MUST Know Trick For Adding Clickable Links to YouTube Description

When it comes to adding links to your description or to your pin comment one of the biggest mistakes. I see people seeing is that they put a link there and when you click on it especially. When you're on your phone. It will take you outside of that youtube app. It'll take you to a different web browser now people don't like to watch youtube videos in the safari app. They like to watch inside that youtube app.

 So you really want to keep people inside that youtube app as much as you can. So in this post. I'm going to show you how to add links that will keep people inside that youtube app and another huge mistake. I see people make is when they put websites inside of their description. They're not clickable this is huge. If people are watching your video and you want to send them to a website or some sort of funnel. You really want to make sure that that link is working. So in this post. I'm going to cover all those things coming up you got to just press record hey guys. My name is noel molt with think media let's jump right into this post. So the first thing I want to touch on is that major mistake. Where when someone clicks on a youtube video link in your description.

 It takes them outside of the app. Why is that you ask well? It's because the link is altered you have to make sure that. When you are sharing a video link in your description or your pin comment. It cannot be unaltered. But you're going to want to keep watching. Because I'm going to show you how to get the shortest link possible to put into your descriptions. So here I'm inside the youtube studio and I want to add a video link let's. Just say I'm going to add in a video right here. I want to say watch this and then I'm going to put a link here that people do. Sometimes is they will take this link. They will either shorten it using a bitter link or a genius link. They will put that into the description now that will take them outside of the app. Because now you've altered that web address. So what I can do is I can just go ahead. I can copy this link right up here and without doing anything to it. I can go ahead and paste that and that is going to work people can click on that. It's going to keep them inside of the app. So here's a trick to shorten your link as much as possible and a lot of people don't know this .So if we scroll down here. We can see there is a share button.

 When you click this share button you can see. Something that youtube does here it goes u2 dot be. So it actually has shortened the link as much as possible. We're gonna go ahead and we can actually just hit copy right there. Now I'm gonna go back over here.  I'm going to paste that you can see. How much shorter that is it's much cleaner. So that is what. We do at the media if you are going to shorten a link that is the only way to do it. It's the best way to do it. It's going to keep them inside that youtube app now remember you don't want to mess with those links. You'll want to go in here and take away any of that https stuff you don't want o put You know you don't want to mess with it because that will actually alter the link and it won't work. So we're gonna double-check this by hitting save and I'm gonna go to the video description and see. Which of these are clickable all right. So down here in the description. We can see that our top link was unaltered and that is completely fine. It's completely clickable because. It's blue this one you can't even click on it. So what that means is it's useless you want to make sure that you are not deleting that https and adding www. So that is something really to take note of leave it unaltered and you will be fine. Now I have another major mistake that people make with links and I'm going to show you right here let's say. I wanted to take this description and use it as a template and maybe to save time.

 I just wanted to copy and paste this description to another video you want to be careful with how you do this. Because you will ruin some of the links for example down here. We can see it says watch this. We have this clickable link this is going to keep them in the app on mobile. Now you'll see here though that with this long link youtube has actually shortened and compressed that link by adding a dot dot dot and. So if I click on this video it is still clickable. Because youtube was the one that actually shortened that link not me. If I go into the edited video up here. You'll see that the lin still is the same. It's still as you can see right here. It's still long but youtube was the one that shortened it. So if I click on it this link is going to work. It is going to take me to this post that I wanted to send people to so you can see right here. It is working it sends them to video. Here's where it gets really tricky a lot of people think that you can. Just go ahead and copy the link that. I in the description on youtube and paste that to another video. Now if youtube has shortened it and has added that dot. Dot dot you need to be careful the dot should tell you to stop. It should tell you to be scared no shouldn't tell you to be scared. It should tell you to go into the youtube description and use that link inside. The youtube description does not use the link with a dot dot dot or your link will be dead. I will prove it to you right now by going ahead and copying this clickable link that should work perfectly fine you think. It would I'm going to copy that I'm then going to take it to a different video.  I'm going to paste it right there and it's unaltered and I haven't touched anything. I've just copied it from the description and I'm going to hit save.

So now if I go check the description. We have the link right here it looks blue. It looks great you think could click on it and it would work fine. But watch what happens when I click on this link video unavailable. So this is a huge mistake that people make that they are copying the links from other youtube descriptions. They are applying that to their other videos you do not want to do this. If you do want to copy from our description what you want to do is go back into youtube studio and then copy those full links. Okay, so if you see dot remember don't be scare but go into the youtube studio and get that full link. Now before I get into the websites and how to make sure that those links are completely compatible make sure you leave alike. If you've learned something new here and comment down below let us know what kind of youtube channel. Do you have let us know in the comments below? I'd love to hear from you alright. So we're going to go back into youtube studio. I've hit edit video and this is where you would want to copy that link. If you want to do that I'm going to go ahead and delete this. Okay, so what we're going to do is we want to make sure that our link is clickable.

 So we have a link here to grow with and I'm going to show you the major mistakes that people make a lot of people what they do. When they go into the description is they will just type in grow with just like that now it is the same web address if you were to take that a type that into google yeah. It would work but on youtube, it's a little bit different. So you do not want to type in just and expect it to be clickable. it's not going to be clickable the next mistake that people. Do is they will do WW dot grow with video live this is also not clickable inside the youtube descriptions. So I see a lot of people who will do that what you want to do is have that true address with the https. You know t colon the forward slashes you need all of that for it to be clickable inside of the youtube app inside of your descriptions. So you can see up here we have all that and we have our website and that is going to be clickable. You want that full web address in your description for it to be clickable. So inside this description, you can use these aren't clickable links it's a bummer a lot of people do this go in and fix them.

 If you have been doing this but this right here growth is clickable and it will take I got scared there for a second because I thought either this post. I'm doing is wrong or our growth video live. The website is down not good options but no my internet. It sucks and it's up now so when you click on your link. You're gonna see it will take you to the website and right here. We have our growth video live website. it looks good and you can get there straight away and you can do it right from the youtube description. Now if you want to make those links shorter what you can do is you can use. Something like bit and actually shorten that link. Because it has that https that is going to work and it's going to be a clickable link for you. So you definitely can shorten links and use that if you're sending. Someone to a website. Because that's going to take them off the app anyways. But you know you definitely don't want to do that if you're sending. Someone to another video because we'll take them outside of the app well.

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