How to highlight and contour your face

Hi everyone welcomes back to my channel today. It's not me this is my best friend Emily and I said Emily can. I do your makeup I really want to do a highlighting contouring pos. She said yes so today I'm going to be showing you how to highlight and contour your face. I've done a couple posts like this. But I wanted to do one with somebody who has different features than I do. So I can show you how I would highlight and contour Emily's face. I'm going to list all the products I used in the description bar below.

If you liked watching these videos where I do makeup on somebody else let me know in the comments below and give this post a thumbs up and let's get started Emily's got the most beautiful skin. So I wanted to hydrate it and use a little bit of moisturizer before. I start applying the makeup I always like to let the moisturizer sit for five minutes that way. The makeup stays in place and doesn't slip and slide. I'm starting with a foundation that is three shades lighter than Emily's skin tone. I'm creating small triangles underneath the eyes one thing. I wanted to mention in this post is that when you highlight to make things look bigger and wider.

So when you make a really large triangle underneath the eyes.It can actually have a not-so-good effect and it can make the face look really wide. So you want to make sure that you're keeping the highlight fairly short and simple that way things don't look lighter or bigger keeping. This concept in mind I'm highlighting down the bridge of the nose in a straight line. This is going to make the nose look really sharp and defined and pointed. Which is a really good cute look that's kind of what we all want. I'm also highlighting the chin Cupid's bow and the forehead. So I've brought the features forward that I wanted to highlight using a lighter foundation.

Now I'm going to balance that out using a darker contour shade and this is a darker foundation. It's about four shades darker than her skin. I'm tracing underneath Emily's cheekbones and this is going to give her a really defined loo. Which is going to look amazing and I'm also going to contour her along the perimeter of her face really. Just to balance out the highlight and make her face looks nice and structured and slim she naturally has a great face structure. So I'm going to just be kind of highlighting and contouring that. But I'm not going to be changing the shape Emily has a really straight nose. But I'm going to bring a little more definition to it using the contour shades. I'm tracing right beside those highlight shades. I'm kind of wrapping it around the tip of the nose. I'm also going to place it. Some of that darker color along the sides that highlight on her chin and then along the lines of her jaw. Just to create more structure and definition.

Okay, now it's time to blend and I don't really like to go into this all at once. I'm taking a beauty blender and I'm starting to blend that highlight out. Just to kind of see how far that highlights going to go. I'm patting underneath the eyes I'm going to Pat along with the nose under the chin and Cupid's bow and this is going to spread the highlight let me know. If I need to add any more and I'm also going to be using two separate tools this is like the best tip. I can give you use two separate tools to blend your two products the light and the dark. Because if you use the same tool things can get muddy really really quickly using small circular motions. I'm going to start blending that contour with a really fluffy little brush and I love this method it works. So so well using a fluffy brush with these foundations makes everything look. So blown out and blended and perfect. So I really like this method and I definitely recommend it. If you're a beginner one thing you can notice is that. When I'm starting to blend out a product and it's just straight pigment. I hold the brush really close to the ferrule because that gives me the most pressure and then once. They can start to blend out. I will release that pressure by holding the brush closer to the tip of the handle and that just gives me less control. Which is going to give you softer blood.

If you have problems blending definitely pay attention to how you're holding. Your brush the pressure applied has a lot to do with. How things are going to soften up and blend the nose is such a small area and the work we did on. It is so precise that I don't recommend using a large brush to blend everything out. I like to use a small eyeshadow brush with natural fibers. just kind of softening up those lines the makeup that I used on Emily today look.So flawless and she really didn't need any powders because her skin is normal and it doesn't get oily. So I'm not going to add any powder on her today but of course,e if you have oily skin. I recommend adding a powder over top just to set everything and make sure that. It doesn't get oily and greasy I'm taking a small two one seven brush from Mac.

 This is just a really small blending brush. I like to use this underneath the eyes to blend the eye shadow and the concealer together. So there are no harsh lines and then I added blush and here is the before and after that's the completed look, you guy. I really hope you like seeing this technique if you like this kind of post.

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