I'm going to be talking about some essential pieces for winter. I'm starting with a statement coat I feel like things in winter can get a little bit repetitive and a little bit boring. So a say one coat just helps to add a little fun and a little bit of character to your outfit this one is from H& M and I love the cocoon feel of it. I also love the color the tone is really perfect and although the colorless neck might not be everyone's cup of tea.

 I actually think it adds a lot of fun to a very classic staple coat and I really love the buckle. It's oversized it means I can throw on some really chunky jumpers underneath this coat will pretty much go with anything and everything but I'm styling it with a cashmere jumper front okay. I absolutely love this jumper and I feel like the color combination unless. It's kind of a match made in heaven a statement cut can take you a long way through winter place also some things. That you can pull out the next year too if you choose to invest in something.

That you really love and the coat that really feels like you chunky boots have made a bit of a comeback thanks to Prada but I didn't want to buy something too expensive but I found this pair in and of the stories and I absolutely fell in love with them. They're the perfect height I really love that I can completely cover up with these boots. I love that they're super chunky and really big. So I can worsen we fluffy socks underneath. I'm saying this outfit with a sleeveless vest from our care. I really love this drum pad because it means I can have a little bit more fun with my everyday pieces and pieces.

That I would know where to move summer I can incorporate them into my winter outfit. I've been wearing his good boot so many outfits whether it's some jeans or a skirt and it just looked really perfect. I really like the mix of flaring something we must clean and we can see like these boots and combining it with something a little bit pretty like a pleated skirt. They're also really comfortable talking all day and would be ideal for any weather in any climates. So it's definitely a very filled with Phi as I mentioned earlier.

I feel like winter style can be really repetitive so I like to incorporate some statement pieces into my wardrobe and I picked up this sweatshirt from Lou every and I bought it on father and I picked it up before Christmas as a little treat to myself whoever is around. That I really love and I was just so drawn to this sweatshirt because of the tunes. I really love the combination of that Molly white with a champagne color so, you'd be branding. I think it's really beautiful and it's just a really special jumper. that I feel like I will flow on days where I want to just look a little bit more polished and be a little bit more fun and add some prints.

You the outfit flashes I really made a home in my wardrobe recently and I think in winter they're really free. Especially on a really casual day just when you want to throw on something with a pair of jeans or social houses. It just looks really casual we comfortable I saw the sweatshirt with a coat from the q18. I really love it's a cashmere coat and it's in this really beautiful bold white color and I feel like it has really perfectly with this jumper. Especially with the logo the colors just match so well another thing. That I really love about this sweatshirt, in particular, is that it still has this touch of femininity to it even though kind of a bit more of a sluggish and quite achievement.

 I think the colors on this are just really perfect and they're also very winter-appropriate another thing. I picked up as a treat to myself before Christmas was the scarf from far fetch. It's by a brand name to attend which is a band that I really have been loving recently and loves a scarf is an obvious choice. When it comes to key pieces for winter it's essential to keep warm and I absolutely love the oversized cars. I really like how wrapped up I feel I love the warmth that it gives this one is in white color. Which does scare me a little bit because I'm just so worried about the anger.

That's here or viewing before I'll have to take extra good care of it the fabulous is absolutely beautiful. It's not a cheat at all and there are so many ways that you could style a scarf like this because F& E wear it as a surely alone as well and I think a white scarf like this just looks so chic and so polished and it goes at pretty much everything. That's probably not an outfit that I couldn't sell this with so it's something. That I'm definitely going to be getting a laugh we're doing a final piece is a love thing. That I absolutely love to wear and it's changing lives. I picked up this jumper from under the stories a while back and it's this amazing structured jumper.

 He loved the sleeves on this and the shoulders but it doesn't have shoulder pads. So it doesn't feel uncomfortable at all it's just got this really nice structure. That I think adds a bit of character to a very basic piece. There are all those jumpers that you just can't get bought off and will go with absolutely everything. So there are so many ways that you can wear it and I've styled it with a beige outfit because I really like wearing warmer tones even through winter and it means I can still incorporate some of my summer pieces like those into my winter wardrobe. This is definitely a very brunch appropriate but something that you just throw on on a Sunday morning and go out and buy breakfast. It's very comfortable and very laid-back but I still feel really put together and polished. When and where again so those are some of my key piece for winter.

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