How To Curl Your Hair With Chopsticks

Hey guys actually may know I like to try unconventional ways to curl my hair. I have some sucks I've done strolls. I've gone rags I've done so many different coding methods but something. That I haven't tried yet is to curl my hair with chopsticks you can use chopsticks to make really really tight curls in your hair and it's actually really simple all you need is just a chopstick and a straightening iron and then you're all good to go um so, I'm gonna try it out today show you how it works to show you the results on my hair and what I think during the process.

So I'm gonna start by separating my chopsticks here don't just use one basically what you do is just twist a tiny section of hair around the chopstick then heat it up with a straightening iron and then it's curled sound simple enough. I do think it's gonna take along time to do though where I've done all of my hair in those tiny little sections. So we're gonna see I'm gonna plug in my straining iron ear. I'm not really sure where to start now whether to work from the top down or from the bottom up. I think I'm gonna go from the bottom up so yeah let me start by just separating out the bottom section of my hair.

I'm gonna click the rest up for now so I'm gonna spritz this with a heat protector really well take section up here I'm going to heat up my curling iron straightening iron and while that's heating up. I'm going to twist this little section of hair around my chopstick now I need to figure out the best way to wrap. This I can do it flat or I can do like the twisting wrap I can't even wrap this thin section of hair around this chopstick okay. So maybe if I just hold it and do the whole twist and wrap thing it could be a little bit easier. So I'm gonna hold on to the end so that I don't jump off and now take my straightening iron and just go over this, I was something very important you want to make sure that you are absolutely using a wooden chopstick and not plastic because if you use plastic.

It'll melt into your hair and we don't want that okay. I think it's done oh wow oh look at that oh my gosh that looks amazing oh I can't wait to see my whole hair like this okay. I'm gonna move on to the next bit this is going to take forever though I expect to be here for hours but if the effect is really cool so the twister wrap seems to be working nicely. So I think I'm just gonna continue like that this is so cool guys well okay. So I think I'm just gonna finish this section and then I will be back or maybe I'll just finish all the bottom of my hair and then I'll show you how it looks. I have finished the bottom of my hair here it looks really cool.

I think took about 40 minutes so I'm kind of dreading doing the rest of my hair but I'm gonna do it anyway I'm here you know for the experiment so, yeah I'm gonna go again all I love these tiny little oh so cute can't wait to see how it will look. When everything is done so yeah moving on I'm gonna do the rest of my hair just take my hair down layer by layer spray it with heat protector curl and then I will be back. I am so done with this guy's I've been at it for two hours three I don't know it's been literally hours it's ridiculous. We're getting there I'm almost done but oh my this takes forever almost there all right guys it's been almost four hours since I started granted. I get to have lunch in between my hair is curled.

I definitely think I need to curl my banks as well cuz this looks really really silly. So that's the last thing I'm gonna do let me just say one thing straight away I don't know why you would do this unless. You literally have nothing to do all day it takes so much time. This is completely unrealistic see you in the morning almost almost almost there and it's a lot harder to do short hair Oh alright guys looks like. I'm actually done oh let's turn this thing off it auto-tune like three times during the process which is good to know. I guess that that function works oh man my arms hurt my might hands like the muscles in my hands hurt. I'm gonna have muscle ache tomorrow I'm absolutely sure as for the look my hair looks really really thin. I have to say I'm not entirely sure I like this look on myself I am pretty sure it's not worth the 3 to 4 hours it took two - I don't know guys. I don't know the curls are so tiny in so tight that my haircut just disappeared and it's all see-through and maybe it's because I did the twist and crap thing.

Maybe if I would have just wrapped without twisting it would have looked better ok. I'm really scared about this but what if I kind of run my hands through this maybe I can get some volume in there try to kind of shake it up anything happening at all, oh-oh we're getting somewhere we're getting volume. Now okay so what if I tried to kind of separate a few of these curls. Oh,, I like it a lot better fluffy okay so I think I'm gonna go back and kind of start separating these curls and spend even more time with her stuff,, no but that does look a lot better. When it's fluffy looks a lot more natural like that yeah I like that much better okay. I'm gonna go for it now this is a whole different story I love this guy's look at that volume oh I love this so big look so cool.

I feel like I look like a completely different person now cuz it's so different from my normal hair. This is what you get when you spend four hours curling your hair with a chopstick pretty cool result not sure. If it's worth four hours but then again I wouldn't know how else to achieve. This effect I've heard that stroke curls can come out like this if you use small enough sections but then you will be once again spending a long time just wrapping the hair around straws. I guess it's really fun to try out for a day maybe just get a feeling for what it's like to have this texture of hair. I do think is really cool.

It's so big oh my gosh Wow how will this look in a ponytail oh well really nice. I think I'm gonna keep it down low Boni oh I look like one of my high school teachers. I'm just gonna leave it down I really like it like this okay guys. I think I'm gonna end the video here my curls are finally done took forever but I have to admit the result is really nice. So thank you so much for watching guys.

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