Losing my YouTube V,CARD GET TO KNOW ME

 I just really wanted to introduce myself and let you know what you can expect to see here on my website and I thought it might be fun for you to get to know me a little bit first. I have a lot of interests I like cooking and baking and I know. It'd be quite fun to show a little bit about on my website I love fashion. So you can expect to see a hole or two going around on here another one of my great loves is reading. I love to read and get myself lost and a book you know in nice cozy corner escapism is my best friend do also love writing but that won't be shown here on my website. I could be a very private person. When it comes to that kind of stuff however you can expect to see book reviews here also another thing. I love to do it talk don't get involved in YouTube.

 If you don't like to talk right with this channel. I'd like to basically talk in-depth about the things that I'm most passionate about. I want to get into the nitty-gritty and talk about all the important stuff you know like anything from self-care periods fatphobia dating and sex past relationships trauma mental health. You know the stuff all the deep dark stuff that by talking about it and working through. It could potentially help someone else and you know help changes their life for the better so now that we got the nitty-gritty covered I think it's time for some questions. I've put a load of questions into this Cup nobody asked me these questions. I just literally went online and was like what questions get you to know like Tumblr vibes you know you know those things that used to go around Tumblr like. Oh inbox me these questions and I'll answer them I literally did that.

 So yeah no one has specifically asked me these questions. But it's still a fun way for you to get an insight into the type of person. I am so let's get into it and choose one okay are you a sports person no Hyung. I like to walk I like to do yoga about anything like more than that like you won't catch me running. You won't catch me at the gym no next one do you believe in love at first sight and why no. I believe in lust at first sight I mean you know you see someone across a crowded room and you think damn. But love, at first sight, no like you could be attracted to someone and then the moment you start speaking to them. They can just come out with a load of you know they could be sexist they could be racist like all things that you don't know about a person you can't. Just fall in love with a person I don't believe that happens. So yeah and that's on that next one what is your favorite book mmm this is gonna be hard it's gonna be really hard. Okay I have one if it were childhood me it would be Harry Potter through and through I know that's. So cliche but I grew up with that stuff it it changed me but in terms of like adulthood anything written by Tiffany Bryce.

 If you haven't read Tiffany rice and you'll just get me. Okay, next one what are you most grateful for in your life that's easy that's super easy my family, and my friends of course. But my family hundred percent babes they always helped me in times of need they're super generous super giving and super loving. I mean what's not to be grateful for they helped me. When I got out of a really bad relationship and they let me live in the house. I mean I pay rent we all pay rent here I think it's very generous of them. So let's go on to the next question what was the last thing you googled. Okay leave my phone for this private mode cool doesn't say. Oh, I can turn off the private mirror, and then I can see well the last thing. I gave was towns in Transylvania I'm writing this thing saying Transylvania. So I was like I need a town in Transylvania yeah that's literally it. Okay, next one is there something you've dreamed of doing for a long time. Why haven't you done it yeah this literally this has petrified me and I don't know.

 Why because I'm sat down here now and I feel I feel fine I feel like. I'm just talking to a friend well I'm talking to myself you know. Okay next one you know introvert or extrovert I'm an introvert which I think is gonna change once. We're out of this nightmare that the whole world is in right now. I think that' gonna change like literally get me to a beer garden okay next one no favorite color purple. I love purple when was your last relationship huh nearly two years ago yeah. I ended in May 2018 I'd say I got over it pretty quickly and then I didn't want them it. It's taking me well I'm still getting over it. I don't want the back sorting it's like the damage. I'm getting over the damage. So yeah May 2018 favorite mythical creature that's gonna be hard a Griffin maybe a mermaid unicorn. Why is my favorite dragon actually a dragon I love dragons next one what are you looking forward to going out again seeing? My friends in the flesh actual human contact that would be nice that would be really nice. Okay, next one by the way if all of you out there are really struggling like yeah. I feel you I'm with my family so it's not bad really for me at all.

 We have everything we need but I really feel for the people out there. Who don't you don't even have a roof over the heads you know anyway next one what are you passionate about. I'm passionate about friendship I say helping others especially well women yeah. I don't want to help the man I suck I wanna help women cuz. I amber one you know okay next one favorite ice cream Ben and Jerry's birthday cake. If you haven't tried to go try it it will change your whole life. Okay, next one favorite music artist slash. I love Megan's stallion favorite band this is hard because I listen to so many things Green Day. Avenged Sevenfold it's between those two you really. I listen to Avenged Sevenfold more than do Green Day though. I want it Avenged Sevenfold oh yeah artist Megan stallion bound Avenged Sevenfold. Okay next on favorite animal cats I have a cat's love him. He's my whole world yeah cat I'm a cat person okay how many have we got left let's just tip them out one two three four five six. Okay, we got six left let's do this what's your sign Capcom through and through. I wish I could figure out like the rest of my signs. I'm really super into that stuff but I really don't know the time I was born I know the hour. It was sometime around 2:00 a.m. but my mum doesn't have a specific time sir. When I bathe babies you best believe I'm gonna have a watch out what pets do you have. Okay you know I have a cat um I have a cat his he's called Marco. He's the love of my life and I was half two dogs Tess and Scooby Tess is my old girl she's getting on a bit now Scooby. He lives let's just say he lives up to the name. He's very clumsy he's a cockapoo and he's very gangly he trips over the legs a lot it's kind of cute Tess is a springer spaniel Marco is a Bengal tabby cross. He's a domestic Shorthair next one favorite TV show.

 Oh I watch a lot of tvs it really changes at the moment I'm binge-watching. The An office which I love Jim and Pam like Wow okay next one what do you value most in a friendship honesty definitely honesty like. If you're being a dick and your friends are like always gonna take your side even. If you're in the wrong like I think that's wrong. I think you should be able to tell your friend. When they're wrong and that's a good test of friendship yeah anyway next one. Which parent are you closest to honestly my mum? I've always been a mother's girl she was like a little angel literally we are one what's your motto d t DD which means do the damn thing which is ironic. Because I've been thinking about doing this for months and months and months and I've been just plucked up the courage. So hey at least I did the damn thing right I did the damn thing and I think with that I'm gonna beat you all did you. So guys I hope you enjoyed this best video it's only an intro but I did want to as. I would say do the down thing and do it right if you liked this post.

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