My Nail Appointment

 Hey everyone welcomes back to my channel. Now I have two things that I'd love todo. When it comes to beauty I love getting my hair done. I really enjoy getting a blowout and I really like getting my nails done. Both of these things actually really suit my lifestyle as well. Which feels like a luxury and I thought. I would take you along with me today because these are fun Beauty things to do. But they're also really interesting. When you figure out what works for you and when it comes to nails. I definitely figured out what works. I have the most amazing technician and I'm gonna bring you to my nail appointment today. I will show you all of the steps that go into my heart gel manicure. I'm pretty excited. Because I really enjoy this process okay.

 So I'm starting with a blue manicure. This is something that. I got about 10 days ago and I'm very very sick of the color. I always have to notice that I get sick of the color. I'm wearing on my nails very easily. So I need to choose things that are neutral that are going to go. With my outfit and not catch my eye too often all of the colors are coming off. This drill is actually quite gentle and if you've ever had. Your nails are done in acrylic or like a bio gel set. You know that this is always the first step to remove the last color. You had and create a blank slate. 

I've been married to my nail salon for a while. Now, so it's been a minute since. I've been with somebody else but I have to say. This is the part where you know they're either good or they're not good. If they're really rough with your hands at this point and if they're drilling down. Your natural nail that's not a good sign. Now we discuss what do I want what to do. I want my nails to look like what I want the mood to be because believe it or not shape affects everything actually I remember. What I wanted today I was really inspired by Kylie Jenner's strong as square shape.

 So we're gonna prep the nail and get that shape today. So now my nail technician whose name is Jenny by the way. She's fantastic she's gonna create a soft kind of outline of what. My nails are gonna look like she's not going to try to make this perfect or anything but she always tries to lay down a really great canvas. So that each step takes us closer and closer to perfection. Because she is a perfectionist. So to stop any lifting from happening and make my nail look really clean and manicured. My now technicians taking this really soft drill. This can touch the skin and it won't hurt you. This is going to buff away the cuticle a lot of people don't know that you don't have to have tips on your nails to make them along. So I have my natural nails showing here.

 But what's really hard and making them. Stay like this is the hard gel layer that's over top of them. This isn't like shellac this is much more intense and it's done with forms instead of tips. Which is really really cool now my nails are already long today post. So I don't need to put forms or my nail technician doesn't need to put forms on every single finger. I love that she's doing this because you could technically. Just taper the edge and make it. Look square but to make it look really perfect and actually achieve a perfect square. She's going to build it up so that she truly has the proportions. She needs to do that the first step in the hard gel is to put down a clear base.

 This is going to I guess create a base for her to work on and I really like that. This is a very very slow and particular process there's. Something so much different about it. This you're taking a bead of hard gel placing it on the nail and then she starts to slowly work with this soft gel. I mean it's soft before you put it in the UV light and she builds. This over the nail in a way that already looks really beautiful she doesn't want to make it too thick she's constantly re-evaluating where the gel is falling and picking it up. If it comes to be an excess in one area she starts melting it over the nail in a way that likes already. Looks great and this is really fascinating to watch .She does this to every single nail and at this point. She's like a complete pro it's funny because. This is when the nail is that it's like the least controlled stage. So when you go to put this in the UV light. You would think that it would look terrible. But so many times will be sitting there getting my nails done and I'm like.

 Oh; my god your beginning process is literally what it looks like. when another salon is finished with my nails. So like hello biggest burn of like 2019 but like seriously. This is so amazing and it's such a big difference. Now it's time for the revision. This is where she's truly going to create the nail look. There are no more drills involved there's one tiny little aspect that might have some. But this is really interesting that she takes a 180 grit file. This is one of the most intense files that's like held in your hand and she's going to start laying down. Like a form in the way that she's holding the file so she's really shaping the nail she's shaping the edges but also the top of the nail she's gonna buff all over top and keep in mind that. She wants to keep the middle really like thick and kind of have a nice curve. So that it has a beautiful line of light and then the nails start looking beautiful. This is the part where I'm fascinated and I'm watching everything that she's doing.

 I just want to clarify the middle of the nail should be at its thickest. So that it creates like a C curve and then towards the edges of the nail. It should be nice and thin. So that it looks natural. You're getting like this really beautiful and almost sexy kind of curve in the nail and I love that she goes with the drill. So this is the part that does have the drill underneath the nail and she creates that C curve. If you look on the nail that's not being worked on. You can see the underside of each of them is really pretty and it looks beautiful from every angle. Also as we're watching all of these steps please don't forget to thumbs up. Because that tells me if you enjoyed this video obviously. This video is totally different and when I take a little break from talking. Well, we're gonna do some cuticle removal she's gonna trim all of the sides. I just want to mention something. So exciting we just sponsored somebody.

 Who needs our help in a different country. I'm not gonna mention the country. But I will mention that the boy's name is Leonard he is a child and he's really lovely and I'm so excited that. We did that and I say we because it's only possible. Because you guys are watching my videos that we were able to do that. So we're providing somebody with meals and water and helping out their family and we are doing that by enjoying lots of fun content on my post. So thank you guys so so much okay so at this point you can tell that the nails look incredible it looks like my real nail and I'm always wanting to keep my nails. Like this like I always beg Jenny I'm like it. Please just leave my nails like this. She's like no you're not gonna like it. I swear one day I think I'm going to leave them. Like this because they look almost like confusing. I like that soft matte look but I also really like what we do here I always go for something neutral except when I don't and then I regret I think that. Something Scheer and milky just really shows off the artistry of how beautiful. 

The underneath part of this nail is you can kind of see it peeking through and you can tell that it's natural I absolutely love the way that this looks but we are gonna do two coats so that we create a little bit of opacity. We're getting closer. So now we're gonna finish up and kind of encapsulate the nail with some shine by using a clear color. Over top like a clear base or top coat and then this is going to be the final shaping. So she's really gonna bring together exactly. What I asked for at this point and my nails are starting to look really clean and really done. Now the last step in this is going to be perfecting that c-curve this is a huge part of the square shape that. I asked for today and if we don't get the underside right. It's really not gonna look its best. So she's going to perfect it and then she did do one extra thing which was really sweet of her which is added a shine underneath the nail this is very extra and wonderful. Because it's only going to be somebody with.

 like really particular eyes that's gonna notice. But it does make a difference. When you see everything close up and you're like the type of person that notices everything like me it will drive you mental if your nails aren't done in a way that looks really nice. So I really appreciate the touches that even. I think is like a little bit extra it really is amazing and I love the way that. She does nails I'm going to get a little bit of cuticle oil on the live tissue. This is their like live tissue it's the part that was just trimmed. So it's important to make sure that it's super moisturized. So she goes in with some cuticle oil let's that's it does little hand massage the next thing. You know you're super relaxed and your nails are beautiful. So before I show you the final result. I just want to remind you to do something very important which is like my videos if you liked

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