How to SLAY a White T Shirt The Perfect Tuck

Today I'm gonna be showing you the basics of a white t-shirt all the ways you can tuck tie And wear your shirt to make it look better than just a boring white tee. If you guys want to see what I have to Show you then just keep reading. This is how to slay your white t-shirt. I'm gonna start with the basics because this is the most important part of getting a great white t-shirt that is really important. It's not hard to do But I want to mention that when you get a 100% cotton t-shirt Unless.

It's really soft cotton it can be too crispy, and it won't fall and drape properly, so I like to use something that's blended cotton and synthetic blend because it just ties up easier and it drapes a lot softer. You also need to wear a nude bra underneath not a white bra. Not a black bra Not a colored bra because a nude bra will just look like your skin And it will completely camouflage itself underneath the t-shirt. Once you got these two things you're set up for success And you can start tucking and tying the way that you want this is the perfect truck. This is great for every day.

This is good for special occasions like it literally looks so perfect and it emphasizes your silhouette. But there's nothing tight on your body so if you're bloated you can wear this and it'll look great. The key to getting an all-day tuck is making sure you tuck everything really really firmly. So for this, you're gonna have to pull it out so that it doesn't look strange. But also make sure that your tuck is secure. What I'm gonna do is push the fabric all the way down until it you can see it's strained in the middle. Then I'm gonna fold over the edges just to make it get that natural drape And I'll pull up the middle until it's just naturally kind of draping over.

But it's still firmly tucked underneath, it's just that no one would know it. Now all of a sudden your shirt is not boring it looks effortless and chic and I love the fact that the back of this shirt stays untucked. So this is great for Covering up your butt if you're not having a good butt day. This next tuck everybody should know this is when you are having a good fat day. You want to show it and you want to look really effortless. While you're doing it pick a side of your shirt right or left And then tuck it from the side of your hip all the way through to the middle of your jeans.

 So it should align with the button on your jeans to make sure that it's going to look perfectly Asymmetrical then what I'm gonna. Do is fold over the shirt, which is the key to making everything look draped and Effortless that's my favorite word And if you want to show off your silhouette you can just make sure that the side of your waist is tucked in a little Firmer, but still pull it out. So that it can drape over the jeans a little bit. I love that This is added a ton of visual interest to such a casual look and this looks really great when you add some layers over top Tying your t-shirt is such a cute look. It really emphasizes the waist and it's really on-trend right now all you need to do Is take your fabric to bring it up to the area that is smallest of your waist.

That's where I find it looks the best and then grab the material and create a loop at the base Tie the t-shirt around itself and then pull it through until you have a knot Very very simple of course this turns it into a crop top, and if you want to show skin you can But there's another way you can wear this you could put something. That's really high-waisted underneath And you can still get that cinched waist effect without showing any skin This next tuck is for when you fully just want to show off your buns And they look really good in a certain pair of jeans.

So you're like okay Let me put all of the emphasis on this and leave the front of the shirt really simple you basically just have to tuck in Your pants, but if you didn't know to roll over the side of your shirt. It would look really Like you tried really hard to tuck your pants in so make sure that the sides of your shirt are folded under Until you can't see the seam and that will cause it to drape naturally causing you to look like your shirt is just Casually tucked into your pants. This is a much better look This is the ultimate truck for when you just eat lunch, and you want to cover up the tummy, but the buns are looking Poppin.

This is the most unexpected way that you could ever wear your shirt. I didn't know what the hell to call this. This is really easy to do all you need is a little elastic grab some fabric from the side of your waist On the t-shirt, but you have to do it from the inside Then you create a little bit of extra fabric and fold it over Just to check. What it looks like it should look like almost a little flower or like a little Roush in your shirt. It's a very cute, and very chic way to wear a basic white t-shirt. This looks super cute because it emphasizes the waist and it adds like little feminine touch.

If you want to wear this But you want to really cinch in your waist you could do it on both sides And this kind of creates a peplum t-shirt style Just tie both sides the way that you did for the first one and make sure that they're Symmetrically even on your waist lining up with each other and This will cinch in your waist and of course, add more of a feminine touch than the first one and I thought I would save that one for last. Because it's super cool and totally unexpected. I hope you guys enjoyed these ways to tie and tuck your t-shirts. Let me know if you like this video by giving it a thumbs up if you did.

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