How to get the BEST DEALS on Amazon Prime Day Tips

So amazon prime day 2020 is upon us amazon pushed it back. I'm gonna be sharing five tips on how you can get the best deals on amazon prime day. This year I've got full training for you and I'm also going to go through my content creator checklist um breaking down some of the things. So you can make your game plan for shopping. This year and so a lot of powerful content coming up but yes prime day is upon us officially October 13th and 14th and my question for you are what are you shopping for on amazon prime day let me know in the comment section below.

Do you have any targets anything in particular. If you're fired up and let's get into tip number one you got to sign up for amazon prime um, if you want to take advantage of amazon prime day. You have to be an amazon prime member and um if let me know are you an amazon prime member. I've put a link in the description down below and uh all the links in the description related to amazon are my affiliate links and um there's so many benefits and so here's the cool thing. You can just get a 30-day trial right let me know if you're already an amazon prime member my wife and i swear by it right um you get delivery benefits like uh two-day one-day same-day delivery grocery benefits you get prime video.

We use that a lot right for different streaming shows and things like that you get amazon music. We don't really use that too much but do you get things like amazon photos. Did you know you have unlimited photo storage with amazon prime. It's true and so so many things that you may not even know about it let me know by the way. If the audio is even working because I don't even know what i'm doing today um okay. So uh sign up for amazon prime that might be a given but in order to take care of amazon prime day.

You have to be a prime member and again um you can sign up and you get a 30 day free trial and you can cancel. If you want or you can see if you like all the benefits and there's a link to those benefits in the description down below. If you need those details um all right tip number two calculate. How much you are actually saving and let me give you a couple examples with some deals. That are already out at the time of recording this by the way um amazon uh prime day does not start until midnight tonight. Now if you're watching this video on the 13th or the 14th the deal's already happening. So if you click the top link in the description that will take you to the deals page. Where you can see all the deals that are happening and you can see deals start at midnight amazon is a west coast company here in the united states.

So i believe that's midnight pacific standard time. So we're just a few hours away from those deals starting right. Now you can see the early access deals and then the official deals will really start pretty soon but here's an example of calculating your savings. I think this is one of the deals that are outright. Now that i think is pretty amazing is you can get a 55 inch Toshiba smart tv a fire tv for a hundred and fifty dollars off so you wanna make sure you see the price and then you see the deal in some cases it will show you the percentage here it does not but that's one example and there's also a 43 inch the 55 inch a couple different options on deals the 32 inch for a hundred dollars my reason for putting.

This here too is maybe you want a new gaming monitor or even some kind of like maybe you want to use that for your computer as a content creator you might want to check out some of those tv deals here's an example of an iPad. Now apple products don't really get discounted that much but you can see that there's a 16 savings on this deal and maybe we like to use pads for teleprompters. So that's one thing to check out MacBook pro now notice this and this is some of the stuff. You want to study yes it's five percent off on the sale but see it says save 100 at checkout and so what you actually do is add it to. Your cart it's going to add that promotion onto it later and so notice all around this shopping area here what certain specific deals are now another thing. That's really important is it's not just the deal this is one of my favorite early deals is these hubs.

 If you are a MacBook user and let me know are you mac or pc tell me in the comments are you are you team mac are you team um and so notice. That it's not just the savings, so i actually have this exact hub with the ethernet plug-in cable why because of live streaming. So i want to be able to hardline in critical for your MacBook see it's got audio ethernet. It's got all the things so the savings in this case is a little coupon click here that you have to make sure you actually check the box to add the coupon to get the actual savings. Now on top of that look at this guy if you if you grab. This one you get the ethernet it's a little bit less ports you've got 54 normally on sale 27 off click the coupon an extra 10 off and so if you want to check out these uh VA have I don't know.

How you say it but they work i have two different hubs like this for my MacBook link in the description down below. If you want to check those out but the tip my friends is calculate. How much you are actually saving and so uh check that one out and thank you so much everybody for being here sean's world good to see you face sasha j mike john we got five tips coming up for you and um we are on tip number three returns until january first yeah how how dope is that so um amazon is in full holiday mode right. Now that's a pretty big deal because that's almost three months of returns now amazon with prime date it seems kind of strategic doesn't it.

I'm curious your thoughts they're jumping like a whole month ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the holiday deals. I think they're trying to take some of the pie as the biggest e-commerce store to say do your holiday shopping. Now so I have a feeling they're going to come out strong at midnight with some sick deals over the next 48 hours and by the way. It's funny that it also is like a two day thing amazon prime day is like two days or at least one and a half days um i think. They're going to come out strong with some deals because they want to take that market share from other retailers and by the way other retailers are doing deals at the same time too.

Because it's it's an e-commerce kind of competition um in preparation for the holidays. So I think maybe are you shopping for somebody else or are you building out your own battle station and your own content uh let me know and so uh returns though are extended so you could take some action make sure that things are actually right for you or you're actually gonna use they you know you can grab. Whatever deals you want and then take advantage of that extended return. So that's cool tip number four master lightning deals my friends. This is where the magic happens so if you haven't really shopped before make sure you're signed up for amazon prime the way the deals work is their lightning deals. Now what is a lightning deal when deals are available it's usually one per customer and there's a limited promotion period.

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