How To Curl Your Hair With Socks?

My sock crowing method at some point in your life it is by far my most popular video on how to grow your hair with a sock in that article. I twist my hair into a sock bun and then finally make awesome curls. I shot video years and years ago okay. I want to revisit sock girls but in a slightly different way. I am going to use socks to grow my hair a little bit differently I'm going to use them to make rad curls rad girls have been used for centuries and centuries to crawl women's hair without using heat.

I have used this method today to curl my hair as you can see these are pretty impressive girls. I literally just took the socks out of my hair. So I'm expecting this to kind of loosen up a little bit throughout the day but this is I mean this is a pretty impressive pretty impressive set of curls. I am always up for new overnight hello heats curling methods and this is one that I definitely like and will be using again in the future so all you will need are four socks or maybe six depending on the thickness of your hair.

I have pretty thin hair so I can use four and that's enough for me and a spray bottle of water you can use pure water or you can use water with a little bit of salt in it for some extra hold so what you need to do is divide your hair into four sections and I just split my hair down the center like that and then I divided my hair into four like. This so that I had four sections and then what you need to do is really simple you literally, just spray your hair with this water spray and then go through to make sure it is damn evenly and you don't want it to be soaking wet just then because when your hair dries in a certain position.

So curled up as it is now it will set in that way and stay curled so then what you're going to do is just wrap your hair around the sock-like that roll it up all the way to your scalp and then tie a little knot into this sock. So that it stays on all day or night of course if  you're wearing this at night just like that really simple and then it should look something like this. When you have all four in and you're going to sleep with this and it's pretty um pretty comfortable to sleep in it's a little bit heavy this lock is a little bit heavy on your hair but when you're lying down.

That way it is just on your mattress so it's not tugging on your scalp. So that's fine in my opinion when you wake up it will have dry completely and then when you take out your socks you get this amazing full head of curls and this works so well and you can even adjust the size of your girls. If you use more socks and take smaller sections your girls will be smaller and if you use fewer socks and take larger sections your curls will be larger or more like kind of waves. So I think this is a perfect overnight curling method but I do think I would do differently next time.

I use this is a twist this hook all the way up to my scalp up here because now when there's a little bit flat on the top here and it starts it goes into these giant curls down here. So I would like to get to be a little bit more evenly distributed but that's just in the way. I roll my socks so other than that this good works perfectly now you can set these curls with a little bit of hairspray but I'm pretty confident these will last me at least one day just as they are that is another way to use socks to curl your hair overnight with no heat. So yeah let me know the comments below have you to your rack curls because I know many people use these so yeah let me know if you have any tips or tricks.

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