How to Make MONEY Online without YouTube AdSense

It's creating something small that you could create fast market fast and get sales going quicker and even generate customers quicker um that then you could then bolt on the next step you got to just press record. I'm a graphic design and marketer by trade and so I figured why not do design for life uh with john Feldhaus and that's my name. So uh can I get my name out there I have and then I'm just gonna kinda build a brand from there I have for my first article.

I kind of want to do um marketing and design and I wanted to put some courses together. So what I was kind of thinking based on your feedback from the girl with the article is have a couple article series and then lump them together and then I can actually do like a course more detailed with that and then that would be kind of like design-wise. Because I think that's going to be the quickest route so I kind of wanted to see what your thought process was done. I go higher value or do I go quickly to get executed because I know I could knock those design articles out really quick versus marketing because marketing is so all over the place.

 So my that's kind of my general question to you. Yeah, I love it john, and thanks so much for being a part of uh growth subject and um yeah what I would say not just to encourage you but everybody reading is we have a phrase in our brand that you heard what's the shortest path to revenue and part of something to think about with the shortest path is um. You know if you were to want to build a whole car you could sell the car for a lot of money potentially but you'd have to build a whole car alternatively. If you just sold some armor all dash cleaner you might be able to get that product to market a lot faster.

Because you're not actually building a car you're just building one little piece comes with a microfiber cloth spray the armor all on come on any car fanatics post like me you would do you'd have the leather and the armor all you'd have to tire cleaner. If you detail your own car all these different car products so like. What's a smaller product that you could get to market faster and when it comes to online courses we think about that as a mini offer aka a tiny offer aka a baby offer and um it's one thing. If you were to say I have created the photoshop academy it is 400 hours long by the time.

You get to the end of it you'll be able to 3d render you know it's not even really photoshop but you'll be able to literally do everything or like the beginner's jump start to achieve. This results with say something like photoshop and it could be anything and you start thinking about a couple things. You want to get dialed in is exactly like. Who is your target audience the way to stand out in this thing is not to just create potentially a general core uh online course but to really create. It for a specific group of people like helping teachers learn photoshop because teachers now need to do their own graphic design for all the virtual e-learning.

 That's actually finding like a niche within a niche it's finding a niche and you're a marketer so you know what I'm talking about. So uh it's something like that it's creating something small that you could create fast market fast and get sales going quicker and even generate customers quicker. That then you could then bolt on the next step you could essentially use your armor all car cleaning product business to maybe even fund how hard it would be to create a manufacturing plant to build real cars. So it's even a cool way that the new economy is created for us as online entrepreneurs to actually bootstrap and stack and fund multiple different projects does that make sense you create a smaller offer you get some stuff going maybe eventually you get some help or you buy yourself some time or you buy. Yourself some leverage so you could actually create something. That's at a higher level and you also have a built-in client base and potentially the ability to get some passive income and passive customers being generated because it's gonna be easier to sell a product for seven dollars or twenty-seven dollars or forty-seven dollars and then eventually you say hey by the way my new thing's out my 500 records.

My thousand dollar full-on academy my five-day a workshop where you come and we sit down like. Whatever you want to do next you sort of are like building out the customer journey as you go these are hardware and one lesson. That I learned the first course I ever created was an academy and it stressed me the heck out man it was like it was super long. I was overwhelmed my head was like spaghetti trying to like to think about and then you know and things went good but just learning from what I learned creating video ranking academy.

Which is amazing and it's now gone through multiple iterations we just recently overhauled the whole thing looking back. I would have created a tiny offer first that was also if you will lower ticket more affordable and they talk about in business in general. That it's something like a thousand times easier to sell something else to an existing customer than it is to even create a customer and in marketing cost per conversion cost per customer can be astronomical that becomes kind of the barrier to entry. It's like once you are a customer. I've been buying all these running closed workout clothes lately as I was going through 75 hard and I'm noticing how much retargeting these brands are doing like as soon as I hit their website or I make a purchase dude.

I'm they're hitting me everywhere they're in my Instagram feed Facebook and I'm like wow the reason these products cost. What they cost is because they are built into their whole sales process the marketing margin to probably spend to sell me these designer running shorts for like seventy dollars. They're probably spending 35 dollars to try to get me to become a customer at first and they're doing it because they're berating anyways you get kind of the idea. So as we land the plane that's kind of is what I would think is I would think how do you start with the shortest path to revenue and then give yourself some leverage and some cash is king cash flow is king cash is oxygen to your business and then you're reinvesting.  That cash to scale up to build the next thing get your youtube channel growing more does that make sense are you curious about the programs and services.

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