Kim Kardashian Contour and Highlight Makeup Tutorial

Hey everyone welcomes back to my channel thank you so much for watching today. I'm going to show you how to get this Kim Kardashian inspired dewy makeup look. I love how she wears her makeup all the time .It always looks beautiful I love to contour and I love this dewy fresh look. She's been going for lately. So I wanted to recreate. It for you I really hope you enjoyed this post. Please give it a thumbs up for a new post every single Monday.

 Okay, let's get started before I put any of my products on. I want to make sure that my pores are concealed. So I'm using the benefit Porefessional putting. This on my nose my cheeks and anywhere. Where you can see some visible pores next. I'm taking fix+ and I'm spraying a little bit on my fingertips and then I'm placing this on the areas of my face that. I want to have more moisture and look dewy. I'm avoiding my t-zone because I don't want to look oily. But I'm putting this on my cheeks and you can see it gives a nice subtle glow next up is this BB cream by Gerard cosmetics. This makes your skin look really shiny and glowy and it's extreme like.

 It's a very very intense product so I like to use this under my foundation. I put it above my eyebrows on my cheekbones and on my nose. You can see my face looks so. So shiny and even greasy. But once I put foundation over and concealer. It's gonna look amazing I have lots of different little spots and some scarring and different little imperfections on my face and I used to kick up my foundation. So that I could hide these things but then I found out about color correction. I use a green concealer to correct all of the redness in my skin and then that way. I can use a really light foundation here. I'm using Mac's face and body foundation this is like a tinted moisturizer.

 But because I use that color correcting concealer. I don't have to worry about taking out my foundation to cover anything up of course. It's all up to you how much coverage you want. When I'm finished with this makeup look. You're still gonna see my skin showing through. I like to see a little bit of the freckle. Just a few imperfections that way it looks nice and natural and fresh. Okay, let's keep it moving this is one of my favorite prices. I love using concealer I don't know. Why it's just like my favorite step in my makeup application tell me what your favorite part is below for me. It's like either concealer or mascara. I'm taking this concealer Mac Pro Longwear in NC 20. I'm putting this in all the places that I want to highlight and then I'm blending all of that out with my fingers and I find that I get a really nice soft diffused look good to my concealer when I use my fingers I haven't been doing this for a long time.

But I just started recently and I like that it keeps all of the coverage there and it gives me. Some nice easy and quick blending and for under the eyes. I just take it clean to one seven blending brush you could use your fingers or you could use a brush. If you want to keep the coverage and make them soft and that way. I don't mess up and maybe I shadow I have underneath my eyes. So you can see the skin is still really nice and dewy. I'm going to take a pressed powder and this is a pro powder by Mac. It's called emphasize it's got some nice shimmer in. It but not glitter it just really reflects the light nicely while absorbing oils. So I'm gonna put this in my t-zone in any of the places. I don't want to look really greasy but you can still see it. Doesn't look powdery and it's still nice and fresh now. We all know Kim made contouring so famous it looks amazing.

I have an extreme contouring tutorial that you should check out. If you're interested in learning how to contour your face like Kim. I'm going to keep this nice and light. Because she's been wearing hardly any contour lately. Just a little bit on her temples and a little bit under her cheekbones. But nothing too dramatic so I'm taking my bronzer and I'm just putting this on my cheekbones and temples. Then to set my highlight I sing soft and gentle by Mac. You can use whatever shimmery eyeshadow or shimmery highlight that you like the complete the entire look. I'm using a blush this one's by NARS it's called outlaw and that completes the makeup look give this post a thumbs up. If you enjoyed it and if you want to see it. How I completed the lips and the eyes check out my Kylie Jenner inspired makeup tutorial.

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