How to Create a YouTube Playlist on Your Channel

Everything you need to know about creating playlists on youtube with your own videos as well as incorporating other people's videos into your playlists. I'm also going to share some best practices for ranking these playlists on youtube stay tuned because all that is coming up you got to just press record. Hey guys my name is Nolan mult with think media. Now today I'm actually going to be using my computer to show you how to do this but it's going to be the same steps.

If you are using your smartphone with that being said let's jump right into the video now the easiest way to actually create a playlist in my opinion and to start a new playlist or add videos to your playlist is simply by hovering over these three dots. So when you move your mouse over the video right now I am on the think media homepage. So this is going to be adding our own videos to a new playlist and then later on I'm going to show you how to add in other videos but if we hover over one of our own videos. you're going to see these three dots appear on the right side.

So let's hover over this one since I am in this video I'm gonna click on those three dots. We have some options here at the very bottom we have a button called save to playlist. Now when we click on save to playlist what we're seeing here is a bunch of playlists that we've already made on the think media channel and so once you have some set up. This is where you're gonna see a lot of your playlists happen and uh what we're gonna do right now though is we are going to create a new playlist. Which is what you see right here at the bottom the plus button creates a new playlist we are going to select that and here we're able to put in a name and so for this instance.

I am just going to start creating a playlist of motivational content, okay and so I'm going to add some motivational videos and I'm actually going to show you how to remove this video later on in the video and I want some motivational video. So I'm going to create a playlist called motivational videos down here under privacy we can choose to either make this public. This means that anyone can find this in search anyone can find this on our actual youtube channel and then unlisted would be anyone with a link can find that playlist. So if I want to send it to someone it's not going to be public for people to search for or to see on my channel but if they have the link they can go and check out that playlist for this case.

I'm not done with the playlist yet I'm just starting it and so I am going to make a private playlist. This means only I can see it and that way no one can see my motivational videos. Now we are going to hit create that's one of the many ways to create a playlist and I'm going to show you some other ways to create playlists and so stay tuned. Because I'm going to show you exactly everything you need to know exactly where to go to add more videos take out videos and then some really cool tricks for ranking these playlists but let's go into youtube search and let's add a couple more motivational videos to our playlist.

So I'm just going to search for motivation and we are going to see some videos pop up here. Now I'm going to add a couple of these videos to my playlist simply by hovering over the video. You're going to see these three dots appear again and I'm going to click that and I am going to save to playlist and now we should be able to see. It's here right at the top it says motivational videos and to the right, you see this little lock that is showing us that it is a private playlist and so I am going to select that box and then automatically you can see it's been added to motivational videos in the bottom left-hand corner at this point.

I can just exit out by hitting the x and that video is now in my playlist. Now if I want to actually watch the video and see if I like it before adding it to my playlist you can click on the video you can start to watch it and then you have a save button down here, where this is where you can actually save this to your playlist you still have this here but this time this button does not let you add that to a playlist. So you have this little symbol and the save button and that is the same exact thing. We can add that to our motivational videos and we see it's been added we can exit out of this and now we've added we have three total videos in our motivational videos playlist. So now if we want to go to our playlist maybe make some changes change the title.

What I'm going to do is I'm going to go to my youtube channel and you're going to see something here. When I go to playlists on my actual channel we're not going to see our motivational videos playlist. If I go through all of these you're not going to see them because it is private so what we need to do here is we actually need to go into our youtube studio. You can do that by clicking on the icon here and going to youtube studio and on the left side of the screen. We're actually going to have a playlist button so we are going to go to playlist it's gonna open a brand new page for us here. You're also able to make a new playlist as well and you have these same options and so there are a few ways to do this and so I hope that showing you all of them as you come across so you can find what is easiest and what's going to work best for you here we're able to see all 179 playlists.

I know we have a lot of playlists but think media has been around for a long time so we have a lot of playlists here we can go over here we could search for our playlist but since we just made the motivational videos playlist and have been adding to it it's right here at the top of our page. If you click on play all this is actually going to take you to the videos into that playlist so you can start watching those videos. If you'd like but we don't want to watch the videos we want to actually make some changes and so we're going to go over here wait over to the right we're going to hit edit now this is the page that we really want to be on because we're going to make some cool changes in here. Where we can really optimize the description we can even optimize you know re-change the title and even add and subtract videos all within here so right now we have our playlist and there's a few things.

We can do the first thing is to remove a video now I'm going to hover over this top video. I don't want this video in my motivational videos playlist. So I'm going to click on these three dots and right here we can see that we can remove from motivational videos. So I'm going to select that and now we have our two motivational videos inside of our playlist. Now if we click on those three dots again we actually have some really cool features that we can do so if I click on this I can either move this to the top of the playlist. I can move it to the bottom of the playlist where it's already at or I can set as a playlist thumbnail so automatically youtube is going to create a thumbnail for your playlist based on your top video.

 Which happens to be this one right here and you can see this is actually what people are gonna see on youtube when they find this playlist but let's say that I want this image to be my thumbnail and if I move it to the top it's automatically going to be the thumbnail but if I don't want that specific video to be the thumbnail for the playlist you can select a video.

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