My Curly Hair Routine

I'm gonna make this like a relaxed almost vlog ish style curly hair routine because I have to wash my hair. You can see it's obviously straight right now but I'm going to show you how I take it from straight and blow-dried for like two months straight to curly without the frizz. It's super important that I detangle my hair because when I go to wash it. It's gonna get tangled no matter what just by washing it it always finds tangles and when I wear it curly if you have curly hair you know you just never brush curly hair unless.

You're gonna wash it like right after because it makes it frizzy and it makes it look weird. So I'm gonna make sure that I brush it out and then I'm gonna add my favorite mask. Actually, it's not my favorite it's just the mask I've been using a lot it's from kinky curly and it seems to work pretty well but most masks. That you seem to work pretty well so the trick is using a lot of the masks is what I find helps so whichever brand. I'm using doesn't really matter but I find that using almost as much as you would do if you were like dyeing your hair.

That's what really creates a treatment effect on the hair sometimes. If I don't use enough of the mask I notice like it just really doesn't do anything. So I'm gonna drench my hair and then put it up and start to heat it. I do this every single time I do a mask because it makes it more effective I'm taking a cotton t-shirt. That I don't mind getting quote-unquote dirty this is gonna get the mask on it and I'm gonna put it in the microwave. So make sure it's something you don't like hold precious to your heart and then heat it up for about a minute until. It's steaming this is gonna help the mask penetrate my hair more and it's gonna make it more effective like.

I said so I'm gonna let it sit there for about 12 to 15 minutes. Now we're in the shower and I'm gonna rinse the mask out and then I'm gonna go ahead and add my shampoo. Now I have a really specific method when it comes to shampooing my hair. I believe that the technique in which you kind of like moves your fingers is really important. I'm using a shampoo that does not lather so you won't even be able to tell that I'm shampooing. I slap it across the top of my hair just something kind of like seep down into my scalp and then I take my fingers and I go horizontally along my scalp rubbing back and forth.

I never rub up and down because that creates tangles you don't want to move the length of your hair up and down you want to make sure that you're going horizontally and then just rub as hard as you can to get your scalp completely clean. This is the next step in its a final shower step which is conditioning. I realized once I film myself I actually don't do this very effectively. I put a ton of conditioner in my hand and then I just kind of slap it on my hair and in my mind right now I'm like spreading. It so beautifully like across all of the length of my hair but really you can see it's like gathering in like sections. So this isn't very effective I think it would be better.

If I just kind of took little sections of conditioner or little sections of hair and added conditioner to those but I will learn for next time. Now I like to make sure that my hair is completely detangled before I do the final rinse. This is optional I don't always do it but since I'm filming a video today I just want to show you like the best way to get your hair looking 100% amazing. So what I don't show is that I do rinse my hair after this and I get all of the conditioners out and then once I get out of the shower I take a t-shirt. just a regular cotton t-shirt and I'll wrap my hair in it so that it doesn't get water all over me there is my sweet baby.

 He's so cute this is Alonso and now he is ten once you guys I can't believe how quick this went by I just thought you guys might want to see a quick cameo of my sweetheart. Before I step in and take over so here's the t-shirt. I used to catch all of the water after I got out of the shower. I'm gonna take it out it's been like 15 minutes so my hair is not as soaking wet and you can see my hair looks a lot more frizz-free man. I don't know if you've ever used a towel on your hair you know it just makes your hair really frizzy because of all those little microfibers. It's not soft on curly hair it's not soft on straight hair. So I recommend everybody uses a t-shirt to dry their hair.

It's just much better this is an amazing hack just using pure vegetable glycerin this is a 99.999% of all makeup and hair products. It adds slip-and-slide to any product whether it's a cream or a hair product now this is cool just to use on its own because it's super cheap this is something companies don't want you to know about I'm taking the glycerin. I rub it in between my palms I get it all over my hands and then I pull each individual strand of hair now you can see each strand has already decided what hair that wants to group with so I grabbed those hairs.

I don't separate them and I pull the glycerin all over them. So that it's completely surrounding them it adds a glow it weighs down my hair which is not a negative thing. That's just a negative thing for people with straight hair because you don't want greasy stringy hair but when to curly hair. I think weighing it down is amazing because it makes it so much longer it makes it look really beautiful. So that's what I'm actually after that's why I'm adding a lot of glycerin. So I'll go through each strand and I'm gonna continue to do this and then I'm gonna add my second favorite product for this tutorial. This one I actually do recommend that you try if you're trying to reactivate your curls.

I find that this works really well after I've been using heat for a couple of months. So after I have the glycerin on I'm gonna take the sections. That I've worked on already and then just apply this curling custard underneath and over top just more casually and make sure that I really get the roots of my hair. So that they're nice and smooth and then I'm gonna start doing the exact same process on the other side of my hair thank you guys so much for encouraging me to wear my hair curly. Cuz I've always struggled with my hair because when I was growing up basically nobody had hair like me and I felt really awkward because people would literally make the fun of my hair or tell me that it was like really puffy or just be like really passive-aggressive about the way.


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