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When I was younger I used to rely a little bit on stuff to make me happy and it was like, it wasn't really actually relying on it but it was kind of like chasing the idea. That there was something that would do that for me because I never actually felt satisfied with the things. That I purchased but I ultimately thought that I would figure something out there would be some kind of item and it would be like. Oh, this one's the one you know and I always felt really clever.

Because I kept up with all of the coolest bloggers and all of the coolest news shops and stores and eyeshadow palette releases got so many eyeshadow palette releases and each one was like the promise to make me feel beautiful and happy and I really thought. That this was a way of taking care of myself self-care shall I say and then one day for one reason or another. I fell into the deepest depression of my life I was it was a real experience for me because there were days. Where I was literally in bed immobilized by a feeling of pain and it wasn't like every day was the same. I was kind of feeling like this dull ache for months on end and some days.

I was really high functioning so I take on like a really big project and I'd be like you know if I have enough coffee. Today I'm gonna kill it and ultimately some days. I could but some days I would just break down and end up crying and that was really hard to live like that I had no real way of taking care of myself and so that means I was desperate to find things. That would make me feel better to feel good even just for a moment but those habits sent me right back in bed there was something. That I always knew even when I was going through really hard stuff and that was that it wasn't actually supposed to be like this for me and I knew that accessing peace was completely possible even though. I didn't know how to do it and so we'll fast forward to now I've become a complete self-care junkie and I'm feeling so much better daily about everything.

 Hey I'm Alexandra I feel like now I should tell you that if you've never seen me before this is my series called womanly and this is how to self-care now the constant pursuit of things. That is gonna make you happy I realize that doesn't actually work you're always going to be human and you're always going to go through hard times and that's what this video is about. It's about understanding that that's true but having a system in place or several to put yourself back in a position. Where you feel in control calm and full of peace as you do this again and again you transform the way you see the world yourself and the way you make decisions to me self-care is the action you take to address your own experience address being the keyword meaning. if you identify that you're having a difficult time with something you're able to address it by asking yourself what is on the opposite end of this difficult situation.

 I'm experiencing what would bring me back to a sense of wholeness and peace exercising. This muscle to be intuitive with yourself only brings you into alignment with who you actually are this is exactly why I put a really strong line between self-care and self-maintenance using self-maintenance practices like doing your eyebrows getting a pedicure. Those are ways to maintain the way you look but that is not a way to heal or address the way you feel necessarily although those things can feel great. This video is going to show you how to truly self-care bring yourself into a space of healing and well-being.  I think so much of this is about acceptance and habits and understanding yourself and then accepting yourself again and again and I'm going to show you this because I truly believe that self-care is a pillar and a foundation for self-confidence and while I used to think like stuff was going to make me happy.

I really realized that you could have all the stuff in place you could have everything that you think is a great foundation for a happy life but if you never had a self-care strategy or you remove it everything can come crashing down. This video comes in three chapters so stick around for all of them and thumbs up this video if you enjoy it but thumbs down if you don't I'd like to know either way let's get into the video chapter one. I used to look at self-care as something that needed to look a certain way it needed to look like spa-like or it needed to look relaxing it was all about taking a pause and like pampering myself into feeling better.

Now there are so many classic self-care practices we can all think of without even trying like putting cucumbers on your eyes or taking a bath a massage and it's not to say that these things aren't amazing and relaxing. However, I've learned that the best kind of self-care doesn't always look. So self-care it's more important to me than the small changes. I make on an everyday basis and how I live my life now this first section is about psychological self-care this is all about improving or preserving mental and emotional health. This section is going to encourage you to adjust your perspective inside and have that work for you in the day-to-day so we're going to be looking at psychological tips.

That helps you feel better so you don't necessarily feel the need to escape later we're integrating self-care into the way that we live our lives number one the mask we wear. This really felt like a lifestyle change for me I would go through stuff like. I'd go through heavy stuff you know a ton of anxiety or I'd be experiencing depression for more than a week. I really trained myself out of showing this to the world they would ask how are you.  oh, I'm good how are you I'm okay. How are you I wasn't actually, okay, and I never felt like I could share that with people and even when I had some high moments and felt really good.

I didn't really want to be over the top so I never answered authentically it was like my brain was like a computer and it is like a computer and I used it like that I just kept pressing the same button and not only does that kind of put you on autopilot. It doesn't help you with your happiness but it creates a more insidious problem. Where every time you do that and you split your experience into something you think is worthy of being seen and then your hideaway. What you're really experiencing you're telling yourself that you're not worthy of like showing up in the world and that is that has some really big consequences thumbs up.

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