they're getting people to tag their friends like that's your over let's have a look at the post over 106 000 people have commented on that tagging their friends. It says your third ad has to do it so it's like a hundred thousand people were just tagged into an ad which I assume is an ad for PlayStation. I assume they've paid for that a lot of money probably maybe even like a hundred thousand plus for that and that's the power of these pages. Which is why they're selling for so much because the power of that is huge and that's just a simple ad you can get really intricate and make like a whole trend based around something based around a brand and then use a page like this to get the trend going they've also got some other accounts.

I found like this one here which is at try hard so satisfying they've got a bunch more if we have a look at their website. It says they've got three billion views per month with over 40 million subscribers. Which is insane like I say 85 percent game millennial here's a bunch of the pages. I've got the Quan so satisfying to try hard journal sarcasm therapy body full and they've got these on Instagram tick-tock and Snapchat as far as I'm aware maybe even Facebook too um and you can see some of the work. They've done and this is what I'm going to talk about in a moment because I'm recording the screen recording after I've actually recorded the end of the video. Where I talk about how much it sells for and why it's so valuable but you can see they're doing ad deals with people like electronic arts.

Where they are making content based around their products so it doesn't actually look like an ad which means it does really really well organically and you can grow your account or push people to a product and influence culture without it coming across as a spammy you know buy battlefield 5 instead they make a piece of content about it and the same as Microsoft. They're posting a clip of someone playing Fortnite which is relevant to the audience and is going to push Microsoft's mixer obviously. That didn't turn out quite as well as they might have expected. They've done stuff for burger king, they've done a lot of work for these companies by creating content around it and like this website says electronic arts partnered with MGM to reach millennial gamers and drive social conversation around the release of battlefield v the latest addition in the battlefield series of video games image published a controversial meme video featuring the battlefield 5 trailer emphasizing.

How real the game is knowing fans will discuss and debate this was posted on one channel with one post and got over 3 million video views 665 000 engagements and 7 million-plus impressions. That is insane and super valuable for brands like ea electronic arts then they go on to talk about similar ones with mixer and burger king I mean the burger king one got over 2 million engagements 11 million video views 20 a million impressions and this doesn't even account for all the people that repost that or share it or that steal the content and post it on another a platform so the numbers could even be three or four or five times as large.

It's just insane the power that some of these brands hold and I'm going to talk about that more soon but yeah good on them the main page that has sold for close to 100 million but let's jump back to the main screen and we'll talk about why it has sold for so much so that's a look through the Instagram account but why would a music company like warner music pay just under 100 million dollars for a bunch of meme pages on social media well here's why whilst memes might be silly and funny.

They actually influence trends massively and shape the culture of today there are songs out there today which have been written by nobodies or people with very small audiences that have gone massively viral think of the likes of old town road or even artists like Paulo g or Lil day. Who are known artists with a decent-sized audience? They've gone viral on tick-tock and it's helped massively run up the popularity of their music even the likes of h in the Uk. Who not a lot of people know of outside of the UK has become kind of mainstream thanks to his songs getting pushed on social media through trends. That has been born out of Instagram.

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